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14 June 2010

Hello, Monday.
What's shaking?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 14 June | 09:52
posted by gaspode 14 June | 09:58
posted by danf 14 June | 09:59
Hello Monday
Hello Funday
I am wishing
It was Sunday...

(Now I've got Allan Sherman in my head!!)
posted by Melismata 14 June | 10:06
I'm got a bug up my but to dye my hair for summer now that it's so short? Jason blond or Jessica red? *sorry, True Blood overdosing)
posted by The Whelk 14 June | 10:08
Say hello to the Bad Mitten Orchestre.
posted by danf 14 June | 10:15
sooo much partying this weekend...

so tired and sore and... old-feeling
posted by Eideteker 14 June | 10:59
Read that as Nonday for a moment...

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 14 June | 11:15
Unday? Like undead? Because that's how I feel.
posted by desjardins 14 June | 11:27
Thirsty. And wondering when I can take a day off, even though I just got back from a vacation taking days off a week ago.
posted by sperose 14 June | 11:49
I'm somewhere between the Bangles and the Boomtown Rats on my attitude toward Mondays (just without the gun). Too bad Garfield ruined Monday hating for everybody. (And why DOES he hate Mondays; he doesn't even have a job; that is so much more Dilbert territory)
posted by oneswellfoop 14 June | 13:24
After a lovely pedicure I went to lunch and shopping with a friend. Now I am at home hanging out with my kids.
posted by LoriFLA 14 June | 13:54
Great walk with the furface this morning. And now at work, watching the beautiful blue sky outside as the clouds begin to roll in.
posted by bearwife 14 June | 14:50
Got up unaccustomedly early for soccer viewing at a local pub (open at 6 a.m. to serve full Irish breakfast and Guinness), then blahblahblah market library errands blah, then home to prep for a short-notice cocktail party at my place.

Operating on about four hours of sleep, so it's no surprise I burned three different ingredients (only one of them catastrophically so) before I gave up and decided we have plenty of food and no one will miss it if I pitch this dish into the trash. Shhhhhh, don't tell 'em.
posted by Elsa 14 June | 15:01
Can't trust that day.
posted by faineant 14 June | 18:18
The Whelk: Strawberry blond!
posted by dabitch 14 June | 18:21
UPDATE: This Monday has turned out surprisingly well; sold another little chunk of writing (with surprising fast turnaround on my proposal), resolved two other financial issues (but one large one is still awaiting my reluctant action) and did a little crafty kludging on my One-Size-Fits-All WordPress theme project, using actual snippets of php code without breaking everything on the first try. I would certainly like more Mondays like today.

And how did I forget the Mamas and Papas? I'm old enough to remember, but not old enough to forget (I hope). (Semi-Related Mama Cass Content)

And just a little warning for The Whelk and his hair: in the words of Tim Minchin, "once you go ginger, you never go... binger?"
posted by oneswellfoop 14 June | 18:39
DC 4th of July meetup crosspost || Little girl nails "Don't Walk Away Renee"