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24 December 2010

I'm boring. Well, I'm bored anyway. I do need to put away laundry, but help me procrastinate! I have about 23 hours to kill. Only some of that will be sleeping. Any ideas?
Read? Watch a movie? Do a project? Bake a cake?
posted by amro 24 December | 14:34
My inner nerd believes "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (TV version) on Hulu is good for 3 hours (you ARE in the USofA, right?)
posted by oneswellfoop 24 December | 14:41
I am indeed in the US. I might watch something, but I think I'm just lonely.
posted by Stewriffic 24 December | 14:46
I have to put away my laundry too....
posted by brujita 24 December | 15:02
This is going to be a sucky weekend for me. Most of my friends are away and/or with their families for Christmas, and I have to spend the weekend working alone in an empty office.
posted by amro 24 December | 15:17
posted by Stewriffic 24 December | 15:22
Anyone who wants to come to Asheville and take over a couple of things to do is more - MORE - than welcome. Bonus points for handling totally batshit insane dysfunctional family emotional neutron bomb disasters.

36 hours to go. Sunday might be okay. Sunday I'm not leaving the house. Maybe not leaving bed. If I can hold out for 36 more hours with nobody dying it might all be okay. In 10 years or so when all the shit that's hit the fan dies down.
posted by mygothlaundry 24 December | 15:36
Ah, and the kicker is that my internet (and my streaming netflix) is going to be down all weekend. A repair guy came today and said it couldn't be fixed until Monday. (I am in the office, hence internet access.)
posted by amro 24 December | 16:31
.....have you played Minecraft?
posted by The Whelk 24 December | 18:26
When I complained of boredom, my father used to tell me to patzin en tuchus en shry bravo (translation: slap yourself in the ass and yell bravo :).
posted by Pips 24 December | 20:00
Yikes I apologize. My Xmas stress leaked over foolishly & I didn't mean to be all like that.

However, should anyone want to come over and make a dessert - stewie! It's only 4 hours! - well, auntie wants apple pie and the kids want chocolate something and I in a moment of madness, said I would do both, that would be highly excellent. ;-) This too shall pass.
posted by mygothlaundry 25 December | 00:49
MGL, if I didn't have my parents coming? I'd be all over that! Seriously, I was almost alone this time and was getting all depressed and then my mom bought tickets and I was all woohoo! Next time, and I'll make all the desserts. OK? Hang in there!
posted by Stewriffic 25 December | 05:50
Also, the laundry got put away. I must have slapped my ass and yelled BRAVO!

It's time now to finish the last of the baking (pie, bread), clean the kitchen, clean myself, and wait for the guests.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
posted by Stewriffic 25 December | 07:38
OK, pie and bread are made. Self is cleaned. House is cleaner than yesterday. Bored again. Luckily I only now have....2ish hours.
posted by Stewriffic 25 December | 10:57
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