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14 January 2011

This week in HEIOLL!! Because I'm the Anti-Eide, vent about all crap that sucked about your week here.
Oh, my god, I'd melt the servers. I'm just glad I survived it.
posted by lysdexic 14 January | 16:55
My cat is very, very ill and I think she may die. I love her so much but there is nothing I can do to help her except trust the vets to do the best they can for her.
posted by Senyar 14 January | 18:06
I live in Tucson, waaaaaay too much bad shit this week.
posted by get off of my cloud 14 January | 18:44
My state's new governor publicly invited the NAACP to, and I'm actually quoting him here, "kiss my butt." I knew he was dismissive of minority interests and intolerant on civil rights issues; I didn't know he was also glibly crass and dismissive.

In a week when our most respected public voices are urging us to tone down our rhetoric, to aim for civility and respect even in disagreement, he feels comfortable insulting a venerable, respectable civil rights organization with the kind of language that you'd use to pick a bar fight.

(Contrast his crassness and close-mindedness with the civil, thoughtful, measured response from Rachel Talbot Ross, State Director of the Maine NAACP & President of Portland's NAACP. She's fantastic and I'm grateful that she's working for justice in my state.)
posted by Elsa 14 January | 19:20
some stuff been interfering with work performance.. cleaning out an inbox from five years ago and see some draft replies and emails sitting around where i was being plagued by similar stuff in another life... personal change is hard.
posted by Firas 14 January | 20:52
also the cleaning of messages received at that address is happening quite cursorily so if you happen to have sent me any emails about pfizer, luxury watches, etc that i junked together with hundreds of others.. sorry! Also, FU spammer, for assuming i'd ever wear a knockoff watch, get outta here
posted by Firas 14 January | 20:56
I have to get serious about fighting my hypertension because my doc sent me to the E.R. yesterday after taking my blood pressure. I also had a very, very, very stressful week. I would like a hug, please.
posted by TrishaLynn 14 January | 21:59
posted by Eideteker 15 January | 01:04
Big internet hugs to you, TrishaLynn.
posted by deborah 15 January | 03:40
TrishaLynn, One of the subjects my class is covering is hypertension. Good luck. Hopefully next week will be much less stressful.
posted by apoch 15 January | 08:29
Hugs to TL and Senyar. I too had a shit week that included a total hard drive meltdown that led to the loss of two and a half days of work which really sucked. My 'puter is with HP right now (surprisingly still under warranty), and they are going to replace the HD and send it back. It means I am without a laptop for a week, and I lost about twenty hours of work, so that bit hardcore.
AND, additionally, my fucked up body started doing the opposite of TrishaLynn, in that my blood pressure will suddenly drop, for no apparent reason, by 25-30 points, which makes me feel like shit. I am having an echo-cardiogram of my heart next week, because there is evidently Something Wrong, which may or may not be related to my stroke back in November. Blargh. Caca.
AND! Two people very near and dear to my heart are in the act of Dying of Cancer as I write this. One is slipping away on a wave of Demerol, Dilaudid and Morphine, just sort of floating away, slipping little by little as the days pass. It shouldn't be too much longer now. He has home hospice, and his brother is with him, just passing the time until he dies.
The other is raging against the dying light. Seriously, her hair is on fire and she is shooting laser beams of fury out of her eyes, she is so fucking PISSED. She's young and has two little ones and an awesome husband, I'd be pissed, too. I'm pissed on her behalf! Fuck cancer! I also have two very dear relatives who are not currently "dying", but do not have good prognoses, so there's that too. Seriously, fuck cancer all the way to hell. I may have a fucked up heart and brain, and I may not see so well, but I am really grateful, honestly grateful, for the relatively good health that I have, as well as the healthiness of my husband and son.
Oh, and did I mention Fuck Cancer? I am astonished by how many people around me have it, or have had it. I lost my father to it almost 20 years ago, my mom has had two go-arounds with it. It nearly took my husband 8 years ago, and killed both maternal grandparents and several aunts and uncles (either colon or breast). I know and/or am related to so many people that have it (this week was the year anniversary of my godfather/uncle's death, he was just 63), I must be a statistical anomaly. This isn't normal, right?
Wow. I had a lot to get off my chest!
posted by msali 15 January | 09:11
Hell week indeed. Still battling the never-ending bronchial cold. Have gone from NyQuil to Codein, though, so that's a plus (my landlord gave me his leftover cough medicine, bless his cranky Greek heart; I slept 14 hours last night -- man, that codein's some serious shit). Cough seems to be abating quite a bit (though it's done that twice before and come back, so, fingers crossed).

Sick as I've been, I still dragged my ample ass to work all bloody week, through the snow to the train, since my car was snowed in and the roads were lousy (thank you jackass mayor for refusing to call a snow day -- our attendance was right about 10%; parents had more sense than the mayor). Looking at the world, though, Tucson, the floods in Australia, various wars, could be worse, could be worse. And Jon's been an angel, bringing me ginger ale and tissues and ordering me chicken soup... couldn't be sweeter.

(Haven't been on mecha for a couple days -- sorry to hear about the kitty, senyar... hope she beats the odds. Wishing everyone has an easier week ahead.)
posted by Pips 15 January | 13:06
DaVinci's Last Supper replica created out of laundry lint. || It's the return of the Friday Night Question,