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25 September 2010

Vegetarian barbeque tips? I'm having a little barbeque tomorrow. There will be one vegetarian there (my niece). What can I make for her?[More:]

Barbequed tofu? are there any vegetarian recipes for the grill that you like?

I know I can grill vegetables (which I will never call "veggies," shudder, but that's another story), but isn't a barbeque really about Big Protein?

Eggplant is yummy grilled. And can be put on a bun like a hamburger so she doesn't feel left out of the big proteiness.
posted by typewriter 25 September | 11:54
One thing I often do on the grill when other people are having cheese burgers is to marinade a portobello mushroom in some oil, soy sauce, garlic, maybe a bit of chili sauce and put it on the grill. I eat it just like you would a cheese burger - fancy cheese, bun, sometimes lettuce and avocado. Alternately, I'll chop it up and toss it in a tortilla with some grilled onions and peppers.

Doesn't exactly answer the protein thing, but it allows me to get a good meal when everyone else is grilling out and not have to eat a tired veggie burger.

Grilled tofu apparently works (and I've had it at BBQ places) but I've never tried it.
posted by Sil 25 September | 11:54
I don't know why, I just assumed she was a little girl niece, not a grown woman niece. Just be careful, as some vegetarians won't eat food that is cooked where meat was also prepared.
posted by typewriter 25 September | 11:55
Heh, meaning I've never tried to grill tofu because it sounds a bit complicated to me.

What are you making for everyone else? I'll usually try to make something that pairs well with what everyone else is having but with a good vegetarian twist.
posted by Sil 25 September | 11:55
Also, it's awesome you are planning for this - when I've been a strict vegetarian (which I'm not now), I often lived off of potato chips, bread and salad when I was at other people's grill-out, and really loved people who made an effort to include me (even just asking me to bring a veggie burger was a great thing!).
posted by Sil 25 September | 11:57
The portabello mushroom thing is SUCH a great idea. The niece is 32 years old. Very good tip about the "traife" situation of the tainted grill.

I'm making burgers and chicken.
posted by DMelanogaster 25 September | 11:59
Heck yes! The last time I grilled portobello mushrooms (marinated in cheap balsamic, oregano, pepper, and garlic), the carnivores swooped down and ate as many as the vegetarians did. They are truly delicious, so you might make extra. Leftovers, if you're lucky enough to have any, are great in sandwiches or scrambles or burritos or casseroles.

I've grilled firm tofu a few times. You'd want to marinate it in something flavorful first (here is some marinated in store-bought BBQ sauce), then oil it and/or the grill pretty well to prevent sticking. I think next time, I'll also dredge it in sesame seeds --- partly for flavor, partly to give it a little protection from sticking to the grill. All in all, I vastly prefer the mushrooms.

When I have a barbecue, I always make a hearty salad, too, with pasta or beans --- something else vegetarian-friendly and light on dairy. When I was a vegetarian, I remember hosts feeding me lots of cheese and eggs because they didn't know what else to serve. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful! But having lighter, less rich options is pleasant.
posted by Elsa 25 September | 12:17
I should have been clearer about grilled tofu. It's best to press it first to squeeze out excess moisture, cut it into manageable sizes, then marinate it in whatever. (Sometimes I even simmer it for a bit, then press it. Not sure this makes a big difference.)

If you already know The Ways of Tofu, don't mind me.
posted by Elsa 25 September | 12:28
Cover a section of the (clean, of course) grill with foil to keep it meat-free. I'm an omnivore but I like the Tofurky Italian sausage...on a good roll, with peppers and onions or roasted vegetables on top.
posted by JoanArkham 25 September | 13:07
Grilled portobello is scrumptious, and yeah if you can do it on a separate part of the grill that's a great point (I personally do prefer it but I never say anything at BBQs). I don't know where you are, but here in Ontario, the President's Choice brand has these awesome fake chicken breasts that are great on the grill. Or veggie kebabs with or without cut-up pieces of fake chicken. Cherry/grape tomatoes, red pepper, and pineapple (on kebabs) are so yummy, everyone would eat that.
posted by flex 25 September | 13:09
Yeah, it's gotta be firm tofu that's been pressed otherwise it will crumble and stick to the grill and make a big inedible mess. Veggie burgers are nummy, as are grilled portabello.

Have fun!
posted by Specklet 25 September | 13:11
I recommend a bit of tubu kimchi - you can prepare the kimchi in a pan on the grill alongside the other stuff, and then dress the plate of tofu with it. You avoid the veggie-traif issue and the stuff is oh, so good (provided, of course, that your niece will eat kimchi).
posted by tortillathehun 25 September | 13:46
Tofu Dengaku is really good.

You have to be really careful making it or it will fall off the skewer. I have this flat cage made for grilling fish, and put it in there, so I do not need the skewers.

Did I say that it's good?
posted by danf 25 September | 15:00
Speaking of the Flat Cage:

here's another barbeque'ing issue: I have the Flat Cage and other things like that, but, how can I explain this...

the grill part fits onto the barbeque, right? (this is a regular round Weber), and it is on a level somewhat lower than the edge of the cannister. So the handle of the Flat Cage lies at an angle, as opposed to hanging over the edge of the cannister, where it might not get so hot and you could safely grab it.

I don't think I made any sense whatsoever just now. I'm sorry.
posted by DMelanogaster 25 September | 15:07
The vegetarian cancelled! However I'm sure we'll enjoy the large numbers of portabellos that are marinating in the refrigerator. Thank you.
posted by DMelanogaster 26 September | 08:34
the large numbers of portabellos that are marinating in the refrigerator.

I'll be right over. NOM NOM NOM.
posted by Elsa 26 September | 09:22
You inspired me to grab portabellos at the farmers' market yesterday so I'll be eating them tonight too, yum!
posted by Sil 26 September | 16:49
Sleepy || I want to make some really good stuffed artichokes!