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12 January 2011

Humpday 3-point update [More:]
1. Bailey is ill. She's peeing blood and has a fever. I took her to the vet where she had blood taken and was given a couple of jabs and is now resting in my bedroom, hiding under the covers. I have to take her back to the vet tomorrow. She's really quite poorly.

2. I've bought everything I need to make soup but just can't get motivated to do all the prep. Hope me, Prep Fairy!

3. Bunny cards are still arriving!
Aw, Senyar. Poor Bailey. I hope she feels better soon.

1. Dead computer hard disk meant I had to get up early and scrape the ice off of my car to deliver the damn thing to the Geek Squad to extract FOUR FILES. Everything is backed up except for the work I have done in the past 24 hours. Grr.
2. Working on husband's big chunky laptop as a result. It feels enormous in comparison to mine. I keep hitting the wrong keys. Grr.
3. Ice isn't melting fast enough. Grr.
posted by msali 12 January | 11:06
I am sorry to hear about Bailey. I am sending good thoughts.

1. I am working at home today because of snow. I am dreading going out to clean off my car and shovel around it.

2. I seem to have really lost focus with regard to work, and I don't know how to get it back.

3. I just got new cable and with it came a year of free Showtime, so I've been catching up on Weeds and Dexter.
posted by amro 12 January | 11:07
1. Screaming excruciating cramps are back, despite antispasmodic.

2. Ex is off his meds and people are frantic.

3. I refuse to be frantic because it might exacerbate the cramps.
posted by serena 12 January | 11:18
Hope Bailey gets better soon, Senyar.

1. Woke up at around 3am, hearing snow plows. Figured that meant good things, and so it did. My neighborhood barely looks like it got snow.

2. Don't have to work today, but not very motivated to do anything else. I'm going to go to the gym and then do a little cleaning and read my book.

3. Just put Party Down on my netflix queue thanks to television threads on here and mefi.

posted by gaspode 12 January | 11:20
Oh, poor Bailey. Here's hoping it clears up quickly. Prep suggestion: I like to put the radio on and start tidying something, and usually one thing leads to another and stuff gets chopped. YMMV.

1. Totally agree with amro's number 2. I seem to have been coasting along for a while now, and wish I could care more about what I'm doing and why.

2. I'm also not giving what I should be giving to various voluntary projects, and this is mostly down to inadequate organisation. I'm sure I used to be more organised than I currently am, and want to get that back.

3. Small steps: am going to buy a filing cabinet to help me alleviate point 2.
posted by altolinguistic 12 January | 11:31
Poor Bailey. :(

1. Starting to get worried about how little I've done at my job this year. It's been slow request-wise and I haven't had a big project to do like in years past. I've been working on writing articles (one is out being reviewed at the moment and I've got 2 work-related ones almost finished and another that I'm waiting hear back from the second author about) but I fear that it's not enough. (I've done 3 out of my 5 goals for the year, which ends in September and the other 2 require help from other people, which is problematic.)

2. Had to switch my dance practice and gym days this week since schools canceled afternoon activities yesterday so now I feel like it's the wrong day. I hope that I can keep up my record of 4 miles (in 32 minutes) on the elliptical that I got last week. Dance practice yesterday suuuuuuuuuucked. I can definitely tell that this choreography is going to be a bitch.

3. Starting to wonder if all this mental-health treatment is actually doing any fucking good except making me spend money. I know that I have to give it time, but it's been 8 months and I had hoped to finally be making some headway instead of feeling shitty that I'm scared to go to group therapy because I'm not even well enough to get through that without constantly crying.
posted by sperose 12 January | 11:31
1. Auntie is sick - actually, fairly similar symptoms to Bailey, to whom I send hugs. Therefore we were at the doctor yesterday and we'll be back there next week after the antibiotics have had a chance to work. You've never lived until you've helped the doctor examine an 82 year old woman's hemorrhoids, let me tell you.

2. Actually got off my ass and took the dogs for a run in the snowy 17 degree park this morning. Django went swimming and flushed a pair of ducks. It was fun and made me feel virtuous. Now I must get some work done in something besides Minecraft - I have three roller coasters! I made my kids come up to see the zombie and skeleton who were riding in my roller coaster yesterday! They were not as impressed as I was! - to continue my virtue.

