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14 January 2011

It's the return of the Friday Night Question, chosen at random from The Book of Questions:[More:]

#157 If you had to spend the next two years inside a small but fully provisioned Antarctic shelter with one other person, whom would you like to have with you?
My husband!

But if not sister.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 January | 19:31
Which one, TPS?
posted by Senyar 14 January | 19:35
TPS has more than one husband?
posted by arse_hat 14 January | 19:38
My mother.
posted by JanetLand 14 January | 19:47
The Bear to whom I am married, no question.
posted by bearwife 14 January | 19:47
Sarah Palin
posted by mullacc 14 January | 19:52
Well, since Lee is in China, I'll take Sarah. If this were a world where Lee came back... then I'd have to pretend they were Siamese twins and take both.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 January | 19:55
A piano playing math professor, preferably from GIT or MIT.
posted by Ardiril 14 January | 20:16
Does it have to be a person? I can't choose my dog?

Fuck this book of questions...
posted by ufez 14 January | 20:27
The guy I'm dating (not so nutty as it may sound given the short amount of time this has been going on; we've been friends for three years and dated before a couple of years ago). We get along well and have a good physical relationship. At the end of the two years either all problems would be solved or I'd be ready to be done with him.
posted by amro 14 January | 20:28
My stuffed Donkey, Donkey T. Donkey.
posted by The Whelk 14 January | 21:32
Dogs are people, ufez, I say you can choose your dog.

My husband, to be sure. Or... Hugh Jackman.
posted by Specklet 14 January | 21:46
Yeah there should be a "no significant others" clause, otherwise this is a little predictable. So yeah first choice is SO, second choice is sister, third choice would be probably some random person who I have always wondered what made them tick.
posted by jessamyn 14 January | 22:05
Or should there be a "no people who aren't alive" clause? Because then I'd pick my father, because, duh, I'd like to see him again.
posted by JanetLand 14 January | 22:15
Okay, then here's my new pick: Zach Braff.
posted by amro 14 January | 22:28
First choice is the mister, second choice is my long-dead sister, and third would be my gay brother (I have four, it's important to specify) because we get along awesomely.
posted by rhapsodie 14 January | 22:32
If I take my wife, then the kid doesn't have any parents. But if I take the kid, she grows up as the weird kid who spent two years with her Dad in a frozen shelter. So I'd leave them both at home, even though that would really suck.

Can I take someone famous? I bet Kelley Deal is fun to hang out with.
posted by ivey 14 January | 22:39
Or yeah, my sister. That's a better choice than Kelley Deal.
posted by ivey 14 January | 22:40
You know, I might say someone I could play music with.
posted by Miko 14 January | 22:41
My partner, or else my friend T., the red-headed truck driver I've always wanted to be snowed in with. RAWR.
posted by BoringPostcards 14 January | 22:51
If The Whelk's going with his stuffed Donkey, then I'd want Hobbes (of "Calvin &" fame). But stuffed anythings aside, not having anybody I'm really close to on the Physical Plane, and not wanting to be really creepy suggesting certain MeFites or MeChans, I'm thinking of having one of the many really cool female webcomickers (Shaenon Garrity, Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, Danielle Corsetto, Spike Trotman [yes, a she], Jennie Breedon, Magnolia Porter, Jessica Hagy, Ursula Vernon, Jenn Manley Lee, Jennifer Babcock, Rene Engström, Sydney Padua, Angela Melick, or one of my latest discoveries Mary Cagle, Faith Erin Hicks and Rina Piccolo, whew, I'd forgotten just how many excellently comicky ladies are doing web stuff), but of course, only for the purpose of teaching me how to draw, which considering how much my brain has been shrinking lately, would take up the entire two years. Honest! It would have to be someone currently doing an online comic, just to prevent any possibility of me spending two years with Cathy Guisewite. (Ack!) Okay, there's one dude webcomicker I might choose, Jonathan Rosenberg, but only to force him to finish his Epic Saga at (and quit trying to kill off Brock Stalkley, my favorite character). Yep, I am in such a webcomicky mood, and I'm sure it'll last the entire two years.
posted by oneswellfoop 14 January | 23:19
I dunno, I kinda think the option to choose (or, more tellingly, not to choose) one's partner is reasonable. There's no question I'd choose The Fella, but that in itself illuminates something for me: I can't think of a previous romantic relationship where that choice would be so clear, where I wouldn't have second thoughts. That tells me something (something REALLY REALLY GOOD) about my marriage and my partner.

But if no partners are allowed, then: my friend C. We've known each other for ages so we have lots of shared history. We've lived at a distance long enough to have developed lots of unshared stories to tell, too. He's one of my favorite people in the world, incredibly brilliant, and hilariously funny --- and he thinks similarly well of me. We have a pleasant but harmless flirtation that makes interaction fun, but no serious sexual tension that could make long companionship tempting or troubling.

And one tiny, bittersweet factor: he was also dear friends with my late partner during a particularly colorful period of our lives, so we'd get to share some old stories, stories I haven't heard or shared in a long time.

And, now that I'm thinking this through, C's also the only person I know well who's actually been through an extended period in Antarctica. I, uh, didn't factor that in, but it does seem sensible!
posted by Elsa 14 January | 23:33
If I have to take a famous person, I'll take.... someone pretty. Kevin Zegers, maybe.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 January | 23:57
If we're excluding spouses, then I'll have to take my kitty.
posted by ninazer0 15 January | 00:44
I wouldn't say my significant other (if I had one), because that's a heck of a way to get sick of your favorite person.

But since you said Antarctic, I'm going with Wilford Brimley.
posted by Eideteker 15 January | 01:02
Well, if I can't take elizard, then I pick a magical genie who pees Guinness stout and poops delicious homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies. And who brought an Xbox360.
posted by BitterOldPunk 15 January | 01:24
One: Definitely the mister.
Two: If it can't be him, then it would be Oliver. He's such a character he'd keep me entertained.
Three: Famous person would be Craig Ferguson. Obviously, the entertainment factor is important.
posted by deborah 15 January | 03:48
Fucking MacGyver
posted by serazin 15 January | 03:54
Fuck it. I want The Whelk.
posted by Madamina 16 January | 22:41
This week in HEIOLL!! || Portlandia is here!