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15 June 2010

Whinge-y Rant-y Poor little old meeeee I am annoyed. How are you?[More:]I run a Helpdesk, actually a Computing Helpdesk. We answer calls for all sorts of issues that are not computing related, because that's just how we are, and because Certain Other Departments don't answer their phones 75% of the time, so people find our number and call us. Today, we referred a caller to the Library for what sounded like a citation question. I got email from the Library complaining because the question involved Word, and we should have been able to answer it. I #@#$$% freaking wish I had the spare time to get pissy because a call came to my department and interrupted my earth-shattering work.
Congratulate them on having the time to call you to argue over who should help someone who needed help. Good grief. No wonder you're irked.
posted by bearwife 15 June | 14:19
I am still dealing with not being able to fall asleep anytime between 7 pm and 3 am. Between 11 am and 5 pm, I am out in an instant.
posted by Ardiril 15 June | 14:20
I am annoyed because Brazil didn't manage to score a goal against North F*W#(%& Korea, who is ranked 105th in the world, in comparison to Brazil's number 1 ranking. Freaking SCORE already! The first half ended without a goal! Brazil took seventy jillion SOG without finishing! GRRRRRRR!

On the other hand, gotta hand it to the North Koreans - they don't seem intimidated by the Brazilians at all. And didja see their striker crying whilst the national anthem was playing? I think that homeboy had better score some goals, or he is gonna face the firing squad when he gets home, that's why he was crying!
posted by msali 15 June | 14:22
Heh, I thought the same thing when the dude was crying.

Then I just felt depressed about North Korea in general.
posted by gaspode 15 June | 14:25
Me, I'm having more of an impatient WHY THE HECK DON'T YOU HURRY UP AND ANSWER MY E-MAIL!!! kind of day.
posted by JanetLand 15 June | 14:25
I am also annoyed because the 20-year-old son of a VP is working in our section for a week, and we were not told the extent of his autism/aspergers.

(Example: um, when we went in there last time he was playing solitaire instead of working, and continued to do so when we were trying to talk to him. In fact, right after we showed him where to get the software and it was downloading, he started a new game while we were still standing there.

Ah, ok, thanks, feel free to say the words, "could you please pay attention when I'm talking to you."

*later* um, we just tried that, and he said "not right now, I'm about to win this game.")
posted by Melismata 15 June | 14:31
I am angry that Partner's job, which he took to move to my state and live with me, so I can't whine about it too much, is second shift and Sunday-Thursday. I have to stay up late until he gets home, and the only thing we can enjoy together after 10:45 PM is watching TV. I want to enjoy the summer with him.

And it pays way less than he used to make, in a more expensive city. I feel like it's my fault :(

And my job is still boring and I should probably use some of that alone time to do some freelance stuff, but I'm too busy whining to do anything.

And I applied for a job on May 5, and haven't even gotten a receipt of application note. Jerks.
posted by Madamina 15 June | 14:38
I'm mildly hacked because we just got a number of huge orders at my F/T job and we're staring down mandatory overtime for the next few months.

The practical side of me hates this because it means I'll be working 53+ hours a week (including my P/T job, which I need for the experience) and in class 12 hours a week in a course that I need to do well enough to earn an A.

The whiny side of me is pissed because now, instead of having both Fridays and Sundays to watch World Cup matches (and, you know, relax a bit) I only get Sundays, and those aren't always guaranteed. Plus, I mean, I wouldn't mind having a little bit of a social life.

But then I remember that now isn't really the time to complain about having *too much* work and time and a half will build up the savings nicely so buck up and work, jerkass.
posted by ufez 15 June | 15:05
OK, so I'm cranky right now because it's my birthday, even if I have achieved a forgettable age, and thus far my husband gave me a movie I already bought (and he was with me), chocolates of a sort he likes and I think are eh, and a Twilight birthday card though he knows I HATE that whole book/movie thing. Oh well, at least he thought of me. My staff wished me happy birthday in passing, period -- why on earth do I routinely take them all out to nice places for each of their birthdays, not to mention buy them cards and gifts?

I feel old and kinda neglected.

Also, what happened to all the people who said they were dying to read Lolita and comment on the book club thread? I can't say all the time I spent preparing for this discussion was wasted, as I enjoyed the reading, but still wonder what happened.
posted by bearwife 15 June | 15:12
bearwife: Fear of bunnies, perhaps?
posted by Ardiril 15 June | 15:15
Although I fully appreciate that my company provides plastic ware for eating lunch, I EFFING HATE SOUP SPOONS!!!!! They are good for one thing - eating soup. Why not buy regular spoons that can be used on multiple foods, including the wonderfully cheesy chicken broccoli pasta creation I brought today.

Had I been aware that we had started a book club, and there were assignments and discussions, I probably would have contributed. But now that I've rejoined the masses, I will book club in the future!
posted by youngergirl44 15 June | 15:28
It's the middle of June and I'm shivering in my office. Also hungry.

I feel your pain theora55, we get all kinds of oddball questions, too. And I'm in a library!
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 18:04
After working so hard and losing 22 pounds they put me on high blood pressure meds today. wtfrack? My bp went up??? After this last birthday my body just decided to fall apart. grr. I'm off to find something gluttonous to binge on. (Not really, but I want to. I still have another 45 lbs to goal.... but I want to) K..I'm through pouting now. Can I reserve the right to resume pouting at a later date?

Happy Birthday Bearwife!
posted by meeshell 15 June | 19:31
Happy Birthday Bearwife.
posted by Obscure Reference 15 June | 22:00
Happy Birthday, Bearwife!
posted by theora55 16 June | 09:07
Hoppy belated Birfday, Bearwife!

My grump:
Stupid right eyelid is twitching and making me even more insane than normal. GRAR!
posted by deborah 16 June | 13:07
excruciating abdominal cramps every morning || Happy Birthday, bearwife!