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08 September 2010

This is a thread for people who love autumn. It's currently 60 degrees in Milwaukee and I am loving it. Summer, GTFO of here!
Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!
posted by Orange Swan 08 September | 10:26
Why yes, I do love autumn! It's not here yet. In fact, I have an A/C service call this afternoon. I woke up sans anything dreaming of window units. I would tough it out till next year, but it's not worth a month of living with a grumpy husband and a grumpy dog.
posted by rainbaby 08 September | 10:31
I love it, but then I love every season in its season, except for the cold rainy interminable part of spring. That can go to hell. Fall is time for doppelbock and pies and hearty herbed stews and lovely cool runs by the river in the early morning and cuddling with furry friends again after the too-hot-for-touching summer.
posted by Wolfdog 08 September | 11:08
About 90 F here, and that's just fine.
posted by BoringPostcards 08 September | 11:11
Yes, it's my favourite season. There's nothing like a crisp October day to lift my spirits. It's feeling quite autumnal here already, it's not too warm and we've had some rain.
posted by Senyar 08 September | 11:15
OMG PIES!!!! yes plz omnomnom!

It is beautiful here, crisp and sunny and just right... well, all except for the thick haze of smoke hanging over the valley from the Fourmile fire which is still raging out of control :(
posted by lonefrontranger 08 September | 11:45
My favorite season, too. I love the moment every year when I realise that in the early evening it's still warm-ish, but there is a chill in the air, and the light is long and yellow. Means that autumn is on us and I can be happy and comfortable for a couple of months.

Until I start bitching about the snow and wind.
posted by gaspode 08 September | 11:50
Autumn rules. It's fall-like here today, too. Only supposed to hit the mid-70s and the sky is very clear.
posted by mudpuppie 08 September | 11:54
It's grey and drizzly here. It was 103 on Saturday. The weather is so, so weird, but I'm loving the chance to go swimming and bundle up with spiked hot cider in the same week.
posted by unsurprising 08 September | 12:53
Autumn is the bestest season EVAR! And it's been autumn-ish for a week or so now. You know how the light changes and you start hearing geese and you start sleeping with more than just the sheet? Yep, that.
posted by deborah 08 September | 13:57
My favorite time of year for sure. I love the early days of autumn when there is sun but it doesn't make things hot. The crisp air (the Honey Crisps!), the colors, the cool mornings and just merely warm afternoons. Cool nights. That slight melancholy feeling. Yeah every season has its pleasures but autumn is my favorite.

One of my sentinels, a tree,
sent spinning after me
this brief
secret on a leaf:
the summer is overó

-Charles Reznikoff
posted by kodama 08 September | 14:01
I love Autumn too, but it's six months away ...
posted by dg 08 September | 16:51
posted by desjardins 08 September | 18:47
Sob. I love summer. I mourn its passing. I love handfuls of cherries and blueberries, hot days, swimming, fans blowing the curtains in an open window, screen doors, the sound of cicadas, still-a-little-light-at-9pm, July 4, no school, sundresses, bare feet, floating on an inner tube, BBQ's ...

Oh sorry I appear to be in the wrong threat. (sobbing turns to hiccupping sniffles). Carry on.
posted by Kangaroo 08 September | 18:56
*pats Kangaroo on the back, hands them a tissue*

I love autumn. Love the crisp mornings that ease into warm-but-not-unbearable days. Love the colors (although around here in Jersey some trees are changing already). I love winter, too, though I seem to be in the minority in that respect, around my house.
posted by redvixen 08 September | 20:24
I live in Santa Monica. Autumn is subtle. I miss trees that change color. Thank god there are orchards within an hour's drive, because I would die if I had to go without blustery weather AND fresh apples.
posted by mykescipark 08 September | 22:47
We did get a few tentative spatters of rain this morning, and beautiful moody clouds hanging in the sky all day. I enjoyed all those things very much but according to NOAA it's almost over and we'll be back to unbroken blue by tomorrow or the next day.
posted by tangerine 09 September | 00:35
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