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24 December 2010

Christmas Eve 3-point update [More:]
1. We had the big family meal today over at George's mum's house, with almost all the family there - a few people couldn't make it, but were missed and thought of. I am now full of turkey, Greek lamb, roast potatoes, jalapeņo corn bread, green bean casserole and way too many different bits of dessert.

2. I've had some lovely gifts, all of which will fit into my carry-on. I don't think I've ever travelled this light before.

3. Tomorrow should be a quiet day - I'll visit George's grave (he would've been 60 on Christmas Day) - we're having just a few people over for dinner, and we are all wondering if Diane's new granddaughter will be born tomorrow, her due date.
1. It's been a rough week. Kid's been sick and the husband got slammed with about a 70h work week. Now husband's sick and napping this evening in an effort to be OK tomorrow.

2. We have So. Many. Presents. under the tree, it's insane. What's even weirder is that we didn't spend that much money.... the kid just got lots of puzzles and books = lots of separate gifts (bc the unwrapping is the fun part!)

3. We are having coconut-cilantro salmon, green beans and rice for dinner tonight. OM NOM NOM NOM
posted by gaspode 24 December | 18:24
1. See post below.
2. Had a funny conversation with my sister, who's entering into the online dating scene for the first time in her life. I'm amazed at how protective of her I'm feeling! "Don't give that guy your phone number yet!" says the gal who visits random internet people at the drop of a hat.
3. I've been sleeping on the couch since last weekend. For one thing, I kind of like it. But also, and more acutely, there was laundry on the bed, and I decided that I wasn't allowed to sleep in it until it was put away. It's been put away.
posted by Stewriffic 24 December | 19:13
1. I have been seeing a guy I used to date again for about a week (we broke up about two years ago) and I am, of course, having a great deal of anxiety about how things will go this time around.

2. I was the only person in the office today, but I got a whole lot accomplished. I will have to work tomorrow and Sunday, as well.

3. My internet at home is very spotty and won't be fixed until Monday. Plus, evidently my computer has been attacked by a virus, but my AVG says it can't fix it. It has destroyed Google Chrome, and I can't reinstall it. If it wasn't for the spotty internet, I wouldn't have to drive the half hour to my office all weekend.

All in all, I've had better days and I've had worse. I should have gone to the movies with my parents tonight, but I didn't.
posted by amro 24 December | 19:17
1. Mum is visiting and that's going well.
2. The mister is holed up in his den wrapping gifts.
3. Spaghetti and a movie (probably Love Actually) tonight.
posted by deborah 24 December | 19:21
1) Saw a friend who was driving through today. That was nice. Will hopefully see more friends next week when we go back to where we used to live for a visit.

2) Very grumpy at a possibly-failed art project. Gah. Bah. Humbug.

3) Got a lot of family interaction coming up in the next 4 days. Glad I like all these people.
posted by galadriel 24 December | 19:26
1. I've been terribly sick, too, with round two of this miserable chest cold. I've never had what seems to be the exact same cold back to back before -- raw throat, hacking cough, painful sinuses. No fever, though, so I figure it's "just" a cold. No less a misery, though. I missed four days of work this month. Thank goodness for Robitussin, but next time I think I'll go for the Nyquil.

2. Feeling lonesome. A lot of sad memories for Christmas from when I was a kid. Walking in the snow with my birth mother (she was Catholic) to the jail to bring my brother a present (turns out he was released early and we didn't know where he was). Foster care; the family was nice, but they weren't mine. Visiting my birth mother at the psychiatric hospital (I brought her a gingerbread house). Geeze, I sound like a Dickens novel. (I was telling some stories about my childhood in class earlier this year, and one of my students looked up at me and said, "You had a tragic childhood, Ms. S." I just nodded. It's something when a tough South Bronx teenager tells you you're tragic.

We used to go to Jon's family's for the holidays, which was lovely -- tree, fireplace, filet mignon dinner with restuffed potatoes, tons of presents (no one enjoys Christmas like an atheist/humanist Jew :) -- but they're all up in Maine now. I shouldn't feel sorry for myself. There are plenty who have it much, much worse. Just sad tonight.

3. I think I'll go take a shower and make some tea. Jon had to work today (retail), but tomorrow we can do the Jewish Christmas (my father was Jewish), with Chinese food (Indian food?) and a movie. Sorry to be depressing. I'm sure I'll perk up.

A very happy holidays all.
posted by Pips 24 December | 19:47
1. I'm the only one at my job with no paid holidays, so I'm the only one who had to work all day today or lose pay. Bah humbug.

2. I am way behind on errands, none of which I'm going to be able to take care of this weekend, of course, so they'll be hanging over my head and stressing me out for another week.

