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12 June 2010

How is your weekend going? [More:]Mine is going well.
1. Rented Fantastic Mr. Fox last night
2. Walked around 2 parks today
3. It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm hoping it won't rain because I want to have a picnic
4. Trying madly to catch up here since my new job blocks Mecha :(
(Happy early birthday!)
posted by BoringPostcards 12 June | 17:37
My weekend is not going anywhere. It's staying right here, and that's the way I like it.
posted by oneswellfoop 12 June | 17:56
A wonderful weekend so far. Dinner with a friend last night where we ate yummy kababs. Then tgif at the grad center and cheap one dollar beer with some people from my department. That's when the night started to get weird. One of my French friends was wearing a French jersey so a 21 year old visiting French student joined our group. We went out for more drinking to a hotel on campus. There we made so much noise on the balcony that a very old lady told us to shush. Turned out she was in town for the reunion of the class of '40. Wonderful anecdotes about being harassed by the guys when she was the only girl in class and of divorcing her Navy husband when she was three months pregnant with her second child. A wonderful old lady. Meanwhile the aforementioned French guy suddenly started making out with one of the alumni affairs people who were accompanying the old lady - who was we were informed a 37 year old lesbian. All of us rather shocked and/or envious- that French guy was cute. More drinking and general hilarity.
Today a tiny bit of work - feeding my rats. Then the US-England match at a sports bar with friends. Followed by a trip to the local swimming hole where we bathed under a waterfall. Ithaca is so gorgeous in the summer!
posted by peacheater 12 June | 18:53
My weekend just fucking began at 6:30, thankyouverymuch. 7-11 had my Joose and Big Gulp cups, but Golden Krust was out of Jerk Chicken Patties. My corner store had my Moro bars in the freezer. So, it's...ok, I suppose.
posted by jonmc 12 June | 19:07
Not too bad! Hanging out at my mom's new house (She'll still have the old, awesome house for a while yet, we're hoping one more Christmas anyway) and my sister has shown up this evening. Ma's in the city tonight for a some theatre, so it's just my sister and me, and the girls. My girls adore my sister, but man, those three get LOUD.

It's all fine, of course, and they are having a blast. This weird golf course condo house business is weird though.

Had dinner at the lousiest Pizza Hut EVER, but instead of a dead-eyed waitress, we got one who was genuinely trying, and man, it was the best.

Home tomorrow...more driving! Weeeeeeyyuuuuu.
posted by richat 12 June | 19:21
I've had quite a nice day! My weekend is actually Mon-Tues, so anything nice today is a bonus. My sister and niece (home from college, whoo!) came over intending to stay just an hour or so, and I persuaded them to stay for dinner: I scraped together a couple of impromptu pizzas and stuck a bottle of bubbly on ice. Was great just to laze around with them and catch up.

The Fella will be home soon for a rare Saturday night off; we'll watch Brief interviews with Hideous Men and eat the last of the pizza.
posted by Elsa 12 June | 19:36
Been kind of miserable today actually, crying a bit. Had lunch with my wonderful 80 year old aunt and realized she won't be around forever; am also afraid that I might need to tell the guy I'm madly in love with, and who seems to have at least some feelings for me, to fuck off. How the hell do you do that?! I hate myself so much for being weak.
posted by Melismata 12 June | 19:44
Moro bars, jonmc? As in the Cadburys ones? OM NOM NOM NOM
posted by gaspode 12 June | 19:48
I dunno what parent company they are from but they do indeed kick ass. Also, Rebel Yell bourbon tastes very rough, but it is an exceptional whiskey buzzwise.
posted by jonmc 12 June | 20:12
Is good, went to fun small meetup with my friend Rachel at terrapin's last night and met danostuporstar. Cooked food, told stories, ate smores. Today I opened up a new bank account with USAA, preparing to leave my old credit union because they changed their online banking and it's terrible. Have written or copy/pasted [I am working on the appendix] over 3500 words to my book which is 3x what I usually do and I'm pleased with myself. Aiming for 75K-ish overall, at 68K-ish now. Just cooked a real dinner [brown rice, chicken, some sort of coconut pepper simmering sauce] and am going to write some more because I'm motivated!

Also my town is no longer in the lake and I enjoyed my one day of media-darlinghood.
posted by jessamyn 12 June | 20:30
Today the baby woke up v. early and we had the whole morning together while mr. g slept in and went to the gym (I will do that tomorrow). We got bagels and coffee and chocolate milk, and went to central park and then to swings and slides. So that took all five hours of the morning. After lunch and nap, we went over to another park and looked at dogs in the dog run and more swings and slides, and then to a bar to see the end of the USA/Eng game and a couple of beers then stopped off for ice cream then home, bath for the kid, she went to bed and we ordered Indian food.

posted by gaspode 12 June | 21:08
I got to watch the White Sox defeat the Cubs twice. WHOOOO!!!!!!!! And we've spent the afternoon drinking (malibu and root beer) and playing games. It's been decided that Bruce Willis is cooler than Batman and anything Communist does not count. I have not done any work.

