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08 September 2010

So, how are ya? It's raining buckets here. Everyone arrived at the office soaking wet. Wet clothes plus air conditioner, ugh. The coffee is fresh, though, and my boss is ok with me putting on a hoodie if it gets too cold.
Went to bed last night in a bad mood. Overslept this morning, made it to work almost an hour late. Was having a dream that I visited a friend's new baby (2 days old) and the baby was already up and walking around.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 September | 09:32
It's a fine day here but I haven't been out as I'm working from home today and I'm really busy. I probably won't go any further than the back yard.

I need to put a colour on my hair tonight, in readiness for a visit to the hairdresser on Saturday. (I do the base colour, the stylist adds highlights and then cuts it. Even with me doing half the work it's still redonkulously expensive.)

I'll be so glad when my poor cat has her stitches out. She's really miserable, when she's awake. The pain meds she's on zonk her out.

The summer cold I've had for the last ten days is just about coming to an end and it's at that horrible coughing-up-crap-from-my-lungs stage. But at least I know that's the end of the cold before I go on holiday.
posted by Senyar 08 September | 09:40
I'm actually not too bad today, which is a nice change from yesterday's insomniac hell. My schedule is super busy and my homie keeps trying to get me to go out with this dude she knows who lives near me. I'm trying to come up with a project at work to do because I am bored and have nothing to do. I have a group project for school where people do not seem to want to group up and it is annoying me because I want to get started on it because doing group projects entirely online seems to take twice as long as normal.

I just have to make it through this month and then I have a whole week off to myself. I just have to make it through this month.
posted by sperose 08 September | 09:43
I remember one Christmas Eve I schlepped to work through sleet/rain and flooded sidewalks. I was soaked by the time I got near the office, so I stopped at Walgreens and got some thick slipper-socks. Once I got to the office, I took off my shoes and socks (both totally soaked) and put on my new slippers. I walked around the office like that for the rest of the day. No corporate policy is going to make me wear wet footwear all day!

On the update front, I found a box of flavored hot chocolate packets on the top of the fridge. I enjoyed white chocolate flavor this morning, but am looking forward to chocolate raspberry. It's starting to feel like fall here. I love fall.

Also (TMI warning), I am now medicated for my UTI. It took visits to two of the CVS clinics last night and a lot of waiting around. In addition to antibiotics, they gave me the stuff that makes your pee bright orange. I knew it was coming, but holy crap - it's really bright orange!
posted by youngergirl44 08 September | 09:45
And I'm really glad to finally tell someone that, because I think it's hilarious and the BF does not want to hear about my pee. Does that mean it's not true love?
posted by youngergirl44 08 September | 09:52
Grumpy because it's a 73 degree dewpoint outside and I thought this crap was over with ..... oh well at least it's not above 90 .....
posted by blucevalo 08 September | 09:58
Heh, I remember when I had a UTI and had the orange-pee medicine. It was day-glo orange.
posted by Senyar 08 September | 10:06
Cold enough for a jacket this morning - it's kinda fall weather already but not quite chilly enough to put the heat on. I've come down with something involving sneezing and nose-blowing and sore throat, so I'm huddled on the couch under a blanket, feeling rather pathetic. My plan for today involved more cleaning and organizing; way too ambitious at the moment.

My oldest kid asked me something about Calvin & Hobbes this morning, and it involved explaining how Hobbes is Calvin's toy stuffed tiger but Calvin imagines that Hobbes is real and plays with him. My son was silent for a minute and then he said "But Mom, Hobbes is real. He's a real tiger. Calvin feeds him tuna." And I said, "Maybe Calvin pretends Hobbes eats the tuna, but he really eats it himself." And he said, with this stubborn you-don't-understand look on his face, "No, Mom, Calvin is vegetarian, he wouldn't eat tuna. Hobbes eats it. Hobbes is a real tiger."

We don't even tell the kids the Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy stuff, so I guess it's funny that something in me enjoys that he is so sure Hobbes is real.
posted by flex 08 September | 10:08
Aw, flex that's sweet.

