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12 January 2011

It's a Welcome New Users thread! Hello to new users who have signed up in December and early January! If you haven't jumped in, this would be a great thread to say hi! [More:]


Here's to new and interesting conversations!
Hey there, hi there, ho there!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 January | 10:20
*waves to all the new people*
posted by Senyar 12 January | 10:25
Welcome! . . .stay awhile, OK?
posted by danf 12 January | 11:12
*blows raspberries on all the new people's tummies*

We're allowed to do that, right?
posted by punchtothehead 12 January | 12:40
Hullo, new peoples!
posted by iconomy 12 January | 12:49
Howdy new bunnies!
posted by BoringPostcards 12 January | 13:13
udon, are you going to tell everyone what brought you here, or shall I?

It's a good story!
posted by rainbaby 12 January | 13:23
Hey, everybody! Welcome!
posted by Elsa 12 January | 13:24
Yum udon *gets the tsuyu out*
posted by gomichild 12 January | 13:37
Don't mind me, I just got up.
posted by Ardiril 12 January | 14:08
here's where we start betting on which noob will be the first to comment in the thread.
posted by gaspode 12 January | 14:12
Welcome, everybody! THe more the merrier. Please jump in. The barrier for posting/commenting is low, low, low. Don't be shy.

here's where we start betting on which noob will be the first to comment in the thread.

I'm going with:

Win - FelineQualityControl
Place - fluffycreature
Show - lampshade
posted by Miko 12 January | 14:26
Hey everybody. I win.
posted by jabyrd3 12 January | 14:36
yes, yes you do. One shiny new *looks frantically around on desk* envelope for you!
posted by gaspode 12 January | 14:38
posted by jabyrd3 12 January | 14:38
Welcome, newbunnies! Can we get you a drink?
posted by initapplette 12 January | 14:45
Absolutely. What's on tap?
posted by jabyrd3 12 January | 15:03
Hey y'all n00bs, y'all come back now y'hear? Also, don't leave this thread there's a really scary hamster right outside two posts up, with nasty, big, pointy teeth and a vicious streak a mile wide! Just look at the bones!
posted by dabitch 12 January | 15:05
Hello, hello, new bunnies! So nice to see you here!
posted by bearwife 12 January | 16:56
Big whuffles for everyone new - welcome!

I met lampshade at the last Chicago meetup. He was super nice and very enjoyable to talk to. Glad to see he made it over here.
posted by youngergirl44 12 January | 17:19
n00bs! *rubs hands and cackles evilly*
posted by deborah 12 January | 19:43
Ok, so we (local Mefites) had the gumption to meet up for a brunch last month. Me and (established local mefite) saw each other, and quickly spotted the (new local Mefite) and said hi, we speculated numbers, got a table. A person who had been sitting at the counter came over slowly, and we were all "HI HI HI ARE YOU HERE FOR THE MEETUP!" Except, you know, introverted-like. He said "YES! I am Udon!" in a similar fashion, and joined us. (Fabulously stunning local mefite and another sometimes local mefite) arrived, and maybe twenty minutes into shy but pleasant conversation, Udon says "Wait, is this the _____ meetup?" And we had to tell him, no, it was metafilter, which (established local mefite) explained to him. He went to his planned, vegetarian dining meetup, but joined up to metafilter and - who knew! - metachat in the next few days. He hasn't been active though.

It's a cool day when there are multiple random meetup things in the same little joint in my city on an early Saturday afternoon, you know?
posted by rainbaby 12 January | 19:44
That's a great story, rainbaby!
posted by gaspode 12 January | 20:28
Love that story, rb!

I do love the fact that "meetup" has become a lot more common of a word, and thing, since the early days of MeFi. In this age of tweetups and and fora all over the place, it's not totally weird to walk up to someone and say "are you here for the meetup?" any more. Well, a little weird, but not totally weird.
posted by Miko 12 January | 21:45
There are several other Eugenian MeFites. I never see them post or comment, and I have no idea who they are. But I am wearing my Metafilter t-shirt to a public event tonight, so maybe someone will come up to me and self-identify.

I have yet to make it to one of the many PDX meetups, but mebbe one day.
posted by danf 13 January | 10:52
Kitchen bugs! Eeeuucchhhhhaaagh! || Humpday 3-point update