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05 November 2010

My pet is awesome because... [More:]... she's in my arms when I fall asleep and there again when I wake up. It's like having a warm-blooded teddy bear.
he's the Loudest Cat in the World.
posted by JanetLand 05 November | 07:30
no, we have the loudest cat in the world.
posted by serena 05 November | 07:37
He plays fetch and loves to cuddle and is basically the cutest cat ever.
posted by leesh 05 November | 07:50
When she had 4 painful surgeries on her hooves in one year, and I had to change the dressings every day and apply a medication that stung and made the pain worse, all she did was rest the hoof on the stand where I put it and wait for me to be done. She's not a calm or easygoing horse; she's high-strung and jumpy. But she loves me, and she's amazingly willing; she'll do anything I[*] ask her to do.

Such a good girl, shows so clearly that she loves me.

[*] Other people, not so much.
posted by galadriel 05 November | 09:04
My girl is the best pet because she is smart and courageous. She is also patient and loyal. She is strong and majestic. She is absolutely gorgeous, and a goofball at the same time. She has her silly side. She is the center of my universe, and I am the center of hers. I love her so much.

Here is my most recent favorite picture
posted by msali 05 November | 10:39
... she's a hedgehog, and that's a whole lot of awesome right there.
posted by youngergirl44 05 November | 10:41
Oh, and she loves cheese, just like me. So that's more awesome.
posted by youngergirl44 05 November | 10:45
He is handsome and scary smart and loves to snuggle. My husband says that last night he waited by the front door for me to come home and finally fell asleep there. He is the first smile I see whenever I unlock that door, grinning at me with all his might and staring into my soul with his gorgeous caramel eyes.

Here he is again for anyone that hasn't seen this shot before in my profile on MeFi.
posted by bearwife 05 November | 11:23
He has patience and a good and kind heart. I aspire to be more like my cat.
posted by amro 05 November | 11:33
My dog is a goober.

Enough said.
posted by misskaz 05 November | 11:38
Zuzu meets me at the door when I get home, then jumps up to chest height and lets me catch her. She then rolls over on her back and purrrrrrrrrs, seeing how the world looks upside-down.

When she comes in to wake me up in the morning, she sticks her head underneath the pillow that's invariably over my face, and she gives me a little nose-kiss on the lips.

She's awesome. Her sister is too, but hers is a more quiet kind of awesome. Zuzu's awesome is very loud, proud, and demanding of attention.
posted by mudpuppie 05 November | 13:10
My pet is awesome because she hasn't met a stranger. She greets everyone with her ears back and tail wagging. She is my hiking buddy (shown here in deer-season blaze orange, taken yesterday.)
posted by workerant 05 November | 13:49
My pet is awesome because... ...he likes to jump and play on our bed right when I'm trying to sleep. If I dare try to brush him away, he'll nip me on the nose. The resulting toxic necrosis is kind of a drag, but it's a small price to pay for such a swell hobo spider friend.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 05 November | 14:08
We have three cat monsters. One is a boneless monster who collapses for attention, and has been known to let you wear her like a neck warmer. Her son is a giant, but scared of most things, though he'll play at being dominant around the house. The third monster is the worst, needy like none other and will stab at you for attention. And they're the most cuddly things ever, when they're in nice, docile mode.
posted by filthy light thief 05 November | 14:48
My dog is awesome because every night, when I tell her it's time to go to sleep, she lays down on her bed (which is on the floor at the foot of my bed) and waits for her good night kiss on the top of her head and gives me a little tail-wag, and no matter how shitty my day was or how much stress I've got or whatever my mood, that just makes my little heart skip a beat and gives me pleasant thoughts as I lay down to sleep.
posted by ufez 05 November | 16:53
He loves everyone and is one smart pup, but he does not suffer from the self-esteem problems that plague so many dogs. As to the ferrets, they are wonderful merely by virtue of being wizzils.
posted by dilettante 05 November | 17:00
... he's almost always really happy, is good company, and gives me unconditional love. Plus, sometimes he goes to bed before I do, and warms up a spot for my feet.
posted by theora55 05 November | 17:07
Oliver - because he'll sit in my lap with his butt on my leg and his paws on my chest and look in my face with (what appears to be) adoration and purr very loudly. Or he'll stand in my lap, body slam his torso into mine and press hard into me purring very loudly.

Abigail - because she'll stretch up from the ground and tap me on the side (scaring the heck outta me), purr at me and after a couple pets is happy to go back on her way after checking in.

Fanty - because he's so scary smart that if he had thumbs we'd all be in trouble. And because of the way he twitches his candy cane shaped tail (probably a genetic defect). And because of his little "meh" meow every time you sneak up on him and touch him.

Mingo - because he used to be such a scaredy cat and has now (three years later) finally become a cat that loves to be pet and sit in laps (all 20+ pounds of him).

Kaylee - because she's always so damned happy to see me and get attention from me even if it's only been five minutes since the last time.
posted by deborah 05 November | 18:37
I would like at this point to remember my wonderful cat Banjo, The Mighty Panther of Love, who liked to (gently) chew on fingers, and loved belly rubs so much he would roll over and meow in a way that clearly meant, "Belly Rub. NOW." I still miss him.
posted by JanetLand 05 November | 18:43
Because it's hard to believe such a big puppy can cuddle up so comfortably with on his masters' bed.
posted by Doohickie 05 November | 22:27
just... Awww.. thanks... neat stuff.. be it said that my one pup and four cats loved this...
posted by HuronBob 05 November | 23:22
Because he has my heart.
posted by vers 06 November | 08:27
My bunny is the best because he wakes my up in the morning by jumping on my feet and climbing up me til he is lying next to my head. Then he headbutts me and sighs and settles down for me to pet him.
Today I went back to sleep after the initial wakeup and he licked my head for a while then sat on my pillow waiting for me to wake up for an hour.
posted by rmless2 06 November | 11:27
Let's see... Trilby is a pretty cool cat because he's beautiful, gives great massages, has taken care of my mouse problem and not a few insects, can make ninja leaps of up to five feet, is smart and teachable, has a plush, silky coat that feels terrific to pet and stroke, is good-tempered and non-aggressive, has just the right blend of independence and affection, makes cute little squeaky noises, and because some of his little foibles are hilarious, such as his terror of babies and his liking for playing the piano.
posted by Orange Swan 06 November | 17:12
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