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18 January 2011

What Places Have You Lived In? I imagine this has been done before, but with such a turnover, I thought it might be fun.[More:] Name, in order, the different cities-towns-municipalities-whatever, in order, where you have actually had an address, as far as you remember:

Hermosa Beach, CA
Redondo Beach, CA
Port Orford, OR
Ojai, CA
Chiloquin, OR
Santa Barbara, CA
Eugene, OR

(there are repeats of some of these, chronologically)
Richmond Hill, ON
Toronto, ON (not that far a move!)
Windsor, ON
Delta, B.C. (just outside of Vancouver)
Sudbury, ON
Hamilton, ON
and...back to Sudbury!

and, for kicks, I've had...18 bedrooms in my life.
posted by richat 18 January | 14:57
Atlanta, GA * 10 or so
Dahlonega, GA
Atlanta, GA
Norcross, GA
Bay Minette, AL
posted by ivey 18 January | 15:01
Only four:

Morristown, NJ
Mont Alto, PA
State College, PA
Pittsburgh, PA

Although there were 15 different houses/apartments/trailers in those four places.
posted by octothorpe 18 January | 15:03
Greater Boston area
Plymouth, MA
Alfred, NY (beautiful part of western New York state) for college
posted by Melismata 18 January | 15:04
Pittsburgh, PA
State College, PA
Durham, NC
Carrboro, NC
Tallahassee, FL
Durham, NC
posted by leesh 18 January | 15:05
Beaumont, TX
Long Branch, NJ
Ocean Grove, NJ
Red Bank, NJ
Medford, NJ
New London, CT
Charlton, MA
Groton, MA
East Lansing, MI
Mystic, CT
Portsmouth, NH
Kittery, ME
Newburyport, Ma

...and counting....
posted by Miko 18 January | 15:07
Brooklyn, NY
Pensacola, FLA
Glenview, ILL
Chi Chi Jima, Japan
Lexington, KY
Needham, MA
Quincy, MA

And then, having reached the ripe age of 18, I lived in the following, in order:

NY,NY (Manhattan, upper East Side and midtown)
NY,NY (Brooklyn, in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens)
San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA (one split summer)
NY,NY (Manhattan, Latin Harlem)
Seattle, WA
Shoreline, WA

posted by bearwife 18 January | 15:09
This is interesting.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Marlton, New Jersey
Newark, Delaware
Wilmington, Delaware
Shaker Heights, Ohio
Princeton, New Jersey
Lawrenceville, New Jersey
posted by amro 18 January | 15:13
Huh, I never realized how many reputedly wealthy towns I have lived in.
posted by amro 18 January | 15:15
Manhattan, NY
Fairfield, CT
Manhattan again
Dorset, VT
Manhattan again
New Canaan, CT
Darien, CT (2 different houses across town from one another)
Somewhere else in VT, Terrible Mountain? No idea where it was.
Heidelburg, Germany
Lincoln, MA
Concord, MA
Charleston, SC
Now I am 16. Onwards!
Mallorca, Spain - Deia & Palma.
Charleston, SC - 5 different addresses? All downtown.
Baltimore, MD - Bolton Hill & Waverly
White Hall, MD
New York: Queens, East Village, East Village
Baltimore, MD - Waverly/Govans & Highlandtown
Parkton, MD
Asheville, NC for the last decade and where I am on my fourth and probably final house in West Asheville.
posted by mygothlaundry 18 January | 15:22
Ashton, Maryland
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Burtonsville, Maryland

(Hopefully I'll make it out of MD at some point, heh.)
posted by sperose 18 January | 15:24
Shaker Heights, OH
Boston, MA
Hilton Head Island, SC
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Deerfield, IL
Lincolnshire, IL
Pepper Pike, OH
Hunting Valley, OH

amro and I both lived in Shaker Heights although not at the same time!
posted by Kangaroo 18 January | 15:35
Sunnyvale, California
Kendall Park, New Jersey
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Chester, Virginia
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Arlington, Virginia
Falls Church, Virginia
Summerland, California
Santa Barbara, California
Fairfax, Virginia
Manassas, Virginia
Readfield, Maine
Augusta, Maine

