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04 October 2010

Monday 3+ point update! [More:]
1. Spent all day in a class (this one), and I'm totally brain-dead.
2. My asthmatic daughter went to the allergist this morning and guess what she is allergic to? Cats! Guess what kind of pet we have? A cat! Guess what my husband (who kind of hates the cat) wants to do with our cat now? Starts with "p" and rhymes with sound!
2a. The allergist also wants to have my daughter tested for cystic fibrosis. I am trying not to freak about about that, but I can really only barely deal with the asthma thing.
3. I cleaned ALL the things this weekend, and I feel awesome about it! (OK, ALL the things in the kitchen, mud room, hall, stairs and landing. Still awesome.)
1. When daughter was born, and I had her in my arms, only a few minutes old, and I was talking to her, I never anticipated that she would, one day, be a habitue of this. (Not disturbed, just mostly amused and amazed at how life turns out.)

2. Daughter item 2: Got a text today: "Holy shit. Appropos of nothing, I am sitting on the MAX next to a guy smuggling a couple of marmots in a bag. I would take a picture but I don't want to seem creepy." I texted her back saying that this is probably her only chance in her life to say "nice marmots" with the proper context. He was gone by then. . .

3. We are trying to decide whether or not to go to Hawaii, early '11. The money is there, but not by much.
posted by danf 04 October | 18:03
1. Man, do I have to clean ALL the things tonight. My side of the room is beginning to get back to trough status.

2. We went out and saw a beautiful, beautiful reception venue this weekend that could probably also host the ceremony. And when I asked them who their preferred caterer was, it was TA DAAAA! the one we wanted anyway. You know when everything just goes "click" and is perfect?

3. Weeeeell, it's not quite perfect, because now (owing to the wonderful spontaneity of the proposal, which I wouldn't give up for anything) we have to figure out how to pay for it. Am I going to eat ramen noodles for the next year? I want to cry.
posted by Madamina 04 October | 18:04
1. Behind on work for this week. Working tonight, tomorrow night, weds night in addition to the day.

2. Daughter is a complete delight with us, a complete hellbeast on playdates. Fun times!

3. Ran 5 miles today and didn't feel like shit afterward. Yay!
posted by gaspode 04 October | 18:38
1. I got a whole lotta busy work done today, including work that brings in the ducats, so that isn't all bad.

2. Bad is the stuff that I am dealing with concerning one of my sisters. For those of us who are just joining, I have two sisters, the younger is a recovering heroin addict, the older of which is an alcoholic and clinically depressed. Said latter sister was kicked out of her apartment nearly two weeks ago and has yet to contact family. Including her two children. Good times.

3. Sister-in-law bringing her family in tow to town this weekend, so I get to hang with my two year old nephew, who's worst problem is "car" or "truck"? I can take that kind of suspense right about now.
posted by msali 04 October | 18:40
1. Had to have a stonemason repair our chimney today; tomorrow, roofers are supposed to come re-roof our house.

1a. This is stressing me out.

2. But then Wednesday night, elizarde arrives!

2a. And a couple of days after that, Specklet and TheDonF will be here!

3. This weekend, merriment will ensue, with a high probability of booziness. I can't wait.
posted by BoringPostcards 04 October | 18:46
posted by msali 04 October | 18:47
1. A coupla people (not not not here or at a quasi-related site) started a small flamewar with me today. Well, they tried to, but I just delivered A Small Quantity of Very Reasonable Prose, disengaged, and deleted the random personal attack at my own blog.

2. Still, I'm surprised how stressful that was, especially since I have so very little regard for the opinions of people who behave like that.

3. The Fella got called in to work tonight, so Date Night is now Lonely Calzone night. (Lonely Calzone will also be the title of my childrens' book.)
posted by Elsa 04 October | 18:52
1. I've had a bad migraine since Saturday morning. At first, I was in death mode. Things started to slowly feel better... until I sat in front of my computer all day at work. I've been slowly digressing into death mode all afternoon.

2. Death mode is going to inhibit my progress this evening. I had wanted to clean *some* things and write a letter to a friend in Germany. Now, I want to sit in a dark room.

