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24 October 2010

What's for [insert nearest meal here]? Steel cut oatmeal with butter, brown sugar, and honeycrisp apples I dried myself.

Ooh. Breakfast was boring, lunch was a supermarket roast beef sandwich, but dinner will be some combination of scallops, bacon & goat's cheese, possibly with sauté potatoes. Little scallops, so probably not suitable for wrapping in bacon, but I do predict that the outcome will be yummy and served with dryish white wine.
posted by altolinguistic 24 October | 08:42
Raisin bran and coffee before going out to a (mostly) vegan brunch. Which, I guess, is now just gong to be "lunch." (I was hungry!)
posted by JoanArkham 24 October | 08:47
Lunch was grilled chicken breast with paprika; steamed potatoes, mangetout peas, leek. And a Milky Way for dessert.
posted by TheophileEscargot 24 October | 09:20
Lobster club sandwich, truffle fries, coffee.

I'm on vacation.
posted by The Whelk 24 October | 09:26
We are about to head out for brunch. I'm thinking eggs.
posted by gaspode 24 October | 09:53
Breakfast. . .buttermilk-blueberry pancakes. . .
posted by danf 24 October | 10:06
For lunch I will probably have a burrito -- refried beans, salsa, onions, cheese, hot sauce, chili powder. That's what I usually have most days.

For dinner I could either have leftover baked beans (canned beans, onion, tomato paste, dry mustard, maple syrup) from yesterday or I could make a tempeh/broccoli/onion/soy sauce over brown rice thing.

Right now I think I'll eat a banana.
posted by JanetLand 24 October | 10:14
Getting take-out paneer pakora and chicken bhagari for lunch I think.
posted by amro 24 October | 10:29
Sick food for me today, so pretty self-indulgent. Currently drinking warm milk with turmeric and pepper to soothe my throat. Then I'm going to have a bowl of leftover lamb stew with a buttered sourdough roll for brunch. Mmmmm.
posted by peacheater 24 October | 10:36
Brekkie was a favorite Sunday treat - at the farmer's market, an egg and chorizo croissant sandwich made over a burner by the farmer who oversaw the egg and chorizo production.

Dinner will be leftovers from yesterday, but yesterday was awesome! I brought home some dried chiles from Oklahoma - they had a good variety which is harder to find here. Last night I roasted them and made them into my own chili powder blend, and cooked up a giant bowl o'red. It was delish and there's plenty left.
posted by Miko 24 October | 10:41
Going out for breakfast within the hour. Seriously dreaming of french toast with fresh fruit.
posted by bearwife 24 October | 10:51
brekky was blueberry waffles & ham with a mix of blueberry yogurt drink and maple syrup
posted by rollick 24 October | 10:53
Lunch (really breakfast, since I slept badly and late) will be toast, possibly with peanut butter, and definitely a cappuccino.
posted by Elsa 24 October | 11:18
Kale, italian meatballs with tomato sauce and lentils. While I do some of the studying I'd planned to do but didn't get around to.
posted by jouke 24 October | 11:31
lunch will be homemade chicken nuggets.
posted by Stewriffic 24 October | 11:55
Coffee, cereal, milk (slowly getting unfrozen because I was away and I froze it so it would stay good). I have heard via AskMe that maybe eating the same food over and over again is a problem. I am hoping this is not the case, but a little afraid to investigate.
posted by jessamyn 24 October | 13:18
Actually turned out to be banana and chocolate chip french toast with sausage, maple syrup and fresh fruit. It was heavenly. My husband had enormous pancakes made with cornmeal, also outstanding.
posted by bearwife 24 October | 14:21
Update: I made salad, with green leaves, a little goat cheese, crispy bacon, seared scallops, saute potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, and some dressing. It was as over-complicated as that sounds, though very tasty. Will leave out a few ingredients next time :)
posted by altolinguistic 24 October | 14:36
A freshly baked croissant and a cup of coffee.
posted by Hugh Janus 24 October | 14:46
Or maybe I'll have salad for dinner tonight, with homemade ranch dressing. I have some nice sourdough rolls in the freezer.

Food is one of the few things in life that never fails to lose its charms . . . .
posted by JanetLand 24 October | 15:37
I made a bagel-egg sandwich. Single egg scrambled up with milk and grated mixed cheese, then poured in a bagel-sized skillet. When done, a slice of Provolone cheese melted on top. Turned over onto a toasted buttered raisin bagel.

Home cooking, so much healthier and cheaper than going to Dunkin for a coupla donuts. Oh yeah. Only not.
posted by galadriel 24 October | 15:42
Breakfast was fried eggs, hashbrowns, toast and orange juice. I just ate two oatmeal cookies so I think that was lunch. I think dinner might be popcorn.
posted by deborah 24 October | 16:53
Slice of white pizza with sausage, slice of bacon & chicken pizza, slice of strawberry cheesecake.
posted by Obscure Reference 24 October | 17:02
Dinner was blackened mahi-mahi and a cheese-stuffed baked potato.
posted by box 24 October | 21:55
Breakfast was a glass of tea and a slice of bread and a pack of Pocky.
Dinner was the last two ricotta, spinach, and leeks in phyllo (pseudokopitas?) good riddance
posted by casarkos 25 October | 02:47
posted by mdonley 25 October | 17:06
Embarrassingly clueless. Hope me. || Sunday 3-point update