Some of these places I lived in more than once, or have had more than one address in.
posted by JanetLand 18 January | 15:35
Damascus, MD
New Orleans, LA
DC - Silver Spring, MD and Mt. Rainier, MD
A Van/Hotels over much of the Eastern half of the US
Richmond, VA
posted by rainbaby 18 January | 15:40
Houston, TX
Alief, TX
Ruidoso, NM
Ruidoso Downs, NM
Carrizozo, NM
El Paso, TX
Santa Barbara, CA
Goleta, CA
Ruidoso, NM
Houston, TX

My life has been one big rubber band.
posted by WolfDaddy 18 January | 15:41
Gambier Ohio (college)

I know. Very provincial.
posted by Obscure Reference 18 January | 15:42
Alief Stafford ... was thinking schools and not residences.
posted by WolfDaddy 18 January | 15:42
Provincial? Come on, you lived in Brooklyn!

But seriously. People move a lot!
posted by Miko 18 January | 15:45
Dang it, I left one out: Beltsville, Maryland.
posted by JanetLand 18 January | 15:45
Oh I forgot Boulder (sorry, LFR!) After Spain it should go Charleston, Boulder CO, Charleston.
posted by mygothlaundry 18 January | 15:47
Dunedin, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
Baltimore, MD (Ridgeley's Delight and Federal Hill)
New York City, NY (East Village, Upper East Side, East Harlem, soon to be Astoria, NY)

What I lack in number, I make up for in distance traveled.
posted by gaspode 18 January | 15:56
Cleveland, Ohio (suburb of Lakewood)
Los Angeles, California*
Tulare, California (for 10 months, worst career move of my life)
back to Los Angeles* (with my tail between my legs)
San Luis Obispo, California

* by Los Angeles, I mean the suburbs of Westwood, Encino, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, Mar Vista, El Segundo, Torrance, Bellflower, Panorama City, North Hollywood, Studio City and Van Nuys, with workplaces in Malibu, Culver City, Carson, West Los Angeles (an official suburb, near Pico & Sepulveda), Van Nuys, Sun Valley and East Pasadena (the North Hollywood to East Pasadena commute was the longest I ever dealt with but was opposite the main flow of traffic so it wasn't that bad). I just noticed how much the status of my addresses took a dip after I stopped living with my parents, but then, I've never earned as much money as my dad did in the 1960s and he's now 90 and more broke than I am... ah, the American Dream).
posted by oneswellfoop 18 January | 15:57
mgl and gaspode you sound like you're talking about a list of your lovers, not zip codes!
posted by rainbaby 18 January | 16:00
Tulsa, OK
Waco, TX
Dallas, TX
Now back in Tulsa for the time being. As odd as it sounds, I hope to add Stillwater, OK to the list here in a year or two. Not for the fun, but for the schooling.

I spent six or seven weeks in London in the Summer of 98 doing study abroad, and while I *did* have a address there, I don't really consider myself having "lived" there per se.
posted by ufez 18 January | 16:09
Terre Haute
Terre Haute
Terre Haute

I gotta get outta this state...
posted by Thorzdad 18 January | 16:10
Minneapolis, MN (multiple addresses)
San Francisco, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
back to Minneapolis, MN (more multiple addresses)
then Seattle, WA
and finally Olympia, WA

And -- [*eyeing their forecast of -15 F later this week*] I am devoutly hoping to not move back to Minneapolis again in this lifetime.
posted by kat allison 18 January | 16:17
East Providence, RI
Laguna Beach, CA
Lake Forest, CA
Santa Cruz, CA

