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29 September 2010

How are those New Years resolutions working out? [More:]I lost 15 pounds in three months, then concentrated on keeping it off for a while. About a month ago, I decided I'd stabilized enough to go for a bit more. Now I'm down 20 since January. I actually weigh less than my driver's license says! I'm a big guy, so that's not even 10% of my body weight, but I feel better (and my doctor's a lot happier).

How about you?
Did I make one? If I did, I'm sure it was to lose weight. But seeing as how I can't even remember and I haven't lost weight, I'd say the answer to your question is, "Not well."
posted by amro 29 September | 16:38
(But mazel tov to you!)
posted by amro 29 September | 16:39
I made a resolution? (read: What amro said)
posted by youngergirl44 29 September | 16:48
I don't make them.

But go mrmoonpie go!

*shakes pom poms*
posted by gomichild 29 September | 16:53
*Sadly noting my pom poms do indeed shake*

Should I make resolutions, one would be the same as amro's.
posted by faineant 29 September | 17:05
Partial failure. I vowed to use facebook and alcohol less. I take periodic breaks from facebook, but then I come back full force. I have been drinking less but not sticking to my one drink in one sitting only rule I made. Still, I think drinking once every two to three weeks is pretty acceptable.
posted by serazin 29 September | 17:25
1. Polish and submit at least one poem for real publication.
[Not done yet and likely won't be a poem, but rather a scholarly paper instead.]

2. Be able to do [Drills, Drills, Drills], including all the finger cymbal and choreography parts.
Still struggling with 3/4 shimmies, but able to do majority of it already.

3. Evaluate all problems, situations, and circumstances on my own before asking for or acting on outside advice.
Working on it. I'm getting better though at trying to look things up on my own before just running for help.

2010 Motto: Stand your ground.
In progress. I'm slowly learning 'that which yields is not always weak'.
posted by sperose 29 September | 17:26
If my resolution was to forget what my resolution was, I'm doing spectacularly.
posted by chewatadistance 29 September | 18:41
Ditto chewatadistance!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 29 September | 19:28
My resolution is to not make resolutions. I'm not sure where that leaves me.
posted by deborah 29 September | 20:54
I did the weight resolution too, and after 7 months of ignoring it, I'm back to my May '08 weight (yay!) Now I just have to drop the other 20 by the end of the year (which will happen if I can keep on track.) The other was to get out of the state & get to NC - that one's going a lot slower, but I'm hoping to list in a couple of weeks (again, if I can keep up my pace) so we'll see what happens.
posted by sysinfo 29 September | 21:26
In case you forgot....

Not doing too bad. I guess I haven't lost weight or got more fit so far, but I haven't gained weight, and I have made an attempt to continue yoga and running, though not consistent enough. It's been a hard year, moving and re-adjusting, new jobs and regular challenges at just getting by. I'm glad there's still a few months of the year yet. Also, I am starting to feel like weight loss, yadda yadda, are fine goals, but maybe I have some bigger fish to fry at this moment in life.
posted by Miko 29 September | 21:40
Well, I didn't say anything specific about my weight, but I can run farther and faster than my kids, so that's happy. I've been a lot healthier, too.

On the marriage front, that's also gotten better. We're looking for a place for all of us to live together.
posted by lysdexic 30 September | 13:16
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