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03 October 2010

Go ahead. Drive me crazy.
/leaves the toilet seat up.
posted by richat 03 October | 21:01
*Half unscrews all the jars in the fridge.*
posted by gomichild 03 October | 21:06
/dims the lights very slowly
posted by Miko 03 October | 21:09
*compulsively clears throat*
posted by octothorpe 03 October | 21:10
*does my best Roland from Fine Young Cannibals impression (which is NOT very good)*

posted by oneswellfoop 03 October | 21:23
incessantly flicks fingernails against one another.
posted by msali 03 October | 21:44
Be spontaneous!
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 03 October | 21:50
Jiggles foot
posted by halonine 03 October | 22:21
*stashes your keys, glasses, phone and tv remote in random and interesting places around the house*
posted by ninazer0 03 October | 22:36
*grinds teeth while whistling ever-so-slightly through his nose to the rhythm of inexplicable loud sighing, and then begins to compulsively rock back and forth*
posted by tortillathehun 03 October | 22:40
*gives your cats some fine fresh catnip*

*also gives your crazy neighbor your phone number and tells him you're interested*
posted by lilywing13 04 October | 00:40
/continues to be himself
posted by dg 04 October | 01:01
Cracks toes, ankles, knees, fingers, neck, collar bones, back...
posted by arse_hat 04 October | 01:17
/chews gum loudly
posted by Stewriffic 04 October | 06:14
/softly sings along to the music on her headphones.
posted by JanetLand 04 October | 06:43
/loudly and badly sings to the music in her head.
posted by toastedbeagle 04 October | 07:50
Signs you up for Boy's Life via one of those little postcards in the magazine, and checks the "Bill Me Later" box.
posted by danf 04 October | 10:15
Whistles "You Light Up My Life" while clipping nails into the wastebasket.
posted by Kangaroo 04 October | 10:24
Sings "Breaking Up is Hard to Do."
posted by Obscure Reference 04 October | 10:26
*wanders into quiet study hall / library jingling jewelry and/or keys*

*sits in very middle where everyone can hear*

*mobile txt chimes... answer txt*

*rummages thru purse/laptop case / messenger bag for a small eternity digging out supplies*

*drops keys / pencil / mobile twice whilst rummaging*

*slurps coffee from thermos*

*mobile txt chimes... answer txt*

*opens packet of chips / candy, crinkles it whilst chewing enthusiastically for the next small eternity*

*mobile txt chimes... answer txt*

*slurps coffee from thermos*

*crinkles chip bag whilst shuffling / jingling to wastecan*

*opens new gum package, crinkles cellophane*

*another txt msg*

*chews gum loudly, snapping it*

*taps pencil whilst sighing loudly and flipping pages*

*txt msg*

*rinse, repeat; until such time as other study members' homicidal urges manifest...*
posted by lonefrontranger 04 October | 10:40
posted by casarkos 04 October | 11:07
/sucks air through the space between my front teeth
posted by youngergirl44 04 October | 11:17
/puts toilet paper in upside down

/says mhm yah uh huh in response to everything you say

posted by millions of peaches 04 October | 13:12
Now what's that sound from under the door?
He's pounding nails into a hardwood floor...
and I Swear to god I heard someone moaning low
posted by filthy light thief 04 October | 13:54
*chugs oj out of the carton and puts in back into the fridge with just a swallow or two remaining*
posted by deborah 04 October | 14:36
My new crush || This is definitely in my top ten list of most surreal internet moments I've ever had