*decides to become an English teacher abroad!*

Krakow, Poland (1 month, but oh what a month!)
Bandung, Indonesia (11 months)
Riga, Latvia (9 months)
Toruń, Poland (9 months)
Koszalin, Poland (3 blessedly short months!)
Bydgoszcz, Poland! (Going on two years!)
posted by mdonley 18 January | 16:25
rb, the list of my lovers is much longer and definitely more filled with regret :)
posted by gaspode 18 January | 16:30
Columbus, PA (then at 18...)
State College, PA
Parris Island, SC
Camp Pendleton, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Aiken, SC
San Francisco, CA
Aiken, SC
Atlanta, GA
Marietta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Grantville, GA (Grandma Branch Rd - how's that for a name?)
Atlanta, GA
Avondale Estates, GA (6 years)
Aiken, SC
Atlanta, GA
Smyrna, GA
Damascus, MD
Atlanta, GA
Winder, GA
Aiken, SC
Atlanta, GA
Las Vegas, NV (6 years)
Aiken, SC
Las Vegas, NV
Aiken, SC
Boston, MA (2 months)
Fresno, CA
posted by Ardiril 18 January | 16:31
Does our college town count? Because I lived in dorms . . . anyway, it was after Quincy MA and before NYC and it was Wellesley, MA.
posted by bearwife 18 January | 16:40
I should hope college towns count since those are some of my longer residences.
posted by Ardiril 18 January | 16:49
Not sure how you-all can handle moving around so much, it would drive me crazy. It's not the physical moving part but having to figure out a new city and find new friends and such. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to retire where I am because I just don't have it in me to restart somewhere else.
posted by octothorpe 18 January | 16:57
Corning, NY
Baltimore, MD (Charles Village, more or less)
Rochester, NY
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
posted by knile 18 January | 17:24
My actual chronology is as follows:

Hermosa Beach, CA
Redondo Beach, CA
Port Orford, OR
Berkeley, CA (stayed with people but could not find a job and "stick," as much as I tried for several months)
Hermosa Beach
Redondo Beach
Hermosa Beach
Ojai, CA
Chiloquin, OR
Santa Barbara, CA
Eugene, OR
posted by danf 18 January | 17:36
Not sure how you-all can handle moving around so much, it would drive me crazy

I HATE moving. Any and all parts of it. Mainly? Because I realize how much total and utter crap I accumulate over the course of my residence in any one place. I just uncovered a huge VCD collection of TV shows for instance. How much energy and physical media I put into those things 10 years ago. They're useless now. Bleh. VCDS! I ask you.
posted by WolfDaddy 18 January | 17:53

Rockville, MD
DC for a long while: Dupont Circle (different ends, 17th Street and P Street), U Street, Mount Pleasant
Arlington, VA
Columbia, MD
Baltimore, MD (Fells Point)
Olney/Sandy Spring, MD
Fort Collins, CO

posted by peachfuzz 18 January | 17:54
Goldsburough MD
Pacifica, CA
Dover, DE
Milford, DE
Half Moon Bay, CA
Mountain View, CA
Clear Lake, CA
San Diego, CA
North Chicago, IL
Brooklyn, NY
Belmont, CA
Port Hueneme, CA (Oxnard)
San Mateo, CA
Burlingame, CA
San Carlos, CA
San Jose, CA
Felton, CA
San Francisco, CA
posted by doctor_negative 18 January | 18:01
Acton MA - born
Boxboro MA - grew up
Westford MA - dad's place
Amherst MA - college, many locations
Seattle WA - post-college, many locations
Sanibel FL - theater job
Cluj-Napoca Romania - husband had a teaching job
Topsham, VT - where the barn is
Bethel, VT - with the law school then-boyfriend
Randolph, VT - now
posted by jessamyn 18 January | 18:10
I've lived in:
* a townhouse apartment that I barely remember,
* a manufactured house that I sort of remember,
* a wonderful house with an in-ground pool and a wooded lot next door; my parents designed the house, and included delightful built-in "secret passageways,"
* a personality-less house just like all the other houses in that neighborhood,
* a crummy apartment on the south side,
* a dormitory...and another...and another,
* a place I called "The House of Seven Gradients,"
* a couple of crummy student housing houses, rented by the room,
* a lovely enormous house with two gorgeous stone fireplaces and a huge master bedroom,
* a weird little ranch with 7 acres.
posted by galadriel 18 January | 18:16
Bronx, NY
Queens, NY
Binghamton, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Queens, NY
La Jolla, CA
Binghamton, NY
Durham, NC
Hillsborough, NC
posted by wens 18 January | 18:17
This is fun!

