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24 October 2010

From China, The Future of Fish Meet the Chinese tilapia, a bland food product that grows fast and sells cheap. Environmentalists hate it, but Americans keep ordering more
Too terrified about our oceans and food sustainability to read it.
posted by typewriter 24 October | 22:38
It's about land-based (pond) fish farming.

The good part for me is to find Costco (yet again) rejecting food from questionable suppliers.
posted by D.C. 25 October | 01:54
It's a shame that people from 'developed' nations have reached a point of rejecting low-paid employment to the extent that it's cheaper to produce food in China and ship it half-way across the world than it is to produce it locally. The worst part is that the food producers don't see much return from it - the profit is all going to the megacorps who control the supply to the end-user and demand lower and lower prices from producers while continuing to line their own pockets. The model simply isn't sustainable - while it's good to see a wholesale/retail organisation setting standards, they are also driving the price down and, by doing so, encouraging cheaper, less sustainable production methods.

As usual, we are all part of the problem, because we aren't prepared to spend a few extra cents to buy quality products. We continue to be the architects of our own demise in this regard.
posted by dg 25 October | 02:30
Explain about "rejecting low-paid employment." You don't mean minimum wage laws, do you?
posted by Obscure Reference 25 October | 04:20
First of all, I'm answering from an Australian perspective so things might be different in your world. Here, employers have immense difficulty getting people to take low-pay jobs and when they raise pay rates to a point where they can get staff, any product with a high labour content becomes too expensive to produce to be able to compete with imports. Exacerbated, of course, by our dollar being so strong.

Again, in Australia, a person with a family can often get more money on the dole than by working in 'minimum wage' jobs. Sure, there's no future in it, but a lot of people don't care about that and there's not much future in minimum-wage jobs either. So because we, as a society, reject those low-paying jobs and because we refuse to pay a few extra cents for our groceries (and those in low paying jobs or on the dole don't really have a choice), we force our own reliance on expensive, poor quality imported food. When you think about the amount of oil used to carry those fish across the planet that could have been produced locally and been delivered fresher, it all just seems wrong to me.
posted by dg 25 October | 08:45
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