3. Am wondering if I'm going to get burned as a witch, stoned or shunned for using the F-word on #avlsnomg but oh well: when I saw it start snowing again last night after more than 18" of snow over the last week, I felt it was apropos. Wake me up in May.
posted by mygothlaundry 12 January | 11:50
1. I am working on two projects which require me to get information from Medicare about two different physicians' issues. For one, I have had to register at three separate Medicare-sponsored websites in order to even apply for access at the fourth, which is the only place I can even *ask* the question I need the answer to; I just got an email with a FIVE PAGE PDF that I have to fill out and MAIL IN in order to get access to the website I need. For the other physician, I am unable to call the Medicare office because it's in South Carolina, which apparently has been closed due to snow for the past three days, and they have a message on their voicemail saying I shouldn't be calling in but instead should use the website to check the enrollment status that I need, except that checking the enrollment status on the website requires that the physician already have confirmation of enrollment. IF I HAD ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION I WOULD NOT NEED TO CONFIRM ENROLLMENT. I am very much for nationalized healthcare, but seriously, WTF MEDICARE???

2. I was talked into buying some new skincare stuff that I was feeling a bit silly for buying, partly because I'm still not exactly sure what it's supposed to be doing and I suspect that naming it a "serum" is just the manufacturer's way of obscuring the fact that they don't know what it does either, but my skin's all glowy and soft. Yay, mystery skincare stuff!

3. I have been doing high-intensity interval training at the gym and it's kicking my ass, in a good way.
posted by occhiblu 12 January | 12:12
1. I made it into work an hour early today, while everyone else is on a snow day. Like a bawss.

2. I was in the office early to take a phone screen call from a recruiter. I like to think I rawked the interview. Like a bawss.

3. I treated myself to a sausage-and-egg for breakfast. And then I added hawt sawss. Like a bawss.
posted by Eideteker 12 January | 12:12
1. More than 12" of snow outside.

2. Had 48-hour stomach bug, which seems to be finally going away. That was not fun.

3. This is my least favorite time of year. The stress/euphoria from the holidays, and it's fucking cold, and I do a lot of ruminating about things like "is this just going to be another dreary year, work work work and nothing else?".
posted by Melismata 12 January | 12:24
1. occhiblu's issue sounds familiar; dropped her a line to see if I could offer my professional expertise.
2. Free lunch day! Hope the people the lunch is for left some for meeeeee.
3. So glad the snow storm didn't get so bad as to cancel council tonight. SO did not want to deal with rescheduling.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 January | 12:24
That is, "The stress/euphoria from the holidays is over.
posted by Melismata 12 January | 12:24
1. Feeling super overwhelmed at work, and people are starting to notice (in a good way - someone took over some training I was supposed to do, and I haven't been nagged about my other duties). It's a relief, but I still feel like I need to be a superwoman and do everything and smile through it. I've gotten a lot of solid work done today, so feeling a bit better.

2. I've dropped 8 pounds since the first. Not sure what's going on there. Think the scale is broken, so I'm buying a new one.

3. So many things I need to do outside of work, but I'm giving 100% here and I don't have anything left for:
- preparing for a trip this weekend
- planning my mom's birthday
- studying for the gmat
- having friends.

Melismata - for the longest time, I've thought we should move Christmas to January 25th and the Superbowl to the beginning of March. It prolongs the happy season, and then we go straight from Christmas to Valentine's Day to the Superbowl to St. Patty's Day to SPRING!
posted by punchtothehead 12 January | 12:30
1. My product launched! it's been many months of really long days and weekends trying to get this done but now we are live. There is still a lot of work to do and things to fix but I feel so much better.

2. My friend is visiting from Atlanta which is nice but I have very little time outside of work to spend with her.

3. Time to start exercising and lose a little weight.
posted by rmless2 12 January | 12:39
1. I just made a bagel and topped it with cream cheese and grape jelly.
2. I ate teh bagel.
3. I chased it down with coffee that had pumpkin spice added to it.

(I don't think I'm doing this right)
posted by iconomy 12 January | 12:51
Sending good vibes and whuffles to Bailey and you, Senyar. Also to you, Melismata --- if the flu you had is the stomach flu that The Fella and I both had, it's particularly nasty. I hope you're on the mend and feeling strong soon!

1. Blizzard! The weather update used the word "walloped," which just about covers it.
2. I'm staying in, watching "Twin Peaks," and sanding down the frame for my re-upholstered chair to prep it for the final waxing. It's ridiculously hard but very rewarding.
3. Still not eating enthusiastically; I got over the flu more than a week ago, but my appetite still thinks food is the enemy. It's another day of toast, soup, and juice.
posted by Elsa 12 January | 13:20
1. I forgot to have breakfast. Actually, that's not true; I'm just too lazy to a) choose where to go (deli next door or coffee shop down the hill) and b) get up and go. And then it gets to be 11 and my stomach is eating itself but ho hum, it wouldn't make sense to go NOW, would it?