Littleton, CO (childhood home)
Lake Villa, IL (Dad was transferred)
Lake Villa, IL (in an old mansion!)
Waukegan, IL (Dad's place)
Antioch, IL (my first apartment)
Waukegan, IL (Dad's place)
Waukegan, IL (my second apartment)
Chicago, IL (current apartment with the BF)
posted by youngergirl44 18 January | 18:33
Wilmington, DE
Madison, WI
Beloit, WI
Madison, WI

Two armpits and liberal-elitist nirvana.

I'm on my fourth apartment in the same building.
posted by Madamina 18 January | 18:43
This was a really interesting exercise!

Santa Ana, CA x3 (or more)
Atascadero, CA
Santa Ana, CA x3 (parents divorced, stayed w/mum)
Midway City, CA (temp w/father)
Santa Ana, CA (back w/mum & her new boyfriend)
Orange, CA (jr high & some high school
Lake Elsinore, CA (boyfriend skedaddled, temp stay w/father)
Orange, CA (back w/mum, finished high school, started working @ S&L)
Thousand Oaks, CA (moved w/mum and for job w/S&L)
Newbury Park, CA (two brothers moved back home, needed bigger house)
Thousand Oaks, CA (two brothers gone, needed smaller apt)
Houston, TX x2 (moved w/mum and for job w/S&L after Calif housing boom died, then moved into my first apt, relationship w/mum improves tremendously)
San Antonio, TX (moved for job w/S&L)
Shoreline, WA (quit S&L, moved to driving distance of future mister, lived w/Bro#1)
Edmonds, WA (Bro#1 moved and I went w/him)

Surrey, BC (RV park w/mister)
Langley, BC (apt.)
Chilliwack, BC (RV park after mister lost job in crash)
Rosedale, BC (RV park)
Surrey, BC (RV park, Rosedale RV park closed)
Abbotsford, BC (bought first house w/mister yay!)

PS: Mum and I worked at the same Savings & Loan - me for 15 years, she for 20+ by the time she retired)
posted by deborah 18 January | 18:54
Er, 'pode and mgl, I just meant the tone, not any actual parallels to your love lives. Sorry if I offended in any way.

It's just kinda funny, you sit down to make A List, and then - Oh Wait! I forgot this one! Etc.

Sorry, sorry.
posted by rainbaby 18 January | 19:01
I based my list on places where I've had a mailing address that you could have written to me. If you didn't write to me, Shame on you!

Urbana, IL
Lisle, IL
Casey, IL
Robinson, IL

Indianapolis IN (4 addresses) (This brings us up through High School- by some miracle, I attended the same HS for all 4 year)

Ft Leonard Wood, MO. (Joined the Army, 1972)
Augusta, GA
Ban Nong Soong, Thailand
Shirley, MA
Leominster, MA
Fort Devens, MA
Berlin, Germany
Asmara, Ethiopia
Berlin Germany
Arlington, VA
Wahiawa, HI
Washington, DC (Left the Army, 1981)

Pompano Beach, FL (Working at Teletype Corp)
Homestead, FL
Miami, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Chicago, IL (3 Addresses) (Worked at ADP and IBM)
Indianapolis, IN (2 addresses)

I'm done with moving.
posted by pjern 18 January | 19:13
Also, I didn't count some temporary addresses, places I worked/lived for less than 6 months - If I did I could have put Moscow, USSR, Chery Hill, NJ (twice!), and Prague CZ in the list.
posted by pjern 18 January | 19:18
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan

and in a months time...

Cairns, Queensland, Australia
posted by gomichild 18 January | 19:23
Hee rainbaby no worries. I was trying to imagine guys named Highlandtown and Ridgeley's Delight. Boyfriends named after the Baltimore neighborhoods they most resemble!

Also, what gaspode said. ;-)
posted by mygothlaundry 18 January | 19:33
To WolfDaddy: One of the best things about moving is the opportunity to GET RID OF STUFF. I'm in the process now of cleaning out a house before selling it and the thing that feels best is boxing up stuff and donating it. Not that I get such a great feeling from donating .. it's the purging of stuff that I like.

My brother and sister and I just recently agreed that going forward, there will be no more presents for birthdays and holidays unless we're regifting something we already own. I just don't need or want ANY more stuff.

