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26 October 2010

Last chance to buy a cool T-shirt. The web page doesn't say it, but R. Stevens has received the C&D and must stop selling this shirt after today. You have a few hours left to stand up to copyright assholes who want to kill parody with lawyers AND get something that will make smart people laugh at your chest, for 14 USbucks (including shipping).
[More:]If you need more incentive, I will send an unspecified free gift to the first person to be photographed at a MeFi/MeCha meetup wearing this shirt (and maybe the second). Just my way to stand up for free speech and creativity (and one of my fave webcomickers).
I find it hard to believe that a cease and desist says, "You have until tomorrow to stop selling these!"
posted by amro 26 October | 14:12
He knew it was coming a couple days ago (because ThinkGeek, which was re-selling them, had already been C&D'd) so he started the clearance sale then, but set the end-time late yesterday. The C&D may have said "we'll be checking on 10/27 to make sure you've stopped selling these" in a letter intended to be received on 11/26, but he got on 11/25. Or he got it in the mail yesterday, knew what it'd say and gave himself a day to open the envelope (legally dicey, maybe, but the webcomic/t-shirt biz is all about pushing the envelope and living on the edge, baby!)
posted by oneswellfoop 26 October | 16:21
I can't imagine why a cease and desist letter in this context would say anything other than to halt the activity of selling the shirts immediately. And I'm sure it was sent by certified mail. But whatever, I just hope he's not going to get sued.
posted by amro 26 October | 17:00
If I want smart people to laugh at my chest, I'm far better off not wearing a shirt at all.
posted by dg 26 October | 17:26
Well, dammit. There goes my Pac-Manslaughter shirts.

(Only partially joking)
posted by gc 27 October | 05:44
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