It's super gloomy and overcast here, and just starting to drizzle. I'm feeling a little silly cause I left my bedroom window open when I left for work, hopefully it doesn't rain too much.

I'm super groggy this morning, so I decided to arrive at work at 8 instead of 7:30 and I was still the first one here, which is awesome. I just got promoted, and both my bosses are so busy they haven't had time to sit down with me and review the details of my new position so I'm just trying to be as useful and organized and professional as possible until they officially offer me the position (I'm a temp for three more weeks) and until their schedules calm down enough that they can tell me what they want from me.
posted by thankyouforyourconsideration 08 September | 10:24
Lots of stressful stuff going on today, so I'm focused on remaining calm, collected and confident. This is where my meditation practice comes in handy. Also, the temperature is cool enough to cover myself in a fuzzy blanket and curl up next to a cat, which is meditation in and of itself.
posted by desjardins 08 September | 10:26

I have a dental appointment this afternoon. Boo.
And I am stressed about various things. But that will change after tomorrow afternoon.
posted by gaspode 08 September | 10:42
I knew it was coming, but holy crap - it's really bright orange!

Oh, I remember that --- it looks like it would glow in the dark, doesn't it?
posted by Elsa 08 September | 11:29
I knew it was coming, but holy crap - it's really bright orange!
ahhh the joys of UTI meds. been there, done that! It is hilarious tho.

I'm still a little teeny bit GRAR due to the continued smoke haze from the fires; rode to work this morning and now my sinuses are stinging and my mouth tastes weird and metallic and I can't seem to drink enough water :\

wondering why four day work weeks always seem about a month long.

also, also: just procured 8 copies of this book for a upcoming Departmental Team Building Exercise, bleh.
posted by lonefrontranger 08 September | 11:54
iTunes decided to update on its own. And I had to rebuild my library, which is no HUGE deal, but now I am faced with reloading ALL my podcasts, and try to come close to matching what is on my iPod in that my iPod is usually withing a GB of full and I shuffle stuff on and off it so I may have to just delete the podcasts and spend time re-adding the episodes that I want.
posted by danf 08 September | 12:12
I would definitely be dragging in the mister to see my day-glo orange pee. I'm just like that. However, I'm one of the lucky few who has never had a UTI. Yay me!
posted by deborah 08 September | 13:54
Better than yesterday. My head was full of sinusy drippy stuff and I couldn't get it to stop with every pill known to man. I think I fell asleep before my kids did.

And yeah, same here about short weeks lasting forever. Everyone and their dog has meetings scheduled all day every day and anyone who hasn't scheduled something is like, "can I ask just one thing?" It's never just one thing.
posted by lysdexic 08 September | 13:57
Hang in there, sperose. A week off is something to look forward to.
posted by toastedbeagle 08 September | 14:13
Feeling much better after a weekend down with horrible flu. I'm so glad to be sitting upright, clothed and looking normal, at work.
posted by bearwife 08 September | 16:40
lonefrontranger, I have that book! I liked it, but I was just doing it on my own and I am inordinately fascinated with myself. I would not want to have to hear about 7 other people's strengths. My sympathies.

Hugs and wuffles to all the sick (and recovering) bunnies.
posted by jeoc 08 September | 17:18
I am antsy antsy antsy pants because I might be able to go to a very cool conference next week, all expenses paid, but the person who is making the decision about who will get to go has not emailed me back yet and I want to knoooooooooow noooooow! I keep checking my email every 20 minutes, and I'm mentally trying to rearrange all my clients in case I need to, but it'd be nice to know noooooooooooow so that I could rearrange them in real life rather than just in my head, or else quit worrying about it. Especially since if I am selected to go, I'll have to leave in three days.

Though really, I'm kind of proud of myself for volunteering to go, because I tend to reflexively say "No" to last-minute things, even if I really want to go, because I just don't do well with the rushing-around spontaneity thing.
posted by occhiblu 08 September | 17:36
Happy birthday, YouCanCallMeAl! || This is a thread for people who love autumn.