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12 June 2010

WTF. One Demand says I ordered a movie yesterday while I was at work. And watched 23 minutes of it. I am quite sure that Smooshie did not order this movie. Did someone break in my house and watch 23 minutes of The Collector?! I am really freaked out.
On Demand I mean.
posted by amro 12 June | 15:00
Could Smooshie maybe have rolled over onto the remote control? I once woke up in the middle of the night, freaked out by the voices I heard in the living room, and it turned out that, in the midst of a fight, the cats had accidently activated the remote control.
posted by Senyar 12 June | 16:19
did you switch tuners recently? someone might have a box that's still registered to you (I don't know how this actually works)
posted by qvantamon 12 June | 16:36
Mystery solved. After spending over an hour on the phone with my cable company and speaking to two different idiots, one of them told me that contrary to what I calculated based on the time left on the 24-hour rental (that the movie was ordered at 11:40 am yesterday when I wasn't home), they are showing that it was ordered at 7:40 pm, my time. And I just now realized that they are totally correct, I saw the time left on the 24 hour rental and miscalculated the time it was ordered. I was home at 7:40 and the TV was on, but I wasn't sitting in front of it or paying attention to it, and I shut it off at 8 pm when I went out which makes perfect sense as the movie was ordered at 7:40 and was only "watched" for 20 minutes. So I think, yeah, that Smooshiw must have turned it on, or I did somehow without realizing it. I wasn't buying that Smooshie turned the TV on, ordered a movie, and turned the TV off, but this scenario seems plausible.
posted by amro 12 June | 17:05
Which, by the way, makes me the third idiot I've had to deal with today.
posted by amro 12 June | 17:53
heh...that whole "two different idiots" thing made me LAUGH.
posted by richat 12 June | 19:22
My dog walk cancelled due to oil spill. (A different one.) || How is your weekend going?