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28 November 2010

Healthy food Sunday I'm going to atone for my sinful eating of the last few days. I pledge this here in public. [More:]

I'm going for lots of lean protein, whole grains, fruit and veg. I'm going to avoid potatoes, bread, white rice, animal fat, sugar, etc.

So far it's been a breakfast of steamed broccoli with pesto from last summer. I may also have miso soup with edamame and soba. Have chicken breasts defrosting for the grill.

I've been eating like crap, so this will be a tough one, but I can do it. Right?

Do I talk about things other than food? (Apparently not! Oh well.)

Anyone else overindulge?
I've been eating a lot from outside for the last few months as I've been heads-down in a bunch of work and I'm trying to curb that (wastes money besides the calories issue) and trying to improve my culinary or more specifically savoring-ability in the meanwhile. I've gone from eating a lot of rice over a period of time to craving more bread-based things like pizza and sandwiches so I was reading up on breads and discovered that they bleach flour to make it white? yuck so on top of refining things to the less healthy alternatives they're gonna colour them for us? So I'm thinking of eating only whole wheat and less refined bread from now on, and more bakery produced rather than mass-made brand breads
posted by Firas 28 November | 08:42
I've actually beean eating really clean the past few days after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving left me feeling bloated and icky so that gave me the impetus to cut out sugar and white carbs from my diet completely for the last few days -- lost a few lbs from my pre-Thanksgiving weight and feeling rather good!
posted by peacheater 28 November | 08:47
I didn't exactly overindulge, but I did eat a lot more crap than usual, because I've had four days of long-distance driving this week, and it's so easy to eat bad things. Why waste time stopping someplace to buy real food when, hey! I can eat these cheesy crackers from the rest stop? And soda -- I'd given up soda but it's just so much easier on the road to drink sodas, so I drank all these sodas and was surprised at how icky they made me feel. So, yeah, I need a serious broccoli infusion. And lots of tea.
posted by JanetLand 28 November | 08:55
Not me! Hadn't eaten for a few days after my big puke/poonami fest the other night.
posted by gomichild 28 November | 08:59
Plus, I'm coming down with a cold, so lots of fluids will be good for me. Hence the soup. Do you starve a cold and feed a fever? Or is it the other way around?
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 09:03
We're having a cold snap here, which is giving me a few slight problems.

Meant to have muesli for breakfast today, but somehow it turned into a bacon sandwich, which somehow turned into two bacon-and-tomato sandwiches, which somehow ended up with grated cheese in them....
posted by TheophileEscargot 28 November | 09:07
I'm going to the gym today, but I'm not abandoning the last of the key lime pie!
posted by Obscure Reference 28 November | 09:41
Today, I will eat the last of the gravy! NOM, GRAVY! I don't see it as an overindulgence, just an indulgence. I get to enjoy gravy twice a year, and I'm not going to feel guilty about it when I do!

In any case, our Thanksgiving menu was packed with vegetable dishes, some richly dressed, some not, so I felt reasonably good afterward. It was like any other dinner in our home, only a little more lavish: seven dishes, not three or four, to guarantee leftovers. Oh, and stuffing. (Man, I forgot how much I LOVE stuffing.)

But I'm all out of pie and stuffing, and ready to make soup from my Thanksgiving chicken! So there's that to look forward to. Mmm, soup.
posted by Elsa 28 November | 10:48
Don't starve a cold or feed a fever :) Just have lots of fluids, for either, and feel better.
posted by galadriel 28 November | 11:37
Having a hard time! Ooooh, just remembered I have tuna. Nom.
posted by Stewriffic 28 November | 11:58
It's not going to be healthy food Sunday for me, I'm afraid. I'll be eating tuna, but it will be in the form of a tuna melt with cola on the side. I have a strip club hangover and now is not the time for brown rice and broccoli.

Tomorrow. I'll do healthy tomorrow. I promise.
posted by Specklet 28 November | 13:43
Anyone else overindulge?

Yes! See my entry the other breakfast thread.
posted by DarkForest 28 November | 17:14
Not this year. We had TG with the in laws and it sucked. My MIL is usually a good enough cook but I kind of hated everything she made except the cranberry sauce. The sweet potatoes were pureed and had egg mixed in (WTF???). The stuffing was chunky and terrible. The turkey seemed underdone to me. It was pretty easy to take just a little taste of everything and hide some stuff in my napkin (ssshhh). The only wine they have is pink, comes in a box and is served on ice. No thanks.

Later that evening I felt a bad sore throat and a cold coming on, just to up the misery factor.

So no, I did not overindulge.
posted by Kangaroo 28 November | 19:54
Sweet potatoes and egg? That's crazy talk!
posted by gomichild 28 November | 21:24
We are still on leftovers, so nope, no healthy food here.

I had a great idea, actually. For TG dinner I made a ridiculously unhealthy scalloped potato thing, with lots of heavy cream, half and half and 3/4lb of gruyere. So tonight's dinner was going to be cream of turkey soup, but instead I made a soup with the turkey and the leftover potato dish. It was all creamy and cheesy and I added some smoked paprika so it ended up tasting like baked potatoes with bacon :)
posted by gaspode 28 November | 21:56
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