3. Thank fucking god the bars stay open.
posted by enn 24 December | 19:49
!) Recently got home from the clinic. Worked a half day this morning then went back to run the boarders/refill food and water and admin meds. We've got about 20 dogs staying up there this weekend (Pom, Pug, Cocker, Dalmation, Frenchie, Westie, a GSD puppy that shits like a buffalo, and various mixes, fortunately all of them are relatively well-behaved and in good health). I was the only human up there, but I wasn't the only one working.

@) Small family gathering tomorrow, but the more important thing (I've been told time and time again) is that we're Skype-ing with my sister down in Florida - she works retail - at 9:00 on. the. dot. Okay. Then back up to the clinic tomorrow afternoon to pretty much do the same thing I did today.

#) I have Monday through Thursday of next week off completely. Not working at either job, no school responsibilities. I haven't had four days like that in a row while staying in town in....gosh, at least a year. Not sure what I'm going to do with myself other than check out the new Venezuelan restaurant that got a rave review in yesterday's paper. Looking forward to it, though.
posted by ufez 24 December | 19:59
I'm sorry so many people are having a rough time. Here's a Christmas bunny for you.
≡ Click to see image ≡

posted by Senyar 24 December | 20:05
1. Last minute haircut, long overdue.

2. My sister, brother-in-law and nieces arrived.

3. Alterations to and finalization of plans for big family dinner tomorrow at my aunt's.
posted by philipy 24 December | 20:22
1. Not looking forward to spending the day in Ashton with my folks and my brother tomorrow, especially since my mother seems to think that not giving me a time to show up is a good idea. (I will not spend an entire day over there because pops is never out of bed before 2 and she will be a complete asshole because this is her holiday and it's not mine and she will be determined to make me feel bad about it...and anything else she can.)

2. Got rejection letter #2 for my poems. (I did 5 submissions for this round and I'm hoping that by taking the plunge that I'll be more motivated to write more.) Still no word on my translation paper (which I didn't really expect considering that I did sent it shortly before the holidays) and I've edited and sent my Access versus Print paper to the prof who is going to help me get that one ready for publication.

3. Feeling concerned about my mental health treatment. I know that it's only been since June but I had hoped to see some better results by now. I hope that the testing (which is a total bitch and I always end up crying by the end) I have to finish on Monday will maybe yield some clues as to what is really wrong. (Testing was ordered because the pdoc is worried that I'm not responding as positively to the current med slate and she wants to see if she's missed something with her diagnosis.)
posted by sperose 24 December | 20:35
(sperose -- Rejection letter #2? I sent out over a hundred to get five acceptances my first go around, and a couple years ago sent out about 60 and got nothing. Haven't felt much like it lately. Might publish them myself. Good luck, in any case. Just remember, most submissions are read by drunk graduate students under the pressure of a last minute deadline at best, myself included when I was poetry editor for my grad school pub. Also, forgive me if you know this, but the best time to submit to literary journals, university ones especially, which are the most legit (Paris Review and Poetry, excepted) is early fall, since a lot of them do fund raising contests in the spring and don't really read otherwise. I skip the contests myself; the odds are very long unless you're known or have an in.)
posted by Pips 24 December | 21:11
1. Wife went up to Portland for a couple days and came home with Daughter. They are decorating the tree as I type.

2. Had a couple days alone for the first time in forever. It was really nice. Being alone in small doses like that is bliss. Large doses, not so much. (Hugs to all who have more than they want.)

3. Feeling like I want to hug all of you.
posted by danf 24 December | 22:25
1) Headachey.

2) Sleeping in a strange place

3) Sad

posted by lonefrontranger 24 December | 22:33
1. The children are snuggled all warm in their beds.
2. I'll drive up to Denver and pick up my mom tomorrow evening, and then we'll be basically ready for
3. The latest addition to the horde, barring early arrival, is expected Monday. Whew.
posted by tortillathehun 24 December | 22:37
The latest addition to the horde, barring early arrival, is expected Monday. Whew.

Fun! Good luck with that, tth!
posted by gaspode 24 December | 23:54
1. Past few months have been among the roughest of my life. I thought 2008 was bad? Ha ha! It was as nothing! No, it was bad but 2010 has given it a run for its money.

