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18 January 2011

But not a shouting thread.


So I took some pictures of the local faunae around here on Sunday. It got a few favorites, which made me happy. And then I noticed I was getting a lot of hits from Tumblr. Turns out, someone grabbed the picture and blogged it, and people have been reblogging it. Like, a lot.

As of this post, there's 290 notes on the post (one of which is mine). All in all not bad for a random picture.

How have you been kicking ass lately?
post by: gc at: 05:19 | 20 comments
That is a pretty cool picture.
posted by apoch 18 January | 06:37
A picture to brag about even without the reblogging.
posted by Obscure Reference 18 January | 06:57
This is a great pic, GC.
posted by LoriFLA 18 January | 07:57
That is a great picture.
posted by The Whelk 18 January | 08:14
I went swimming with a colleague during lunch break and bragged to him that all the women (2, 50+) approached me and not him.
Of course it was only to talk about the special hand paddles I was using to crawl.
I had a date last weekend whom I told about my swimming gadget. She knew all about it since she's been island hopping in Greece by swimming from one island to the next! And she's planning to do the same on the Croatian coast.
Great scott.
I was clearly outbragged.
posted by jouke 18 January | 08:39
I shoveled my parking space and across the road so I could get out this morning. In an hour. (And we're not talking fluffy snow either, this shit was a sheet of ice covering every exterior surface. But I had a badass metal edged shovel.) I felt all strong and shit and I even did things properly so my back isn't completely like WTF DID YOU DO TO ME.
posted by sperose 18 January | 11:35
≡ Click to see image ≡
Fear my ice shoveling prowess.
posted by sperose 18 January | 12:40
Great pic. A classic, in fact.
posted by Ardiril 18 January | 13:22
Great picture, and awesome shoveling job.

posted by bearwife 18 January | 13:48
holy shit sperose!

I live in Boulder, where we "shovel" snow with a pushbroom, mostly.

I have done ice removal before. Cincinnati ice storms are epic. I fear and admire your shovelling prowess.

I posted a somewhat-lazily researched socioeconomics type post to the blue earlier, and so far the response has been an overwhelming "meh", when it isn't outright grar, which in hindsight is probably what I should expect. Stick to what you know lfr, you silly prat.
posted by lonefrontranger 18 January | 14:51
So to continue the thread of "Mads is an awesome singer" (which I am on various occasions, but mostly I just sub for the real pros), we had the dreaded combined church service last week, in which part is contemporary (reading words off of a screen, with a band) and part is classical (choir and organ). Everybody hates it because we all go to one or the other for a REASON.

To make matters worse, the choir piece was a rare misstep in which the lines and verses made no sense and just sounded blasty and messy. (We're old white Wisconsinites. Bad arrangements of spirituals: just say no.)

But danged if it wasn't my week to sub for the lead soprano, and danged if the crappy piece didn't have a nice little solo in the middle -- one that fit me much better than the Amazing Tiny Coloratura Girl for whom I was subbing. My partner said that when I started singing, the whole church whipped their heads around, and my friend said I pretty much saved the whole thing. Specifically: "OMG, you NAILED that solo. You KILLED it. We were going nowhere, and suddenly THERE YOU WERE. THANK YOU!"
posted by Madamina 18 January | 16:25
I am thirty-eight years old and I have never had a cavity. Go me.
posted by msali 18 January | 19:45
Specifically: "OMG, you NAILED that solo. You KILLED it. We were going nowhere, and suddenly THERE YOU WERE. THANK YOU!"

Moments like that are rare and awesome, and I'm glad you had one recently.
posted by TrishaLynn 18 January | 20:11
I have to say, I thought my "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" comment in the "Duvalier returns to Haiti" thread was gold.
posted by Joe Beese 18 January | 21:37
I started the day speaking on the phone with a Nobel literature prize laureate, and ended it by peeling 5 pounds of fresh Maine shrimp. Pretty great day.
posted by AwkwardPause 18 January | 21:43
I went night snowshoeing for the first time ever and while I may have been slowest I did not injure myself and did not whine.
posted by jessamyn 18 January | 23:58
Started a thread today that is turning out to be EPIC.
posted by danf 19 January | 00:02
My computer representations of robots shoot the mother-fucking shit out of some other computer representations of robots!
posted by martinxs bellbottoms 19 January | 00:17
I am thirty-eight years old and I have never had a cavity. Go me.
posted by msali 18 January | 19:45

I, for one, am impressed. Seriously.
posted by gc 19 January | 04:14
I was offered an interview for another job after accepting an offer for one I am very happy with. The second job is a promotion and carries monetary incentives. The worst case scenario is that I'll be left only with the excitement of a new job and international relocation I already was facing. I could have a choice between two such jobs. Go me.
posted by tortillathehun 20 January | 07:16
Miss Alaska, yodeling ventroloquist || Pixar's Zoetrope: