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11 October 2010

You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy this: Why LSU Is The Frontrunner For The National Championship
Best quote: " In a world on fire [LSU Coach] Les Miles is the man with asbestos skin, which is good for him because he doesn't really recognize fire as being something you shouldn't touch with your bare hand."
posted by ColdChef 11 October | 08:31
Also: LSU has a player named Barkevious Mingo.
posted by ColdChef 11 October | 08:33
His brother's name is Hughtavious.
posted by Hugh Janus 11 October | 08:45
Oh man, that's a great story. Thanks for posting it Coldchef. I live amongst Ohio State fans (husband, his sisters and their mother, my brother-in-law, etc., all OSU grads). Now I have a true reason to cheer for someone else. My general fall back is my alma own alma mater, UW-Madison, but I really can't get all that excited. This. THIS makes me excited. I want to see the beserkers win the National Championship.
posted by msali 11 October | 09:09
Chip Kelly is no longer coaching on the sideline as he has passed out after concussing himself with his own clipboard. Miles is watching and eating a Blizzard with his fingers on the opposite sideline.

That made me spit coffee.
posted by msali 11 October | 09:14
What can you say about Les Miles that hasn't already been said?

With every game, I think, "Well, this can't continue. No one is this lucky AND this stupid. This will end in tears."

And then it doesn't.

Les Miles is obviously in possession of some sort of probability-warping vortex generator. That's all I can figure.
posted by BitterOldPunk 11 October | 11:22
This is hilarious, and finally explains why when I try to watch an LSU game on TV I end up changing the channels or falling asleep, only to find out later on Sportscenter that I missed some crazy-ass play.
posted by misskaz 11 October | 12:23
The Ducks won by 20 and people are worried. .they were favored by 35.

It's crazy. Part of me is rooting for Oregon (#2 this week), and part looks forward to the schadenfreude when they lose.

The perfect national championship game would be the Ducks vs. Boise State. Boise State would hand us our asses, as they have the past 2 games they have played Oregon.
posted by danf 11 October | 17:43
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