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19 December 2010

Another Weekend, Another Stray Dog - a rant & story So, just about two weeks ago I found an extra dog in my yard. [More:]It was bitterly cold and snowing and here is this skinny, terrified mutt who somehow appeared in my fenced backyard where he's having a grand time playing with my three guys. Well. Long story involving milkbones and sitting in the snow making friends with a scared stray short, I called the number on his tag and it had been disconnected. Then I called animal control because honestly I have THREE dogs already and I cannot have another one. They said they were closing because it was snowing and i should just chase him away. So nice, animal control. In the snow. In the under 10 degree weather. Of course I brought him in for the night, keeping him mostly separate from my guys and the next morning animal control showed up and took him to the pound and that was that, right? I felt guilty and sad because he was a really, really sweet dog but again, I cannot have another dog.

Well. This morning my dogs start going nuts and I look out and LO there is another dog running loose in the neighborhood although this time he is not actually in my fence. I am going to be evil, I thought, gonna Ms. Vader out and not deal with this again. Maybe he will find his way home. So I call my dogs in and try to forget about it and then I let them out again a couple hours later and they go nuts and this time, this time there are four loose dogs running up and down my busy, busy street, including the one I saw before AND INCLUDING THE ONE I RESCUED TWO WEEKS AGO, I SWEAR. Which means that his people - who don't feed him, since he was damn near starving when I found him - went & got him at the pound only to let him run loose again. ARGH.

I get my dogs in the house again. The other three dogs run off, leaving the dog who's been hanging around since 8 in the morning. By this time my daughter is home and then there is a huge commotion outside with dogs and shouting and the neighbors all get involved. Another longish story short but naturally I end up spending an hour luring this sweet lost young retriever mix into my car with the aid of many milkbones. The pound is not open on Sunday and animal control will not come to work until 1 pm and anyway I can't call them again because (ahem cough cough) it is just vaguely possible that I know some dogs whose city licenses may not be exactly up to date and who may have been uh reprimanded for that without an actual ticket just two weeks earlier.

However one of my daughter's close friends agreed to take the dog in while we decide what to do and so we drove the dog to South Asheville where he's with her now and I have hopes that he may stay there forever being as how her old cat just died last month.

The dog I rescued today had no collar and no tags and frankly I believe he was dumped, just like the last one and the one who became my third dog a year ago, because, you see, I live about a quarter of a mile from the dog park. Fucking assholes from hell get tired of their dogs and they just drop them off at the dog park and then the poor things find their way up the hill to my house. Or they don't and I am upset again as hell about these people. FUCK YOU PEOPLE. FUCK YOU ASSHOLES WHO WON'T CARE FOR YOUR PETS. Every dog I find is sweet and loving and confused and miserable because he can't find his way home. All three of my dogs were dumped dogs who nobody wanted and nobody claimed and this is so goddamn heartbreaking. And no, there's nothing to be done - the no kill shelters are completely full up and so are the rescue organizations and in my smallish North Carolina county over 2,000 unwanted cats and dogs will be euthanized (which is the best and only solution, although it makes me cry too) this year.


I know nobody here would ever do anything like this but I had to get it off my chest. There are a lot of days lately where I am not a big fan of humanity. This would be one of them.
That story makes me cry. You are very good to poor dogs.
posted by JanetLand 19 December | 14:47
So terrible :(
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 19 December | 15:06
Thanks, MGL. My dog lost his tags and I needed the reminder, though he knows him way home, and was chipped at the shelter where I got him. And thanks for taking care of stray dogs.
posted by theora55 19 December | 15:18
Aw, I'm so sorry, mgl. I've been fortunate in that I was able to find the homes for all three dogs I've found running around my neighborhood over the past few months, in spite of the fact that none of them had ID tags. If you want a happy story, the little pit bull puppy that I spoke of here went to her new forever home yesterday. I could tell it was a bittersweet moment for the lady that wanted her to begin with, but she seems confident that she's found a great home for the pup, so that's heartening.

theora, if you're shopping around a bit, I highly recommend Boomerang Tags. The ones that actually loop into the collar itself are wonderful. They will *not* come off (without a lot of intentional effort anyways) and since they don't hang down, they don't make any noise.
posted by ufez 19 December | 15:47
mygoth, you are a saint.
posted by Specklet 19 December | 21:17
That sounds so, so frustrating. I hate when humans don't take care of their animals, and to just drop them off in the woods during the winter is terrible.

The renters who moved in behind us got a black lab puppy this summer and we watched him play and frolic in the back yard, he was adorable. Then we noticed they were letting him out alone when he was as young as 3 months; we couldn't imagine leaving a puppy that young to play by itself like that, and their fence had huge holes on it so we knew it was only a matter of time until he got out.

After a few weeks they put up a runner and we were amused some more seeing him drag his heavy lead back and forth. And then we noticed that he was left out for an awful long time all by himself and would bark a lonely puppy bark at their back door. This trend continued even after winter hit, and it is the saddest sound to sit and listen to, it breaks my heart

A week or so after Thanksgiving the temps were well below zero and I started making plans to steal him from their back yard. He apparently wasn't cared for and the mister had seen the male human shouting at and hitting him. After some serious talks with the mister about not wanting me to go to jail (etc. etc.), he ended up calling animal control on them. Animal control came out later that night and spoke to the other neighbors and to them.

We're not sure what animal control found out, but the (now 6-month-old) puppy has been spending a lot less time in the back yard. I also have some connections with another local Friends of Pets group who will step in if we see him being mistreated again.
posted by rhapsodie 19 December | 22:32
I'm notorious for finding lost dogs, cats, birds etc so I understand completely. I get frustrated because I've always looked after my pets so carefully.

Good on you MGL & rhapsodie.
posted by gomichild 20 December | 00:48
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