3. I am going to eat no less than one bowl of Count Chocula cereal when I get home. In fact, I will probably eat two or three. Count Chocula is the greatest cereal of all time, even though it's only available around Halloween.
posted by youngergirl44 04 October | 18:55
3. I am going to eat no less than one bowl of Count Chocula cereal when I get home.

Holy cats, at midnight last night I declared "I am going to eat an enormous bowl of Cap'n Crunch tomorrow!" This spurred a conversation about whether we had any Cap'n Crunch in the house (no), whether I wanted to send my partner out into the night to procure some immediately (no), and whether we could make time to swing by the store to buy some on Monday (YES!).

But, uh, that fell down the list of priorities by morning.

posted by Elsa 04 October | 19:14
1. Had the day off today because of working late Friday and working Sunday for events at work. Slept in all morning, with lots of moments of pleasurably/guiltily waking up, thinking "I should get out of bed now," and then thinking "....NAAaaaaahh."

2. Spent the afternoon in the garden, ripping out the summer's overgrowth, gathering arugula seeds, and digging potatoes. Got a nice little pile of red, blue, and white potatoes - so fun, since I've never grown them before! It's like digging for treasure.

3. Just put a Sunday-type dinner in the oven of roast pork with chili and cumin, said potatoes, chocolate cake. And there'll be some kale to go with and a bottle of Tempranillo. And my honey. And tomorrow, leftover pork will go into enchiladas with some tomatillo sauce made by community garden buddies who are drowing in their "forest" of tomatillo. The cup runneth over! I love days off, really OFF off with no obligations.
posted by Miko 04 October | 19:24
1. Taking the week off in celebration of my birthday since for a while I didn't think I'd live this long. (Of course, the real reason I gave is because I was racking up too much vacation time.) I hope to get lots of things done.

2. In good vibe with my final indexing project. Taking more of a macro approach than I had originally envisioned, but it'll work out. I hope. I still need to index the CDs of correspondence, but those are at work and I don't feel like dropping by just to request them.

3. Pdoc thinks that my wonky moods and all that might not be some freakish combo of depression+anxiety but might be some flavor of bipolar. I've had things I'd describe as 'manic' before, but never often enough to qualify for anything. It gives me another avenue to research, which is exciting and horrifying at the same time.
posted by sperose 04 October | 19:48
1. I needed my license this morning and realized it was MISSING! Especially bad since I have a business trip coming up soon and need to fly and rent a car. :(

2. Speaking of cars, as of this morning I no longer have a car payment; we own all vehicles in our household outright. :)

3. After retracing my steps, I found that my license dropped out of my wallet at the Mexican restaurant where we ate Friday night and they still had it. =)
posted by Doohickie 04 October | 20:05
1) Think I might be falling for a girl who is a LOT younger than me.

2) Think she might be falling for me too.

3) That's about all that's on my mind actually.
posted by richat 04 October | 20:14
1. Just came back from a wonderful long weekend with BlueEyes at his family's lake house. Upstate NY, fall foliage, a roaring fireplace due to the 40 degree nights...heaven. BlueEyes is a wonderful man.

2. Aannddd had to tell this self-same wonderful guy that I need to take a step back from our relationship, because it's all a little too intense, and I don't want him to be a rebound relationship after my divorce from Mr. V.

3. He's being wonderfully understanding about it, so far. I don't want to lose him, but I'm just not ready for full-time moving in stuff. Plus, he's never had kids, and adjustment (although he's wonderful to my boys and they really like him) to teenagers has been a bit ...different. So there's some room for improvement.
posted by redvixen 04 October | 20:34
1. I have been temping part-time in ikkyu2's office, at a job I've never done before and therefore am having to learn rather rapidly, until they can find someone full-time. So that just added 20 hours to my work week. Plus I have four, possibly five, new therapy clients this week, and am trying to schedule an additional one or two. I am tired.

2. My stomach just started doing weird things that make me worry that I'm getting the flu/cold/nastiness that's going around. I did get the flu shot a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping that the vaccine will Care Bear Stare the nastiness into oblivion.

3. It was 111 degrees one week ago. It was 66 degrees today, with weird wind patterns that apparently are going to devolve into rain fairly soon. I find this all very confusing.
posted by occhiblu 04 October | 20:51
1. I went to the VA today, and found out I'm eligible for free health care.

