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07 December 2010

Getting hit on by 25 year olds Aren't I too old for this?[More:] Everyone I talk to besides my therapist has been all go for it, but I'm almost forty, isn't twenty five just a bit too young? I think I might have a hard time taking them seriously about anything.
nobody is too old for us!
posted by Firas 07 December | 17:47
14 years? That's nothin' -- I can beat it.
posted by JanetLand 07 December | 18:04
depends on what you mean by "hit on", and it depends GREATLY on the 25 year old in question.


Mrs. Robinson

(well okay FINE he's 31 now but was in his mid 20s when we met...)
posted by lonefrontranger 07 December | 18:48
Just do it. And send pics.
posted by cheminatrix 07 December | 18:49
It's all been very respectful so far. It's a little weird, but a novelty.
I'm just wondering why everyone thinks it's just the greatest thing.
This one guy I am not discounting, but I have to wonder why he is so interested in me. These other two guys I am just seeing as a couple of twenty five year olds. One is leaving in March for Philly so it seems extra pointless. But apparently people are of the opinion one should be pointless with twenty five year olds.
posted by ethylene 07 December | 19:08
heh. it's just a pop culture sort of cheekiness about your pull. I don't think it's necessarily the greatest thing ever and if it doesn't make sense to you then it just doesn't
posted by Firas 07 December | 19:15
Yeah, I guess the best advice would be do what makes you happy, regardless of the guy's age. I think people would be equally happy for you if you had said, hey this guy of any age is hitting on me. The fact that the age difference is an oddity prompts you to talk about it openly so people want to wish you well.

Honestly, my first thought was "Hey! Mutual attraction! Go for it!"

My second thought was "Stamina!"
posted by cheminatrix 07 December | 19:20
I don't get it either but have experienced the same. It seems to be a persistent part of the culture that we older women are of interest to younger men. I am hoping when I get to the walker and deep wrinkles stage that it doesn't come up again.
posted by bearwife 07 December | 19:21
Meh, by that point he'll be dead anyways, so it all works out ;)
posted by Madamina 07 December | 20:51
The reason everybody likes to think it's the Greatest Thing is severalfold: 1) Everybody likes to think about sex; 2) Everybody likes to think that Men Are Only Interested In Sex so they'll have an excuse to think about sex all the time; 3) Everybody thinks that young guys can Get It On way better and way longer, because if they make that assumption they can keep on thinking about sex; 4) Everybody thinks that women get old and ugly and men don't, so 5) It's an awesome fantasy to think about older women actually Getting Some, when deep down we all know there's a big fear Nobody Will Want Them Because If They Are Over Thirty They Are OLD.

I realize I exaggerate greatly and make many assumptions here. Nevertheless.
posted by JanetLand 07 December | 21:01
Older women are hot.

posted by Joe Beese 07 December | 22:04
I say go for it but don't get too attached. But if the don't-get-too-attached thing is a deal-breaker, then maybe it's best not to go for it.

I'm sure that some 20-somethings are capable of knowing who they are and what they want and of not changing their minds every few months -- but I wouldn't count on it. But that also doesn't mean they can't be authentic in the moment.
posted by treepour 07 December | 22:07
A High School kid tried to hit on me yesterday while I was carrying my pox-covered toddler on my back to the clinic.

I could not see his guide dog.
posted by gomichild 07 December | 23:55
I could not see his guide dog.

posted by cheminatrix 08 December | 00:11
Campsite Rule!
posted by TheophileEscargot 08 December | 01:45
I dated a 44 year old woman when I 30 for 3 years. It was fun but we were headed in different directions. We're still pretty good friends though. Now that I'm 47 and she's 60, that 14 years seems like an even bigger gap. Very different life priorities.
posted by doctor_negative 08 December | 12:15
A 15 year gap is large in either direction, but you should, of course, recognize that this is a testament to your hotness, both physical and personality. Seriously.
posted by theora55 08 December | 15:30
As the saying goes - age is just a number. The mister is 16 years older and that gap is irrelevant to our relationship.
posted by deborah 08 December | 15:36
I think I'd like to think this means I have magical powers of hotness and I can use my power for good or evil, but I can't rationally believe that.
posted by ethylene 08 December | 16:18
Different individuals, families, and subcultures perform age in radically different ways, and similar performance styles can sometimes be much more relevant than chronological similarity.

(If you've ever been rendered speechless by someone your own age claiming to be "too old for" something perfectly innocuous, or been astounded to find out that someone's much older or younger than you thought, you'll probably understand what I mean.)

Or maybe it's just magical powers. Who knows.
posted by tangerine 08 December | 22:26
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