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04 October 2010

Facebook photo tagging Do you have friends/relatives who tag themselves on photos they don't appear in? [More:]I'm not really sure why they do this but it appears to be a way to keep the photo in their feed or something. I have a photo of two dogs, for example, and my niece tagged herself and her annoying mother (my ex-SIL) and on a personal note I don't want the latter connected to me any more than necessary, and on an esthetic note it offends me to have "inaccurate" tags. Am I alone here? Should I just nuke the tags?
This is weird. My family is generally very conventional, so I would find it hysterical if they tagged my pets as themselves. But in your situation - yes, I would nuke.
posted by jeoc 04 October | 17:35
I've seen a couple of my friends do this, but I don't really get it. They're your photos, so nuke away! I'd see if you can adjust your settings so only you can tag your photos (if you want, that is).
posted by youngergirl44 04 October | 18:46
Yeah, I've known friends to tag me in photos that they want me to see, even though I'm not in it. I've also known folks to tag themselves so that they can see the photo by looking at the "photos of me" link.

But yeah, they are yours...un-tag if you don't like it. FOR SURE.
posted by richat 04 October | 20:07
I guess they tag them to include them in their profile, like as a way of showing their friends or something? I don't know. I wouldn't want that.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 October | 21:11
People can't tag me, muahahahaha!

Erm, yeah, nuke it.
posted by deborah 04 October | 21:28
That's annoying as hell. Un-tag away.
posted by moonshine 04 October | 22:21
how many more years,
do I let you taaaag me around?
how many more years,
do I let you taaaag me around?
i would rather be dead, baby
sleepin' six feets in the ground
posted by flapjax at midnite 05 October | 09:16
My ex-stepdaughter is always doing this. She tags everything and anything she wants people to look at - it brings old photos back up to the front or something. It drives me mildly crazy but then I kind of shrug and say eh. I have removed a couple of her tags but then I felt guilty so now I just ignore her. Chances of me ever even using the tags to locate something are minuscule; I don't have a lot of pictures up on Facebook. If she was doing it to my flickr pictures, though, that would be WAR.
posted by mygothlaundry 05 October | 10:25
This sets a new standard for cuteness. || Monday 3+ point update!