2. But tonight so far we are all okay. More or less. Lot redacted.

3. However! There are presents under the tree and there will be tons of food - tomorrow is the day, apparently, when we worship The Pig by eating his flesh at every meal - and it's going to be okay I think. I hope. In five years, in ten years, none of this will matter or at least it will all be blurred. AND in more cheerful news, I bought presents today for the dogs and the cat. The dogs all get a big fat marrowy bone and the cat gets a catnip filled amorphous fishlike creature on an elastic band. Whooo! Christmas fun! Plus, there is always this song, which gives me joy.
posted by mygothlaundry 25 December | 01:03
1. Had to do last minute errands this morning and the roads weren't too crowded. :)

2. I heard my son sing Carol of the Bells TWICE as part of the choir this holiday season. Tonight we were about 8 feet from him as he sang as part of an 8-part choir. :)

3. On his way back to the church to sing at the late service, my son clipped a curb and bent the wheel on his car pretty badly. :( But at least no one was hurt. :) And it's Christmas!! :)
posted by Doohickie 25 December | 01:55
1. 8:30 am christmas day #1: It's kerst! Gelukkig kerstfeest kletspraters! I have to go downstairs soon. I'm so glad my parents are still alive and we can share this in relatively good health.
2. I'll be wearing my green velvet suit jacket today with a burgundy shirt. Like a big elf! We don't have elves and santa connected with kerstmis but I'll be a visiting elve from across the atlantic.
3. I went running in the snow in the woods yesterday. The way the snow sticks to the trees is incredibly beautiful. Running in the snow is rather a slog but good fun.

I'm sending lots of cheer to counter the blahness of some of you.

posted by jouke 25 December | 02:46
1. My parents visited today. I've seen my Mom in the past few months, but not my Dad as his work schedule was a pain. I also think he was avoiding us because his health has taken a down-turn. He's generally a gruff curmudgeon, and he hugged and kissed me more today than he has in years, and said out loud that he loves me. My Mom has been worried. I understand if he wants to go out on his own terms, but I don't have to like it. I was a good hostess.

2. Filled the stockings and wrapped the Xmas morning presents for the kids. It's a relatively sparse Xmas showing, but their at an age where becoming a bit more practical is ok. Got them a couple fun things and some nice gift cards.

3. My son is sporting a smudge of a mustache (he's 13) and my daughter officially became a young lady 2 nights ago (she's 12). OMG, they're growing up so darned fast now! One of our ornaments is a picture from them from 10 years ago. I've tried to be an attentive momma, but how did this happen so fast? They seem to be handling it better than I am, but I'm trying to remain calm and steady.

*** Best holiday wishes and much love to all of you.

We have low-key plans for tomorrow, and I wish I lived closer to those of you without something to do, because we love taking in "strays" during the holidays. We'll be having fine pot roast, ham, homemade baked goods from Mom, etc. leftover meals at will.
posted by lilywing13 25 December | 04:31
1. Thursday: Made it through 3 plane flights to Florida (heh -- I accidentally typed "fights" and should have left it that way). Arrived at my mother's house at midnight and slept like the dead.

2. Spent Christmas eve reading (The Godfather!) and watching tv and being rather bored, but that is only what I expected. Will be bored today as well, but with a few presents. Eating too much, but that is what Christmas is for.

3. Plane home at 6:00 a.m. Sunday. It will be entirely too quiet at my house because I can't pick the cat up before Monday.

green velvet suit jacket today with a burgundy shirt

That sounds lovely, jouke. I'm wearing a green sweater and a red elastic in my hair. Very very low-key elf.
posted by JanetLand 25 December | 10:36
1. My dog woke me up at 6 am to walk her; then I stumbled back to bed - danged head cold.

2. Mom came by around 10, by then both boys were up. We opened gifts (a bit sparse this year, but we managed), made pancakes, and ate a prime rib dinner early.

3. It's a very subdued Christmas. On top of losing Mr V, my brother's mom-in-law is entering hospice. They didn't want to celebrate the holiday this year, as they are readying their house for her hospital bed and such. Not a great ending to the year. But we are all grateful for the times we have had, and just being together.

Hugs to everyone this season.
posted by redvixen 25 December | 19:09
1. Had a very lovely, low-key Christmas Eve with The Fella's family. (We decided we can only do one family thing at Christmas; otherwise we're on the road 10 hours out of 36. His family this year, my family next year.) They really respected my choice to opt out of the big splashy gift exchange: his sister did give me some books from the library book sale, which was wonderful: inexpensive used books? This gal GETS ME.

2. Came home Christmas Day to do Our Own Christmas: fondue with cubes of roasted vegetables, Champagne, presents, and the Star Wars trilogy. I can't remember when I've had a nicer day.

3. Hugs to all of you. This can be such a rough time of year, and being down during holidays can sting especially hard. Whuffles and love to you all!
posted by Elsa 26 December | 09:25
The Dog-Sitters Club: Case of the Pug-nacious Xmas Tree Bandit || Merry Christmas Everyone :)