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05 October 2010

Lyrics challenge - seasonal edition! [More:] Northern Hemisphere

1. I'm living for giving the devil his due
2. Dance this is the way they'd love if they knew how misery loved me
3. After the fires before the flood
4. And she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon
5. I saw your face and that's the last I'd seen of my heart
6. But darlin when I hold you don't you know I feel the same
7. Like my fathers come to pass twenty years has gone so fast
8. And when you come my heart will be waiting to make sure that you're never alone
I know a couple of these, I'm sure of it, however, the only one to jump out at me?

#7 - Green Day - Wake me up when September Ends
posted by richat 05 October | 10:28
1. I'm Burning For You -- Blue Oyster Cult (I'm such a loser; I was all "Oh yes, it's that band that sounds like BOC but TOTALLY ISN'T")

5 and 6 are riiiiight at the edge of my consciousness.
posted by Madamina 05 October | 10:38
#7 is correct! #1 is correct!

I swear I tried to make these easy! There are a fair ammount of oldies. There is a theme.

And the game is to name artist and song to match the lyric list, sorry for not explaining.
posted by rainbaby 05 October | 10:39
#5 is Firefall -- You Are the Woman
posted by JanetLand 05 October | 10:55
madamina got the only one I knew, though one of the others seems familiar. Nothing's coming to mind though. Dang!

on preview: JanetLand just got the one that sounded familiar to me. :D
posted by BoringPostcards 05 October | 10:56
#5 is correct!

Dang, indeed BoPo, you were supposed to get #3 - the hard one. Ack!
posted by rainbaby 05 October | 11:00
I SO know #8 - but I just cannot get it. More time...
posted by richat 05 October | 11:10
Okay, I am completely unfamiliar with Firefall, so disregard my confidence :P
posted by Madamina 05 October | 11:10
#8 - Van Morrison's Moondance!

Ah, what a relief.
posted by richat 05 October | 11:21
#6 is November Rain by Guns N' Roses
posted by VeritableSaintOfBrevity 05 October | 11:30
#4. .Witchy Woman, The Eagles. First album.

God help me for knowing this!
posted by danf 05 October | 11:33
#2 Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

posted by thankyouforyourconsideration 05 October | 11:37

#8 is correct - sorry to tortue you, richat.
#6 is correct
#4 is correct - Second single. Only one featuring Henley on vocals. God has forsaken me.
#2 is correct!

I don't think anyone is going to get #3. It is from within the last three years but didn't get lots of play. Additional lyric:

After the fire, before the flood
Sweet baby, I need (song title)

posted by rainbaby 05 October | 11:39
Oh oh oh! #3 is Eels, "Fresh Blood."

Finally. Though you DID basically have to give it to me.
posted by BoringPostcards 05 October | 12:26
posted by rainbaby 05 October | 12:53
That Firefall song takes me back to 7th grade, when I was in Cotillion, and we danced the foxtrot to that song. (The teacher used pop songs in an effort to make ballroom dancing relevant, I guess.) Picture if you will a room full of short boys and tall girls, the boys in suits and the girls in dresses and little white gloves, foxtrotting to You Are the Woman. Eerie, isn't it?
posted by JanetLand 05 October | 13:10
. . .at the B-H house on Franklin, JanetLand?

That's eerie indeed. Cotillion gives me the fantods as it is. Now this image. . .
posted by rainbaby 05 October | 13:23
Nope, rainbaby. At a little community hall in Chester.
posted by JanetLand 05 October | 13:51
That's slightly less eerie!

I never cotilled, myself, the idea just gives me hives. That and Etiquette Camp. Sleep away summer camp for girls. What.
posted by rainbaby 05 October | 13:56
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