2. I've felt guilty for not shooting any new photos in a week.

3. Pretty sunset, with mare's tails, made me happy after dinner.
posted by pjern 04 October | 21:04
1. Indulged DESTINOS addiction in a mid-day DESTINOS nooner!

2. Overdrew my bank account this afternoon.

3. Sourdough herb & cheddar bread in the oven!
posted by serazin 04 October | 21:16
1. Just got back from a great handbell rehearsal. Love the music that we produce, and the people who produce it.

2. First day of fall wardrobe today. Smells a bit musty, but I'll survive.

3. Got lots of freelance work which means great money, but little down time, which I need lots of.
posted by Melismata 04 October | 21:16
Hey jeoc - good luck with the testing. You must be really anxious ):
posted by serazin 04 October | 21:17
1. I was supposed to go to a concert tongiht, but a baby being born cancelled my plans. I think that's a pretty good reason not to go!

2. A cute guy is making me vegan dinner tomorrow and then we're going to see a vampire movie. *swoon*

3. IT'S FALL!! Short skirt and boot season! YES!
posted by leesh 04 October | 21:17
1. Had a nice visit at Mum's this weekend. The mister spent many hours getting her PC back to normal (a fake internet "security company" had basically taken over it due to her ignorance. *sigh*

2. We're also having to get a new roof - $9000 worth. Having to go into debt to pay for it sucks, but what else can we do? We have to refi next year, hopefully we can roll the roof financing into that for a better interest rate.

3. Each and every phone call makes me flinch because I expect it to be someone calling to tell my aunt has passed away.
posted by deborah 04 October | 21:40
1. Seriously effing hating this semester. Both of my classes are homework/math heavy and rather difficult, but neither of them has much of anything to do with my end goal. I grind and I grind and I grind, but it's growing increasingly tough to remember why I'm putting myself through this. I can not wait for this semester to end.

2. Caught a cold in the middle of last week. Left work after lunch Wednesday and slept a full 42 of the next 48 hours. Being sick does suck, but holy hell, that was a lot of rest that my body evidently needed. I don't sleep 42 hours a week, normally.

3. Gah. Chem II test Wednesday. Back to the grind. Light at the end of the (weekly) tunnel: Black Keys Sunday night!
posted by ufez 04 October | 22:07
1.In NH, YAY!
2.Tire light in rental didn't go out after I put air in tires, BOO!
3.Have to go to a Toyota place to see if they can fix it; if not replace the rental..HMMM.
posted by brujita 04 October | 23:08
1. Basically, I just play minecraft all day and night. This is beginning to worry even me.
2. Am trying to figure out if I can also go to Atlanta this weekend. Signs are pointing to yes. Can't quite believe it yet.
3. Homeowner dominos - from new windows to, gulp, entire house being painted on discovery of rotting window frames & boards in siding. However it is being done by son, mostly, with occasional supervision by contractor friend. So it's cheaper than it would otherwise be. Yet it is not free. Yet this is a good way for son to earn money I would probably end up giving him anyway. Yet this was not in the budget and that money was supposed to buy things like, um, food for the next year while I looked for a job. Yikes. Well, it would have had to be done soon - better now than later when even more wood had rotted out. Besides, house looks AMAZING. Now it is green!
posted by mygothlaundry 05 October | 12:16
MGL, this is your inner voice saying, "Go to Atlanta... go to Atlanta..."
posted by BoringPostcards 05 October | 13:09
Look! Green house!
≡ Click to see image ≡

Vast vast VAST improvement from this:
≡ Click to see image ≡

my inner voice has compelled me. I must go to Atlanta this weekend. I shall go to Atlanta this weekend. I'M GOING TO ATLANTA THIS WEEKEND WHOO YAY WOW I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I might have to borrow somebody's computer though and play minecraft. I get kind of twitchy if I go too long without minecraft.
posted by mygothlaundry 05 October | 14:58
1. I hope my shouting out Atlanta helped.
2. Glad you are still loving your house.
3. Tired.
posted by ethylene 05 October | 15:46
oh richat! I can't keep up!
posted by jonathanstrange 06 October | 04:53
Facebook photo tagging || Two interesting articles on California's prisons