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05 October 2010

In a couple of weeks I will have my second annual Whole Day in NYC Without Baby Or Husband day. I've been looking forward to this for a while. [More:]And I've been thinking what I'd like to do for the day. It's like... there's so much I would like to do that's difficult with a kid. Also, I'd like to do something that my husband doesn't like (last year that pretty much amounted to "eat Vietnamese food all day"). I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

If you had one day to do exactly what you liked, with no obligations, what would you do with the day? (You don't need to worry about providing me with ideas, but hey, if you have any feel free to put them out there).
Assuming I'm in NYC ...

Morning: Pancakes for breakfast, blueberry or banana-walnut at the Stop Inn Diner. Then a salon pamper - hair, nails, makeup, whatever.

Lunchtime: Falafel, from Taim (best falafel I've ever eaten) then ice cream - from the Shake Shake if there's no line, if not from the first place that takes my fancy. Then walk off the lunch for an hour, browsing all the little stores I normally pass by.

Afternoon: A movie. Something only I would want to see preferably involving George Clooney and a damn good story. After the movie, a long browse in a bookshop, a coffee and maybe a Napoleon.

Evening: Back home, lamb biriyani & naan for dinner, then a mango sorbet, lying on the sofa, TV remote in hand.

All this would be great, and even better shared with a girlfriend.

posted by Senyar 05 October | 14:02
Two chicks at the same time.

I'll show myself out.
posted by Eideteker 05 October | 14:10
It would definitely involve:
*sleeping in
*a nice long midday nap, preferably outside in a hammock or on a beach or something
*going out to an awesome restaurant (for lunch AND dinner!)
*adult beverages
*dancing late into the night
*the going-out parts to be shared with a good friend or group of friends

I'm boring, but I also hardly ever get to do any of that, so.
posted by flex 05 October | 16:05
Throw in a little aimless wandering without having to worry about holding anything or meeting anyone. Wandering around New York was always fun for me. Also, being in a crowd where you don't have to catch or hold onto anybody. I'd hit a museum but that's because I'd always hit a museum. Or galleries. It's freaking New York.
Have a smart cocktail somewhere.
I could go on but I won't.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 16:11
Yeah, I want to go to MoMA (haven't been in forever), but it's a Saturday, so will be packed. hrm.
posted by gaspode 05 October | 16:12
Watch the Orioles in the ALCS, without interruption?

Oh yeah. Well scratch that.
posted by danf 05 October | 16:15
Sounds like the AbEx in NY show is rather uninspired (or poorly curated) but the Matisse show sounds great.

(I'd get frozen custard at the Shake Shack as opposed to ice cream)
posted by kodama 05 October | 16:45
I very nearly just realized I have the means to go to New York. I could actually go to a museum in New York. What a stunning possibility.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 17:00
I'd call it gaspode's free day if i just up and did it.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 17:01
- breakfast out somewhere
- pedicure
- museum
- late lunch out somewhere
- the rest of the day would be in a bookstore
posted by deborah 05 October | 17:28
come to NYC, eth! It's Oct 23rd!
posted by gaspode 05 October | 17:42
Oh yeah, my in-laws were just at the Matisse exhibit. They said it was great.
posted by gaspode 05 October | 17:46
Hey, that's the day after my birthday.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 18:21
Do see the Matisse if you can! Were you able to take podelette to the Curious George?

My fantasy NYC day:
I can sleep late without hearing sirens.

The weather is clear and cool.

Brunch at Barney Greengrass: scrambled eggs with horseradish cheddar, nova and chive cream cheese on an egg bagel.

A Brooklyn Quaker church is able to get me in to the cemetery in Prospect Park so I can make a rubbing of Montgomery Clift's headstone.

Walk around the Brooklyn botanical gardens, maybe pop into Bookcourt.

Dinner at Per Se.
posted by brujita 05 October | 23:13
Something only I would want to see preferably involving George Clooney and a damn good story.

I really enjoyed the American.
posted by mullacc 06 October | 10:48
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