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30 December 2010

Good news/bad news thread [More:]
Bad news: I am not in New York City, as I should have been had it not been for the damned East Coast blizzard.

Good news: I got a full refund on my New York apartment rental - presumably because they were able to re-let it to people stranded in the city and so had no financial loss by refunding me.

Bad news: I left my favourite hat in the States.

Good news: I have unplanned days at home now, so am having lunch with sueinnyc today and can buy a new hat.

Bad news: I am still jetlagged all to hell, on Ohio time.

Good news: This means that I will probably be awake and ready to party at midnight tomorrow when the New Year arrives.
Good news: Back from vacationing with the in-laws.
Bad news: It seems that the husband and I always have digestion problems when visiting the in-laws.
Good news: We and the kids had a lot of fun in a couple days.
Bad news: Ended up back home much later than planned.
Good news: The kids are bathed and asleep and going to the other parents for New Years' as is the tradition.

(I love the kids tremendously, but they are hitting a hard age. Girl is a young lady now, and there is evidence that the boy has been using my computer for reasons that I now have to password logins. Sigh.)
posted by lilywing13 30 December | 05:45
Bad news: I don't do anything for new years eve.
Good news: I off to go skiing at 4:30 in the morning on January 1st.
Bad news: I couldn't find anybody to go skiing with so I'm going alone.
Good news: hey, it's skiing all the same!
posted by jouke 30 December | 07:44
Good news: some friends are in town for a long day of museum-going, shopping, and lunch.
Bad news: my back is troubling me, so they will pick me up for a quick and sedentary lunch, then drop me off at home again.

Bad news: I cannot bend or lean over. I have been dropping litter and clothing in my wake for three days. The state of the apartment is pretty awful.
Good news: My friends promised not to come inside.

Bad news: I have been subsisting mostly on crackers and cereal.
Good news: My amazing psychic genius husband came home from work early AND without even asking he brought my favorite-ever salad (asparagus tempura!) takeout. Then he yanked me to a sitting position so I could eat it. (Also good news: today, I can sit up on my own! And stand! And get in and out of the bathtub! Yay, me!)
posted by Elsa 30 December | 10:19
came home from work early

(Um, that's early last night. I'm not eating tempura salad for breakfast, though I WOULD OH YES I WOULD.)
posted by Elsa 30 December | 10:26
Bad News: The BF burned chicken fingers in the oven last night and now my sweatshirt (and the entire apartment) smells like burned chicken fingers.

Good News: We've decided to go to Milwaukee for NYE to see Girl Talk. The hotel is booked and we're deciding between floor and balcony tickets for the show. It's going to be epic and I plan to dance my ass off.

Bad News: I am dreading picking something to wear since I've gained more weight.

Good News: I have tomorrow off so I can go shopping if I don't want to do it tonight.
posted by youngergirl44 30 December | 11:27
Good news: I got 3 Billy bookcases for $29 each for my new home office.

Bad news: I have to really commit to setting up my new home office.

Good news: My latest composer really likes the direction we're going.

Bad news: I've yet to write a word.

Good news: My friends are going to come over on Saturday to help me with the bookcases.

Bad news: Just more distraction/procrastination from writing.
posted by typewriter 30 December | 11:31
Good: Got home from Texas late night before last and don't have to be at work until Monday. Sitting at home with the cats. After a brief show of displeasure about my having been gone so long, they love me again and we are having a good time.

Good/Bad: Am going to spend the time off cleaning out my closet and turning the spare bedroom into an actual guest room. It's an absolutely worthless room right now, but I have the Ikea furniture all picked out and I think it will be nice when I'm finished. Salvation Army is coming tomorrow to pick up the bed that takes up 80% of the room but never gets used (except by one of the cats; she'll have to suck it up).

Bad: I don't know why I waited so long to ask, but an AskMe question posted yesterday confirmed that the moths I've been dealing with for [embarrassing timespan redacted] are in fact clothes moths. Casemaking clothes moths -- the kind that aren't attracted to the traps they sell in the hardware store. Apparently they live underneath furniture. So I'll also be moving lots of furniture and vacuuming thoroughly.

Good/Bad: The house really could use a good cleaning, so I guess it's good to have a reason to do it. I guess I'd probably rather be doing something funner, though.
posted by mudpuppie 30 December | 14:17
Oh, and the $29 Billy bookcase is on my shopping list as well!
posted by mudpuppie 30 December | 14:17
[actually, "good" and "bad" are too strong; these are really more like "less meh" and "more meh"]

Good: I have Friday off from work.
Bad: No New Year's plans again.
Good: Thought I'd cook an easy yummy-sounding New Year's recipe I found through a MeFi post.
Bad: Can't find sauerkraut I can afford except in a can.
Good: The holiday season is almost over.
Bad: Work about to get very busy, and not in a good way.
Good: Exercised 3 days in a row so far this week.
posted by JanetLand 30 December | 15:24
Good: so far I've made it through a week of home days with the kids relatively sane

Bad: 2nd of three dsys of blowing dust. 45mph gusts. I HATE wind.

Good: Get paid tomorrow or Saturday, meaning we can finally go see Tron Legacy

Bad: Bills must be paid Monday.

posted by lysdexic 30 December | 17:30
Bad: found out from an xmas newsletter that my uncle (mum's and aunt's brother) and his wife saw my (now deceased) aunt in July. This is the same aunt who turned down a visit from mum and me during the same general time frame. I don't know if mum knows this. I will not mention it.

Good: mum and I had a good road trip; the same road trip that had started out as a visit to my (now deceased) aunt.

Bad: it hurts me, and I even hurt more for mum, that my aunt couldn't be bothered to see us for even a couple hours, yet let my uncle visit her and aunt flew to Wisconsin to see a friend that same summer.

Good: finally saw Harry Potter.

Bad: have to wait til next year to see the final instalment of HP.
posted by deborah 30 December | 20:14
Bad news: my project at work is in the crapper. We hit 3 walls and don't think we can launch on Monday as planned. I feel awful and useless.
Good news: I am going to my mom's cabin with the bf for new years.
Bad news: i won't be able to relax or enjoy this weekend at all and everyone at work is mad/disappointed/wants to kill me.
posted by rmless2 31 December | 13:49
Bad: Our sweet round kitty (thus named Calliope) abruptly died of renal failure. She has left a huge hole in my heart and life. Her death wasn't easy, either -- she fought the needle at the vets, even under sedation. She was plucky to the end. But I am sad she died mad at me (and the vet) and miss her terribly.

Good: Drifted into the local pet shelter yesterday and found a beautiful abandoned cat with a wonderful name -- Cleopatra. Obviously not the same as our lost kitty but it does make me feel better to know that Calliope's loss means another kitty finds a home.

Bad: Coming down with my husband's weird 7 day disease, which makes me feel dizzy and sick and in need of bed.

Good: Interesting doings at work starting Monday, even if I will have to drag myself through them.
posted by bearwife 31 December | 18:13
(((((((((((bearwife)))))))))))) Losing furbabies hurts so much, but hooray for the new kitty getting a great home!

Bad: It's been one hell of a month: Losing the former Mr. V; losing my sis-in-law's mom (and one of the nicest people I've ever met). It's been a rather somber holiday season.

Good: Neither one is in pain anymore - cancer may have killed them, but it never broke their spirits.

Bad: My friends are a little put out because I didn't go to their New Year's party this year.

Good: Spending it with my kids (though, as teens, they'd probably rather that I was out. Not because they're partiers - but just 'cause they like to rule the house when I'm not here! LOL).
posted by redvixen 31 December | 22:57
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