So, yeah, when you move, you get to pare down and I like that.
posted by Kangaroo 18 January | 19:39
United States (California, Wisconsin, North Carolina)
Those are the main three. Mix them up. Lather, rinse, repeat.

PS - Gomi, you're moving?
posted by msali 18 January | 19:43
York, PA, in a little white house with red shutters
Pittsburgh, PA
Warren, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Westminster, PA
Pittsburgh, PA (for this last one, I've lived in four different neighborhoods in as many years. Oh, renting, you're a real bitch.)
posted by punchtothehead 18 January | 19:48
rainbaby, I wasn't offended at all! I thought it was funny.
posted by gaspode 18 January | 19:50
Italy (Trentino, Veneto, marche)
US (Norfolk and Richmond in Virginia, Greenville in North Carolina, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma)
posted by francesca too 18 January | 19:50
Phoenix metro, AZ at various addresses, all the way through college
Charlotte, NC
Palo Alto, CA
New York, NY kinda on the border b/t Chelsea and W Village
Phoenix, AZ
Bethesda, MD
Madison, WI
Chicago, IL for the summer
Madison, WI
...moving somewhere after I graduate in May. Hopefully for a good long time. I am really sick of moving.
posted by mullacc 18 January | 20:06
Mesa, AZ
Fullerton, CA
Brea, CA (until 25, then I move out of my parents' house)
Hayward, CA
New City, NY
Brooklyn, NY (Flatbush)
Brooklyn, NY (Bushwick)
Flushing, NY (Queens)
Elmhurst, NY (Queens)
New York, NY (Harlem)
Brooklyn, NY (Crown Heights/Bed-Stuy)

The last eight were all from 2002-present. Eight apartments, over eight years. I've also moved twice in one calendar year, twice.
posted by TrishaLynn 18 January | 20:16
Two armpits and liberal-elitist nirvana.

I'm trying to figure out which of these you think Wilmington is.
posted by amro 18 January | 20:16
Bethesda, MD
Norfolk, VA
Bainbridge, MD
Ewa Beach, HI
Bainbridge, MD
Stuttgart, Germany
Bainbridge, MD
New Orleans, LA
(My dad was in the Navy.)
posted by govtdrone 18 January | 20:38
Not sure how you-all can handle moving around so much, it would drive me crazy. It's not the physical moving part but having to figure out a new city and find new friends and such. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to retire where I am because I just don't have it in me to restart somewhere else.

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm socially maladjusted to this day in part because of having my social connections uprooted so much. I'd had five addresses by the time I was 6 (or was it six by age 5?)

Louisville, KY
Orange, NJ
Edgewater, NJ
Ridgefield Park, NJ
Ithaca, NY (when I actually lived there, not in a dorm)
Northborough, MA
Waltham, MA
West Newton, MA
and that's not counting duplicates. When I moved to West Newton, it was my fifth address in 4 years. (Aug. 2005-March 2008). So yeah. The last time I felt "home" was living in Louisville in 1986. I was 6.

You guys, and especially #bunnies, are my home.
posted by Eideteker 18 January | 20:46
Imagining Gaspode er, sleeping her way across half the world makes me happy, in a hopefully non-creepy way.
posted by danf 18 January | 20:51
Wow. I feel so ... boring.

One town - Victoria, BC (Canada)

Born, raised, still here, 3 different addresses in my entire life. All within about 5 miles of each other. Boring. Mind you, I've heard so often that Victoria is the most beautiful place there is so why would I need to go anywhere else?
posted by nelvana 18 January | 20:52
Bridgeport, CT (birth mom)
Fairfield, CT (dad)
Ann Arbor, MI (college)
Stamford, CT (1st marriage)
Cincinnati, OH (attempted law school)
Dayton, OH (1st husband's job)
Oxford, OH(post-BA work)
Fairfield, CT (divorced)
Bridgeport, CT (jon--our first place :)
Miami (Kendall), FL (MFA/scholarship)
Bridgeport, CT (unemployed)
Astoria (Queens), NY (current happy abode)

