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18 November 2010

I'm on a mission to take back "Black Friday" in the name of pie. For breakfast. If you're on Facebook and celebrate US Thanskgiving, please join in.

posted by Madamina 18 November | 12:41
I had savory pies at Chez Vachon and the Red Arrow in Manchester, NH (pork and salmon; "Chinese" wasn't on the menu the days I went in), do they count?
posted by brujita 18 November | 13:01
Definitely - don't see why not. I love the Red Arrow!
posted by Miko 18 November | 13:33
I have already had turnovers for breakfast this week.

I am on board.
posted by Elsa 18 November | 13:42
Would quiche count?
posted by danf 18 November | 14:26
Of course! We will disqualify no pie! Though I think the spirit of the day reaches its apotheosis when you're indulging in a sweet dessert pie before the sun passes the yardarm.
posted by Miko 18 November | 14:29
Love it! I've "liked" it and shared it on my own profile. Yay for pie!
posted by deborah 18 November | 15:05
Awesome! I have pie for breakfast on a fairly regular basis. (My husband and I are such fans of pie that we had pie instead of cake at our wedding two years ago.)
posted by misskaz 18 November | 15:18
Love that idea, misskaz.
posted by Miko 18 November | 15:30
Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, but I'll be pie-breakfasting on the 26th regardless.

I'm not looking forward to the rest of the day, as I work at a place that has a Black Friday sale. A very popular place, that shares a name with a very popular pie. :/
posted by heeeraldo 18 November | 16:45
awesome. I will arrange extra pie, just so it doesn't all get eaten on the Thursday.
posted by gaspode 18 November | 17:11
Oh boy, heeraldo. You must work at the Lemon Meringue store. It is going to be a busy day; you should plan to have EXTRA pie.
posted by Miko 18 November | 17:35
I spent many years in retail, and I hate the hypermarketing of the Friday after TDay. So despite my lack of love for all things facebook, I shall Like Pie for Breakfast Day.

One of the night crew from Facilities helped me out the other evening. He's getting pie, or more likely, apple crisp, in thanks.
posted by theora55 18 November | 17:49
I once hated a corporate job so much that I quit it to go work at Best Buy on Black Friday. That was my first non-training day.

I actually kind of liked working there. Of course, that was a good seven years ago, when we didn't work on commission or service-plan quotas (mostly).
posted by Madamina 18 November | 18:02
With every grocery store's ad this week promoting $3 pumpkin or apple pies, I see this as very doable, even though as a baker I have a black thumb. But come on Kroger/Safeway/Supervalu/local-IGA-member, a little originality please?
posted by oneswellfoop 18 November | 18:19
Pie, yes!
posted by Kangaroo 18 November | 19:56
I was totally going to do that anyway! Pie for breakfast, and a sammich with turkey and cranberry sauce for lunch, are pretty much the best things about Thanksgiving.
posted by JoanArkham 18 November | 20:58
Yeah, pie for breakfast on the day after Thanksgiving is my whole game plan. It's the only thing on my to-do list after Thanksgiving (except dishes and homework).

... though I have still not recovered from the morning I came downstairs at my parents' house in search of coffee and found my young nephew eating chocolate cream pie and a pickle for breakfast. That combination is, um, unsettling.

I wouldn't go so far as to say pie for breakfast is the best thing about Thanksgiving, but it is high up on the list.

The best thing about the Thanksgiving menu, though not about Thanksgiving itself, is sandwich made from the leftovers: turkey, stuffing, and gravy on white sandwich bread. Aaaaaand I just answered my own silent question: yes, I am going to roast some sort of bird this year and make gravy, even though it's only for me.
posted by Elsa 18 November | 21:42
I hear you, Elsa. We like the leftovers so much that we just get a cooked breast and make sandwiches or enchiladas and the rest of "dinner" is dessert. Pie! Cake! Eggnog!

Er, um.

I love this. I've got some apricots from the summer in the freezer. Time for experimentation!
posted by lysdexic 18 November | 22:19
Pie! Cake! Eggnog!

posted by Elsa 18 November | 22:36
I will be at work that day (stupid State employment) but now I have a good reason to bring in a pie for my coworkers!
posted by rhapsodie 18 November | 22:47
maybe I will make some hand pies and take them to work; it'll be a nice antidote to people asking about pie phones all day.
posted by heeeraldo 18 November | 23:37

I've been at work for many a "black Friday" in my the Gap as a teen, Barnes and Noble in college, and then at a few restaurants in my 20s and 30s. A lot of people have to work, and if you're working you can go a long way on camaraderie and get through the day. But in the years I have been able to NOT work, I can't imagine joining the hordes out there. The term "Black Friday" used to be kind of an insider term years ago when people were just catching on that it was a busy shopping day - now it seems to sort of be promoted as an event in itself. No need, no need.

Pie for Breakfast is doing great! First day and 51 "Likers" already. I didn't want to start out by spamming people, but I'll post some more tidbits tomorrow.
posted by Miko 19 November | 00:13
Pie for breakfast!
posted by dg 19 November | 02:15
Elsa: You can buy just a turkey breast, and roast it. That's what I've done when on my own.
posted by JoanArkham 19 November | 06:09
Mmm, I considered that, JoanArkham; my mother started doing that just for leftovers when my generation started hosting Thanksgiving. But I really love the dark meat, so I think I'll buy a game hen or small chicken.

Bonus: between a small bird and the selection of tiny pies, I get to pretend I am a giant. Something else to be thankful for!

Even before we knew about Pie for Breakfast Day, The Fella and I had decided: just because there are two of us does not mean we will skimp on pie. I'm making the fabulous Cook's Illustrated pumpkin pie (his favorite) and a small blueberry pie (my favorite) and a small apple pie. The Fella doesn't know about the apple pie, also one of his favorites --- but I had leftover apple pie filling from some turnovers last week, so I slapped together the tiny pie and froze it to bake on Thanksgiving.

That's right: two people, three kinds of pie. I mean business.
posted by Elsa 19 November | 07:58
Elsa, you can buy a small turkey, cut it in half, freeze the other half. Roasts up like a regular turkey, with a drumstick and all. I like this better than just the turkey breast. and you get more stuff to make stock/soup.

TDay evening: pieces of turkey, slathered w/ mayo, direct from the fridge. Friday morning: stuffing & gravy for breakfast or pie? answer: Both!
posted by theora55 19 November | 08:05
Ooooh, half a small turkey. I'll have to weigh the pros and cons: pro, get actual turkey and turkey gravy; con, I don't get to pretend I'm a giant.

My own traditional leftovers sandwich (which I haven't been able to indulge in for YEARS) is ritually accompanied by potato chips and a big glass of ice-cold milk. And then pie. OH THANKSGIVING FOOD I LOVE YOU!
posted by Elsa 19 November | 08:48
Pies are the new cupcake!
posted by octothorpe 19 November | 09:35
≡ Click to see image ≡

bisquick crust, single pecan and apricot pies. I like this much better than whole pies.

posted by lysdexic 19 November | 12:48
Today is || this New Bike Bridge is just Full of Win