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24 December 2010

Home Alone My person is going away for a few days, and that suspicious character known as The Tenant is also away. Iím brainstorming some ways to keep myself occupied.[More:]

Here's what I've come up with so far:

- getting into the garbage
- mowing down on the big bowl of dry food the person left for me
- sleeping on the air vents
- howling to express loneliness and/or existential angst
- grooming
- sleeping on the personís bed
- chasing my toys into the stairwell under the back kitchen door, making a futile effort to get them out again
- sleeping in my cat bed
- making attempts to get into the living room, and if successful playing the piano, and simultaneously shedding and napping on the upholstered furniture
- making attempts to get into the attic, and if successful knocking everything off the sewing table and chasing spools of thread down through the house.
- sleeping on the kitchen chairs
- grooming
- completely random howling
- planning my future career as an international spy
- using the litter box
- more grooming
- walking around on the kitchen cupboards (I never get to do this when the person is around)
- sleeping on the kitchen table
- sitting in the bedroom window and keeping tabs on passersby
- keeping a weather eye out for possible mice or insects
- investigating suspicious smells, air currents, or dust motes.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for me, or have I covered everything? Although maybe I should just work with this list, as is. It is a lot, and I don't want to overextend myself.
Is there a Christmas tree? Those are fun to climb. Knock off as many ornaments as you can!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 December | 10:49
No Christmas tree, but if I can get into the living room I can knock down her nutcracker collection. Too bad she put away the hourglasses she put away when she put up the Christmas decorations. Those would be really fun to push off the mantlepiece and the bookcases!
posted by Trilby 24 December | 10:57
-exploring on top of the refrigerator
-shredding things
-squeezing into very small spaces to learn whether or not I can fit
posted by Miko 24 December | 11:17
Make sure to leave fur wherever you can, especially on food prep surfaces.
Also, try to scatter the litter whenever you jump in and out of the box.
posted by rmless2 24 December | 12:02
My cats seem to pick such times to see who can drag their butts across the floor the furthest, leaving the usual tell-'tail' clues.
posted by Ardiril 24 December | 12:33
You could always try on some sweaters.

Note #3 CosbyCat, #17 Freddy Katter, #32 RastaCat the Rastafurian, #106 The Ohio U. Lettercat, #108 PreppieCat and the aggressive kitteh cuteness of #6, #58, #60, #89 and maybe #96. The rest are mostly divided into 'giving owner a dirty look for putting me in this thing' and 'posing for a magazine cover'.
posted by oneswellfoop 24 December | 12:55
-shredding things

Oooh, good suggestion! She did leave the hydro bill in the letter tray on the kitchen table. Which is another place I could sleep. So much to do, so little time.
posted by Trilby 24 December | 13:33
Don't forget to puke! Bed pillows and heating ducts are the best places. Also good are places that are hard to see but get a lot of traffic.
posted by deborah 24 December | 14:42
Don't forget to suddenly bolt out of the room for no discernible reason.
posted by Specklet 24 December | 17:21
It might be that male chorus in the background.... || The December Musical Giftstravaganza