2. The mister had a job interview yesterday. While it is a contract job and thus does not offer some of the things that make the company itself so appealing, it would still be a huge jump in

3. I think I'm plateauing (in a familiar and not-great way) when it comes to wedding planning. I can pat myself on the back and say, "Great! All of the big stuff is set!" but that doesn't change the fact that as of today I'd be slothing up that aisle in an ill-fitting poly-knit dress (from 30 pounds ago -- don't even get me started on THAT can of worms) and wondering how to feed the 20 extra people I couldn't not invite.

Don't you hate those things where you don't care but you really do?
posted by Madamina 12 January | 13:21
aaaand I didn't finish the comment about the job interview, but let's just say it'd be a huge jump in everything. The end.
posted by Madamina 12 January | 13:22
Oh, Madamina, I remember that planning plateau. In my case, it was pretty refreshing to just pack up all the papers and sketches and plans for a while and FORGET IT. Any chance it would have a similar palate-cleansing effect on you?
posted by Elsa 12 January | 13:26
1. It has been snowing like crazy all day but the office isn't closing until 3:00 (it's 1:30 now). Not worried much about the drive home (only 2.5 miles) but it may take a lot of digging to get into my driveway.

2. The only good thing about shoveling lots of snow is that I can count it as my workout and blow off the weights and the treadmill for the day.

3. Those of you who have had to listen to my complaining will be relieved to know I am feeling better lately. Although, and this is weird because I rarely remember my dreams, I've been having a lot of those dreams that aren't nightmares, but something annoying/aggravating happens and you wake up all angry.
posted by JanetLand 12 January | 13:42
And sending good thoughts to Bailey, poor kitten.
posted by JanetLand 12 January | 13:47
Poor kitty.

1.) Slid my rear wheel drive car all the way to work, hoping that it was closed.

2.) It wasn't. Spent all morning on metafilter/ask.mefi . Didn't do much work.

3.) Wondering where all these clients came from. Procrastinating. I'll do it at home.
posted by jabyrd3 12 January | 14:48
Oh, poor kitty! I hope Bailey feels better soon.

1) I hate clothes shopping with the deep and abiding passion of a chubby short girl. I failed at three different stores today to find sweatpants that don't cover my feet completely. ARGH HATE RAAR!

2) Grocery shopping, however, was a success. Upcoming meals: chicken tacos, beef stew, fried rice.

3) Procrastinating like crazy on Big Important Stuff. Hrm. Maybe I oughta just do the dumb things I gotta do.
posted by lriG.rorriM 12 January | 15:50
I'm wishing Bailey an easy and speedy recovery. It's so hard when the pets get sick. I'd always, always rather it be me.

1. Found out this morning that my contract is being renewed for another year. I had no real reason to think otherwise except that 1) Boss #2 sent an email to Boss #1 on Monday saying "Can we talk about her contract?" (Boss #2 routinely forgets that I monitor Boss #1's inbox.) Boss #1 promptly deleted the email so I wouldn't see it, and they met yesterday. That stretch of uncertainty, along with the abysmal budget news and the fact that we'll be facing deeper cuts when there's already very little left, made me wonder if I was going to be out of work in three weeks. Bad news is that while those cuts loom, I'm going into year three of my contract, and three years is the max. If there's a hiring freeze this time next year, I may be SOL. I could also very easily be laid off two months from now if the budget is as bad as everyone thinks it will be. But oh well. No sense in worrying about it now.

2. Found out yesterday that the day-long interview process for one of our open faculty positions would probably take place next Tuesday. Which gave me three days to prepare (first time I'm doing it). That was a major stressor, but we just figured out -- while I had a mouthful of meatloaf [YAY, MEATLOAF DAY!] -- that the first interview day doesn't actually need to happen until a week and a half from now. So, whew, I have much more time to prepare.

3. Have been really anxious this week about nothing in particular. My year didn't start off too well, and I've been sitting here waiting for the next Bad Thing to happen. Two good things have happened today, though, so I'm going to try to stop worrying for today. Maybe the Bad Thing won't happen for a few days still.
posted by mudpuppie 12 January | 16:21
I hope Bailey feels better soon!

1. Was glad to see snow this morning; schools closed, and I called out of work.

2. After walking the dog and feeding her and the cats, I went back to bed for much needed sleep. Can't shake this cold I've had since just before Christmas - thought it was over, but I've been sneezing and having a runny nose for the past couple of days.

