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15 September 2010

Am I backwards? Now that summer is (nearly) over, I'm feeling more inclined to go back to the gym. I thought that people tended to 'hibernate' in the winter and be more active in the summer. You know, working off the winter weight, etc. But I think the summers in Chicago are too warm and humid for that. Am I alone in feeling this way?
Well, I "justified" my not going to the gym over the summer because I "supposedly" do more outdoor activities. Heh. Heh. But yeah, now that the summer's over I'm ready to hit the gym again.
posted by Melismata 15 September | 16:16
Yeah feeling sluggish from humidity not great for exercise.
posted by gomichild 15 September | 16:20
Im right there with you. Summers are for sitting indoors in the coolth. The other three seasons are for getting out and about. I just figured this was a Southern thing, since walking outside down here in summertime is like being swaddled in a hot wet blanket.
posted by BitterOldPunk 15 September | 16:26
Autumn is always more invigorating for me. I tend to exercise more than in the summer, because it's hot and I want to minimally move.
posted by danf 15 September | 17:07
I'm an autumn fan too, and so is Mr. Arkham. The heat and harsh sunlight actually makes me feel sick and irritable. I always joke that I have reverse SAD.
posted by JoanArkham 15 September | 17:29
Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Reverse SADers unite! There's just something about coming out of the gym all sweaty and walking home in cold weather. It's refreshing. Here's to hoping I can hold on to this feeling until my next paycheck so I can actually go sign up again (I usually pay for three to six months at a time instead of monthly).
posted by youngergirl44 15 September | 17:42
Reverse SADers, represent!

I talked to two people this week who were bummed about the barest hint of autumn in the hot, sluggish air. I was all, WTF? They "don't like the cold." It's North Carolina. It's cold for about 10 minutes (at which time the public schools are immediately shut down for a week).

posted by jeoc 15 September | 19:19
I have regular SAD and love the summer, but I still don't like going to the gym in the summer all that much. It's just too hot and sticky and weird, because I feel like I should be exercising outside instead or else I get annoyed that I'm wasting gorgeous sunshine-y hours inside on an elliptical trainer. It feels more normal to coop myself in the gym when it's dark and miserable outside. (Of course, then my SAD kicks in and I get too depressed to get myself to the gym, but that's a separate issue!)
posted by occhiblu 16 September | 00:58
I am with BitterOldPunk. I don't want to be anywhere in the hottest months except inside or somewhere outside with water.

In my part of the world the weather is changing slightly. I always get motivated to exercise at this time because I get excited about Fall and Winter fashion. I'm afraid my dreams of wearing tall boots, tights, thick scarves and chunky sweaters are only a fantasy. There are not enough cold days.
posted by LoriFLA 16 September | 07:33
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