(no shit... welcome to the neighborhood, 'pode -- course, you know you'll have to start teasing your hair up ; )
posted by Pips 18 January | 21:04
(Oops, it was Mason, OH, not Dayton -- the ex worked in Dayton. Mason, home of Kings Island. I learned to ride a roller coaster without screaming.)
posted by Pips 18 January | 21:11
Kansas (7 houses, 4 apartments, 1 couch)
Texas (3 houses)
Oregon (1 dorm, 1 furnitureless house)

Last 10 years:
California (w/ 2 roommates, studio near girlfriend, apartment w/ girfriend, house)
posted by fleacircus 18 January | 21:17
Gaspode, have you and mr g bought a place? Mazel gov if so!

If dorms count:

North Hollywood, CA
Haverhill, MA
NH, CA again
Bridgeport, CT
Kensington-Chelsea London
Iowa City, IA
posted by brujita 18 January | 21:55
Gah! Mazel Tov
posted by brujita 18 January | 21:59
brujita: yes we have! Well, we are in contract, and we actually just heard this weekend that there are enough units sold in the condo that our mortgage will kick in. Yay! With all the red tape it will still be another few months before we move though. (sigh).
posted by gaspode 18 January | 22:23
Oh, now I scrolled up and see danf's comment. :)

Yeah, I always tell mr. gaspode that he fucked my plans up. I had yet to sleep with someone from South America, and if I had done so I would have bagged all the continents except Antarctica of course. But I had to go and fall for him, dammit. Ruining my sexcapades, grumble grumble grumble...
posted by gaspode 18 January | 22:26
Neat idea and perfect for my first comment. Something that I cannot possibly be offensive about.

San Antonio, TX
Wichita Falls, TX
Cheyenne, WY
Austin, TX
Orlando, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Brunswick, ME
College Station, TX
Rochester, NY
Cuernavaca, Mexico
New Orleans, LA
Eau Claire, WI
Minneapolis, MN

Multiple locations in several of the cities.
posted by supercapitalist 18 January | 22:41
Columbia, MD
Richmond, IN
Sapporo, Japan
Regavim, Israel
Tokyo, Japan
Columbia, MD
New York (Manhattan), NY
Long Island City (Queens), NY
posted by Hugh Janus 18 January | 23:09
Not sure how you-all can handle moving around so much, it would drive me crazy. It's not the physical moving part but having to figure out a new city and find new friends and sucH

Because I grew up moving a lot, which was part Army brat and part my parents just seeking economic opportunity, it doesn't seem all that strange to me to move frequently as an adult. HowEVer, I'm getting tired of it. I'm 41 and if you take the average, I've lived somewhere new every 3.15 years. That's too crazy. THe older I get, the less I want to start totally fresh; there are good people and things everywhere, but sometimes getting more deeply into a community and really establishing your place there is really worthwhile. I didn't really want to make my last move, because I felt I could live a long long time in my previous town and not get bored or tired. WE had really good friends and were embedded in many ways. I resent starting over, this time, but we're doing it. My career will probably continue to demand it - so at this point, I fantasize about finding some place that I want to (a) spend vacations and weekends every year and (b) retire to, and investing in THAT community.
posted by Miko 18 January | 23:09
Manhattan, Kansas
Ahmedabad, India
Zaria, Nigeria
Hyderabad-Secunderabad, India
Lucknow, India
New Delhi, India
Northampton, Massachusetts
Sunnyside, Queens
Brooklyn, NY
posted by Lassie 18 January | 23:13
I didn't mean anything bad about folks that have moved a lot. I just couldn't handle it myself; I'm probably just old and set in my ways at the ripe age of 46.
posted by octothorpe 18 January | 23:18
Pretty stable, actually

18 years - El Paso, TX
22 years - Lubbock, TX
1 year - Miami (Kendall)
posted by lysdexic 18 January | 23:22
I just moved THIS WEEKEND! So I am feeling this thread!

