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11 January 2011

Logistics Advice Sought - Last Will and Testament. . . I am going to die - no time soon, as I am pretty healthy[More:] but it is time to do a will, which I have never done before.

The DIY will of choice seems to be Quicken WillMaker. However they do not provide this program for a MAC.

Since we just want to leave everything to one another, and then our adult offspring, the DIY option seems to make sense.

My choices seem to be:

1. Install my old version of XP on my MacBook just to run this.

2. Use the consolation online will that they offer. This seems OK but both my wife AND I need a will, so the price would double.

3. Resurrect my geriatric Dell laptop and try to run the new software on my very old version of XP on that one.

Which seems like the path of least resistance? Has anyone done this?
install parallels or bootcamp on mac, install xp in partition, run it there.
posted by By the Grace of God 11 January | 12:51
The only problem being that I have a very old pre-SP 2 version of XP. Would that still work?
posted by danf 11 January | 13:33
It is worth it to go to a lawyer to do this. Really. It is not expensive, and you are going to want it done right.
posted by bearwife 11 January | 14:04
What bearwife said. Or, wait until I die and do as I did. (or, if I screwed up, do the opposite.)
posted by Obscure Reference 11 January | 14:21
It should be fine particularly if you're going to do the will while not connected to the net.
posted by By the Grace of God 11 January | 15:43
Please be sure to make your wishes known about medical care in case of serious illness, and set up medical power of attorney. Also a good idea to state your funeral and burial wishes. Unlikely to need this stuff anytime soon, but if needed, so important.
posted by theora55 11 January | 23:55
I agree with bearwife and theora55. Please get things settled, even though you are healthy. Mr. V knew he was terminal, yet deliberately chose not to do anything and left everything a huge mess for his family to sort out. This has lead to countless bad feelings and strained relationships.
posted by redvixen 12 January | 16:56
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