3. Feeling rather meh about nothing in particular. I wish I could stay in bed, and not have to work - wish I didn't have money issues, wish all sorts of silly things, I guess. Sorry. Must be the cold medicine - I'm babbling!
posted by redvixen 12 January | 16:49
1. Was steaming about Palin and her "blood libel" nonsense, particularly her obnoxious demand that everyone treat her as the victim because -- boo hoo -- she was critiqued for using violent political rhetoric. But then I read this thread and felt better realizing real life is here, not in Palin's imaginary drama queen world.

2. Our new kitty is melding nicely into our household. And she's a darling. And our dog is behaving beautifully toward her so far. Good boy!!

3. I have been pretty good about my resolutions so far. I'm really enjoying workouts with Kinect -- love the no hands relationship with my TV.
posted by bearwife 12 January | 16:54
Poor Bailey.

1. I've got a lot of homework and reports and such ahead of me, and all sorts of extra effort projects. It's all just started and I have syllabus information overload. This is the moment I look at it all and shake my head at a fuckload of work. It's giving me the heebie jeebies and I'm trying to shake it off.
2. The graduate student teaching my biology lab is very cute. And probably twelve.
He plans on a double doctorate. That is so adorable.
3. I've got a lot of little threes but nothing in particular, so I'll complain about crappy parking and three semi pile ups on the highway, slush, the failure to repeat experiments and get results, freshmen, being surrounded by change and socks that have ceased to be fluffy.
posted by ethylene 12 January | 18:49
Update to #2: 4.11 miles! New record!
posted by sperose 12 January | 19:08
(((Bailey & Senyar)))
posted by deborah 12 January | 19:52
1. Schools are going to be closed for the FOURTH day in a row tomorrow. After 1.5 inches of snow (actually zero snow on day 1 of school closure). I get that they want everyone to be safe, but the roads are CLEAR and it is really getting to be a problem from a keeping-your-job standpoint.

2. Found a place for jeoc jr. to hang tomorrow while mr. jeoc and I are at work, thank goodness.

3. I am moving in 3 days, and it feels like everything is simultaneously packed and not packed.
posted by jeoc 12 January | 20:59
Sending good thoughts to Bailey, too.

1. Kind of weepy right now. Just got back from church where I had a good time. Got in and remembered that I don't have cats anymore. Old Cat DJ had a sudden heart attack and we had to put him down that night. This was last Thursday. I emptied the food and water bowls, but I haven't done anything with the cat box yet. I don't want to, but chemistry will eventually have its way.

2. Interviewed for a lateral position in another department, but it's not a good fit. I could have it if I wanted it. I'm almost over qualified. It's just not yet intolerable enough at my present job. I've given up on boss' boss and am concentrating on the Big Cheese. I've done it before, so I'm hoping it will do me some good this time round.

3. That said, my coworkers are driving me insane. They're not impressed with the FNG. Hell, neither am I. But being mad at him is like being mad at a kitten - nonsensical. So I'm doing my best to work with him and listen and help. They just bitch All. Day. Long. I have to leave the office to get any work done.
posted by lysdexic 12 January | 21:04
1. Craptastic day at work. Made a mistake and got my noise rubbed into it by someone who hates me.

2. The weird neurological thing they thought was epilepsy is actually a rare form of migraine without pain. Glad about that but have to give up all caffeine forever starting this weekend.

3. Bf is grilling ribs tonight. Nom nom nom. (PS, my phone knows the word nom.)
posted by Twiggy 12 January | 21:55
1. Our idiot mayor called a "weather emergency," asked people to stay off the roads, then kept the schools open. Sigh.

2. Re #1: We only had 50 students at my school (out of 400). But the English teachers who showed up (including me, hacking lungs and all) did manage to finish grading the state English Regents the kids took on Tuesday. So, yay us.

3. Cough... cough... cough. That's all I do is cough. I've been sick since just after Thanksgiving (I know, I should go to the doctor, but I don't have a fever and got better for a bit over winter break, but it came back again). Feh. Thank goodness for NyQuil or I'd get no sleep at all. NyyyyyyyyQuil.

(4.) I have to make up a quiz on Ellison's Invisible Man. Maybe I'll just postpone it. It's nice to be the teacher.

(hope kitty feels better)
posted by Pips 12 January | 22:38
I had a dream that I posted something really embarrassing and inappropriate on metachat. Hopefully I didn't.

I also had a dream that my brother in law found my profile on An Embarrassing Website and compared me to a serial killer.

I am getting some nibbles about a jooooooooooooob!
posted by By the Grace of God 13 January | 07:06
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