San Diego, CA (x? I was a baby)
Somewhere in Washington State (I was a baby!)
Missouri City, TX
Houston, TX (x? several places)
Spring, TX (x2-3, again several places)
Sargent, TX (I cannot recommend this place)
Murray, KY
Alief, TX (Hello, adulthood!)
Houston, TX (x 3)
Wichita, KS (x 3, baby born in place #2)
Littleton, CO
Commerce City, CO
Greensboro, NC
Summerfield, NC (just moved to a second address here)

Well, I'm pretty sure I'm socially maladjusted to this day in part because of having my social connections uprooted so much. I'd had five addresses by the time I was 6 (or was it six by age 5?)

FUCK. My daughter is 8, and this is her 7th house. And her 3rd elementary school. She's in second grade. I have never really thought about it in quite this way, and now I'm a little freaked out.

Fortunately, our move went far better than we could have expected. And our daughter is coping by LOVING EVERYTHING about the new place.
posted by jeoc 18 January | 23:26
San Diego, CA (ALSO AS A BABY)
Perth Amboy, NJ
Keasby, NJ
Port Redding, NJ
North Brunswick, NJ
posted by The Whelk 18 January | 23:27
I am hardcore local, apparently.
posted by The Whelk 18 January | 23:28
The Whelk, you didn't have a parent in the Navy, did you? That's why my parents were in San Diego when I was a BABY. Then my dad got out of the service and they moved away.

Just asking cause San Diego is pretty far from NJ.
posted by jeoc 18 January | 23:31
I was in San Diego cause my mom was in her Rock And Roll Phase and was all tangled up in the So.Cal music scene.

She drove DEVO to a gig!
posted by The Whelk 18 January | 23:36
Ft. Worth, TX
Austin, TX
Portland, OR

(Wolfdaddy, you lived in Ruidoso? I spent a long weekend there a couple years ago and I thought it was a nice, pretty little mountain town. Hung out in a grungy little bar called Win, Place, Show. Great fun.)
posted by Atom Eyes 19 January | 00:01
Indeed I did ... lived there from about 14 to about 23. My mom and brother still live there. And the WPS (or the "whoops!" as it was called back in the day), well I started drinking there with the grown-ups around 16 or so. I haven't been back to Ruidoso in years and years and years, but if more than two streets are paved, I wouldn't recognize it.

You know who else grew up in Ruidoso, right? Yes, I used to act with him quite a bit through school and community theater. WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME?
posted by WolfDaddy 19 January | 00:48
Willow Grove PA
Warminster PA
Point Pleasant PA
Horsham PA

I get around.
posted by iconomy 19 January | 01:23
Gainesville, FL (born)
Eugene, OR (tiny)
Berkeley, CA (small)
Oakland, CA (small)
Boca Raton, FL (child)
Gainesville, FL (child)
Loch Sheldrake, NY (17 y.o.)
Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra, India (19 y.o., living in a monastery)
Northampton, MA (went to UMass at Amherst)
Portland, OR (26-34 y.o.)
Tunbridge Wells, England (to be with TheDonF)
Portland, OR (just moved back in October)

Really interesting to see where everyone has lived!
posted by Specklet 19 January | 02:08
Somewhere in St. Louis County, MO (We moved when I was four, so I don't really remember)
Chesterfield, MO
Chesterfield, MO (we moved to a different house in the same neighborhood)
Beloit, WI (for college)
Kirkland, WA (failed "moving to Seattle" attempt)
Beloit, WI (briefly)
Shenzhen, PRC
Kirkland, WA (For realz, this time)
Seattle, WA
Takizawa, Japan
Morioka, Japan (Both in the last year)
posted by gc 19 January | 04:34
NSW, Australia
Derby, UK
East London

posted by Senyar 19 January | 06:04
Boonies, Denmark (not a city -- just a house on a country road -- for 20 years)
Valencia, Spain
Aarhus, Denmark
Brighton, UK
Aarhus, Denmark
New York, NY
Copenhagen, Denmark
Santa Cruz, CA
Cambridge, MA
posted by AwkwardPause 19 January | 13:42
Springfield, OH
Wilmington, OH
Newton, MA
Portland, ME
San Francisco, CA
Portland, ME
Windham, ME

