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01 October 2010

What is the prettiest candy?
ribbon candy!
posted by LoriFLA 01 October | 19:33
Fancy chocolates get my vote. Chocolates are gorgeous.
posted by bearwife 01 October | 19:52
Rock candy - so pretty - so inedible
posted by The Whelk 01 October | 20:01
I agree with LoriFLA. Ribbon candy is gorgeous.
posted by amyms 01 October | 20:41
I've always been partial to candy canes and starlight mints.
posted by BoringPostcards 01 October | 20:48
Candy Loving.
posted by jonmc 01 October | 21:02
Pink cotton candy.
posted by Kangaroo 01 October | 21:35
I'm partial to the simplicity of the Candy Buttons Strips.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 01 October | 22:23
I like the fluorescent colors of candy fruit slices.
posted by Ardiril 02 October | 00:23
Though it wouldn't get my vote for prettiest candy, I've always liked the shape and packaging of Toblerones. They've got that whole "Screw you man, we're TRIANGULAR!" thing going for them. And the segmentation of the bar is a useful social barometer: if your friend gives you one segment, well, that's just polite. Two segments: your friendship is solid. Three segments: there may be romantic feelings between you.

As to the prettiest candy, it is a spearmint Life-Saver eaten before the mirror in a dark room.
posted by BitterOldPunk 02 October | 06:39
When I was a kid, my dad went to Japan for business. I remember him bringing back these hard candies - they were discs that had very intricate pictures in the center, like they had been made in a roll and then cut. I think they were called glass candies.
≡ Click to see image ≡
The photo is from this blog, and she calls them glass candies too, but my google-fu is failing me today.
posted by youngergirl44 02 October | 17:12
Are glass candies tasty? Usually the prettiest candy isn't the tastiest, but i've seen some very elegant chocolates. I was expecting some kind of stained glass candy or jewel like candy or crazy marzipan. I think Dean & Deluca has some marzipan vampire children.

I thought if i was going to buy some candy, i'd want to find something worth having just because it was pretty. I will probably default to tasty but then have to avoid eating too much of it.

They make lollipops like glass candies only flatter and larger around.
posted by ethylene 02 October | 17:47
As to the prettiest candy, it is a spearmint Life-Saver eaten before the mirror in a dark room.

I think BitterOldPunk means the Wint-O-Green Life Saver Effect, which is indeed very pretty.
posted by amyms 02 October | 22:31
You are right, amyms. That is what I meant.
posted by BitterOldPunk 03 October | 01:12
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