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02 November 2010

Pancakes anyone? What's your fav brekkie dish?
Love the cute little flower-shaped banana slices!
posted by amyms 02 November | 22:15
Oh my goodness, that's breakfast? It looks like a (really yummy!) dessert.

My favorite before I saw yours would have been Belgian waffles with lots of maple syrup.
posted by nelvana 02 November | 22:27
I'm a believer in dessert for breakfast.
posted by gomichild 02 November | 22:55
I'm a savory breakfast person. If I eat sweet stuff in the morning, my blood sugar will be screwed up for the rest of the day. Favorite, but rare treat, is garlic cheese grits. Yummmmmmm.
posted by mudpuppie 03 November | 00:04
My favorite thing for breakfast is skipping breakfast for an extra 30 minutes of sleep. If you were making me breakfast,though, gomi, I just might stop hitting snooze.
posted by Twiggy 03 November | 00:32
Curried fish fillet with hot sauce.
posted by arse_hat 03 November | 00:52
At the moment I seem to crave mostly muesli, in particular the tasty if unbearably bourgeois Dorset Cereals Muesli.

Before that for a year or so I mostly had either a sandwich, or toast with some cheese or harm.
posted by TheophileEscargot 03 November | 01:51
My standard breakfast when I'm up and out early to the office is a smoothie made with fruit juice, aloe vera juice, yoghurt, half a banana, a spoonful of ground flax and some liquid black cohosh.

My working-from-home breakfast is usually a banana and a fat-free Greek yoghurt. In the winter, I'll sometimes make porridge overnight in the slow cooker, and it's the creamiest, most delicious porridge ever.

I'm a fan of Dorset Cereals Muesli too, but in the past I've made my own, using coarse-cut oats, raisins, nuts, all soaked overnight in fruit juice with a few prunes added. I'd eat it with a dollop of yoghurt or low-fat crème fraîche and some cut-up banana (not in flower shapes).

When I'm in the States I do like pancakes for breakfast sometimes, but I'm not a fan of chocolate at breakfast time, I prefer blueberry or banana-walnut pancakes.

English breakfast habits have changed, with the introduction of American-style muffins. A few years ago, nobody would have dreamed of eating cake for breakfast, but now it's seen as perfectly normal.

It's a long while since I had a full English, but sometimes there's nothing else that quite hits the spot like a plate of bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms, beans and a fried slice (I usually pass on the tomato.)
posted by Senyar 03 November | 04:18
Speaking of chocolate for breakfast, this is the best advert on TV in the UK at the moment.
posted by Senyar 03 November | 04:22
Today's breakfast was raisin bran mixed with grape nuts with trail mix throw in. With milk. Favorite is bacon cornmeal waffles.
posted by Obscure Reference 03 November | 07:02

If I'm in the right place, then bread, meat, cheese.
posted by gaspode 03 November | 08:08
A bloody mary.

Ok, and an omelette, if you insist.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 November | 09:27
My normal weekday breakfast is black coffee and a bowl of cereal, usually shredded wheat, wheat chex or Puffins.

We go out for breakfast on weekends often, last weekend we went to a place called J'eet and I had a very good steak and egg crepe.
posted by octothorpe 03 November | 10:09
My favorite breakfast is eggs benedict. I don't have it that often so i always get it if it's on the menu and it's like an event. Hollandaise sauce.
I usually just have a tiny cup of cereal.
posted by ethylene 03 November | 11:11
Coffee, and greek yogurt drizzled with agave nectar gets me going until lunch time when I'm working.

On a lazy weekend, I like to start with coffee, and wait a few hours until I'm hungry. Then fried eggs, hash browns, bacon or veggie sausage, maybe a tomato or avocado, possibly an english muffin. Mmmmm....sometimes I'll have a breakfast burrito for dinner. I looooovvvvvveeeee eggs.
posted by thankyouforyourconsideration 03 November | 11:13
Lomo saltado, coffee, and OJ at Lilian's in Alexandria, Virginia.
posted by Hugh Janus 03 November | 11:51
Belgian waffle with fruit (apple or peach compote preferably), two slices of extra crispy bacon and orange or grapefruit juice.
posted by deborah 03 November | 14:08
Those pancakes look absolutely luscious, gomichild! So pretty and so delicious-looking!

I don't have a favorite breakfast, really. I usually prefer savories over sweets early in the day, and ideally I want something with some vegetables and plenty of crispy salty savory bits. But I would make an exception for those pancakes!
posted by Elsa 03 November | 14:21
Oh, so tough. Breakfast is my favorite meal, as I love so many of the choices. My top ten list:

1. Waffles with maple syrup and hot turkey sausage and fresh squeezed orange juice.

2. Eggs benedict and a very spicy Bloody Mary.

3. Very fresh eggs over easy and whole wheat toast and an awesome jam like fig. And with some smoked trout on the side.

4. Huevos rancheros. Preferably in Mexico, where the fresh tortilla and refried beans and hot salsa come standard too.

5. Soft scrambled eggs with some cream cheese thrown in. And crunchy wheat toast.

6. Steel cut oatmeal with fresh berries and some sliced banana and a little milk.

7. Peace raisin bran with fresh berries and sliced banana and non fat milk.

8. Greek style yogurt with raw honey. And fruit.

9. Blintzes with cheese filling and a real fruit sauce.

10. Some form of evil pastry. Like cream cheese danish. With outstanding dark roast coffee. I only do this about once a year, though.
posted by bearwife 03 November | 17:02
I like a nice omelet.
posted by box 03 November | 17:18
Favorite breakfast is an omelette made with farm-fresh eggs, veggies, and some cheese, with toast and jam on the side.

Workaday breakfast is peanut butter toast. Or yogurt with muesli.

I also love peanut butter and banana (a Texas staple). It's just peanut butter and banana mashed together, served with toast for spreading it on. Yum.
posted by Miko 03 November | 17:20
When I can get them, Migas rock my world (the tex-mex version...I've never had the opportunity to try the Spanish style). But I no longer live in Texas, so those are few and far between.

I normally just have a bowl of cereal or half a bagel with some honey and a banana. Suits me fine since I'm not terribly coherent until at least 2 hours after breakfast.
posted by ufez 03 November | 19:49
These days, due to time and money and such, I tend to eat one meal a day and it isn't breakfast. But in better days, and especially when traveling, my favorites were café au lait and a piping hot beignet, or a fresh baguette with butter and woodland strawberry jam, or a jar of luscious homemade sheep's milk yogurt with crushed fruit stirred in, or scones and jam and clotted cream. I encountered the full English for the first time when I was eight and loved every part of it, except (like Senyar) the tomatoes that accompanied them, which were not even nice-looking grilled things in the places we stayed, but had been stewed to death, and were apparently still bleeding.
posted by notquitemaryann 03 November | 21:49
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