My parents were from Northern New England. It was nice when I realized I've lived in Maine longer than Ohio. I still have many of my Midwestern values, but I'm a New Englander and Mainer at heart.
posted by theora55 19 January | 15:30
Carrollton, MD (born)
A Van (well, okay VW microbus) That Wandered the Lower 48 For Six-ish Months Chasing Random Hippie Cultural Icons Until The Money Ran Out (tiny)
San Francisco, CA (tiny)
Silver Spring, MD (small)
Waynesville, OH (small)
(insert the following as stints of living with Dad post-divorce because Mom went thru various phases of being unable to cope with me)
Gauge, WV (young)
Morehead, KY (still young)
Cambridge, MD (tween/teen)
(and then I moved out on the VERY DAY OF MY MAJORITY oooh that'll show HER oh yes it will...)
Dayton, OH (late teens)
Washington, D.C. (late teens - early 20s)
Kettering, OH (22-23)
Hamburg, Germany (24)
Cincinnati, OH (mid 20s-early 30s)
Lafayette, CO (early 30s)
Boulder, CO (mid 30s)
Baltimore, MD (37)
Boulder, CO (38)
Denver, CO (39-40)
Boulder, CO (present)
posted by lonefrontranger 19 January | 15:33
Santa Ana, CA
Orange, CA
San Francisco, CA
Salt Lake City, UT (2 months only)
Portland, OR
Long Beach, CA
Huntington Beach, CA

Multiple addresses in almost every location.
posted by thankyouforyourconsideration 19 January | 16:14
(near) Charlottesville, VA
Norwich, Norfolk, England
Colloroy, NSW, Australia
(near) Charlottesville, VA

College Years
Northampton, MA
Carrboro, NC

Adultesque Living
(near) Charlottesville, VA
Sterling, VA
...and... New York City, NY (Battery Park; corp. apt/2nd address)
Ashburn, VA
(near) Charlottesville, VA

(The postal addresses are Charlottesville, even though there are variously multiple other towns with post offices closer, and to which I feel stronger connections.)
posted by julen 19 January | 16:25
Portland, OR
Chicago, IL
Portland, OR
Eugene, OR
Keizer, OR
Springfield, OR
Salem, OR
Portland, OR
Statham, GA
Athens, GA
Boston, MA
Atlanta, GA

I'll drift west again soon, but likely another major city. I have dreams about rural life but apparently I prefer to hunt for parking spaces.
posted by catlet 19 January | 18:08
Amazing that a few of you have spent time in my little burg (Eugene).
posted by danf 19 January | 19:56
Fort Smith, AR (born and a couple months)
Morrilton, AR (couple months to 18 years, 2 addresses)
Conway, AR (18 to 21, a few dorms and a few addresses)
Los Angeles, CA (21, one address and a lot of drama)
Crossett, AR (21, one address for a few months, taking care of a gramma)
Morrilton, AR (21-22, old home address, staying with friends as much as possible as soon as I got around to making new friends; Mom and Dad are not in that rental anymore (they rented for damn near 20 years or more) and have their own place that they own outright, hooray!)
Conway, AR (22-25, two addresses)
Little Rock, AR (25-27, one address)
North Little Rock, AR (27-28, one address)
Jacksonville, AR (28-30, one address)
Fayetteville, AR (moved here on my 31st birthday and hope to stay for a while, 6 addresses and some drama, but this one has been for a few years and stable; next goal is buying a house)

Man, not only can I not get out of the country, I can't seem to get out of the state. Frankly, it's generally a hard thing for me to be anywhere but work and home, with the necessary trips to the food and incidental stores. I am happy to visit the in-laws who live near Missouri, where they seem to have decent laws about purchasing liquor and tobacco, even on a Sunday, so a quick trip up slightly north... I have to say, if I was going to have to pick my place to settle in this region, I'd pick a college town in Missouri or Louisiana with reasonable laws. I like college towns a lot.

I've been in this town for 11 years and I love it, in spite of the shortcomings.

It's a good thing I like it here. And that people put up with my hermit ways. Do any European bunnies feel this way about their city or country?
posted by lilywing13 20 January | 03:28
Speaking of "out of the country", I lived in Cologne, Germany for 4 months as an exchange student way back when.
posted by Ardiril 20 January | 03:50
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