So my weekend is going swimmingly.
posted by youngergirl44 12 June | 21:33
** whuffles to Melismata **
posted by youngergirl44 12 June | 21:34
It is the first real warm day in the PNW. Mowed the lawns, worked on a carpentry project, and worked on sanding the outside decks in preparaton for refinishing. Took our geriatric dog for a walk. Grilled turkey burgers and had beer.

Wife is in watching Leap Year but it did not grab me. To bed early tonight, I think.
posted by danf 12 June | 23:41
Hot and very humid but otherwise good. Garden is going insane. Got tarps in place and damaged materials out to the curb for pick-up. The insurance company contractor finally got here and work may start in the next 2 weeks or so. Saw a great play the end of this week and a great movie today. Plan to go to the movies again tomorrow.

I saw a young guy siting on a chair on his front porch with something on the grill and a beer in his hand and a dozy look on his face and remembered that sometimes happiness is really very close and easy. I needed to remember that.

May have good news early next week but I won't talk about it for fear of a jinx.
posted by arse_hat 13 June | 00:01
Got a good deal on an antique china cabinet and buffet on Craig's list. Finally after three years of living here we're starting to furnish the place. I almost feel like we not camping out anymore.

Went to this place for sundaes and then went to see The A-Team which was as dumb and explody as expected.

Invited by two groups, my church and my wife's office, to march in the Pittsburgh Pride Parade tomorrow but I'm probably going to wimp out and work on the staircase instead. I can't really describe the very cool t-shirts that my wife's company designed for the march since I don't want to say where she works but think "robots in love".
posted by octothorpe 13 June | 00:08
It turned cold in Denver and I'd only packed for 80-100's F, so I had to go shopping.

My CPA told me it would be in my best interests to take out a second mortgage...I've just started to pay down the one I have!

Went to Garden of the Gods park yesterday. Looking forward to Monday meetup.
posted by brujita 13 June | 02:10
For some reason I've become ultra-pissed off at my neighbor because he doesn't wave back when I wave at him. He doesn't pretend to not see me, he just stares back and very pointedly doesn't wave, like he wants to be clear that he (a) sees be, but (b) ain't wavin'. This has happened 3 or 4 times, but yesterday it just felt like something snapped AND I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME BUT GOD DAMMIT WHEN YOUR NEIGHBOR WAVES, YOU WAVE BACK *PERIOD* YOU FUCKING FUCKO FUCKER FUCKFACE FUCK!
posted by fleacircus 13 June | 03:40
Not bad so far. I did laundry yesterday and watched football. Today I'm going to the supermarket and also a garden centre to get an idea of what plants I need/want for front and back yards. Then probably more football on TV.

I have lost somehow a new and really nice blouse I bought just a few weeks ago. I have no idea where it can be, but its disappearance is baffling because I did not lose it whilst wearing it so it must be in here somewhere ... but where I can't imagine, as there are only a finite number of places it could be and it isn't in any of them.

fleacircus, the day he finally waves back at you, never, ever wave to him again. Even if you're drowning.
posted by Senyar 13 June | 04:10
AWESOME...just got back last night from a maritime music symposium and festival, reunioning-w/friends, and had dinner with LT. Now he's about to take me to the train for first day of VACATION. Woo hooooo!
posted by Miko 13 June | 07:04
Great weekend so far. Yesterday was awesome. I got yard work done between soccer matches (USA! USA!). The husband is painting the family room, and it looks great. We had a fantastic dinner at the home of some friends who have just screened in their gazebo, so it was wonderful to sit outside without being bitten up by skeeters. Today some Aussie friends are coming 'round to watch Australia get their asses handed to them by Germany, so I suspect there will be beer drinking and swearing which is always a good time. Right now I am waiting for my baked french toast to settle, so we can nom nom on that. If it weren't for the ohmyfuckinggod humidity, it would be absolutely perfect.
posted by msali 13 June | 10:13
My weekend was really nice. Picked some fresh blueberries, made blueberry margaritas and made these kick ass fajitas using a marinade I made up which had lots of heat. Then I watched Red Cliff, Part 1. Next weekend I am going to tweak the marinade, make another batch of fajitas, make strawberry margaritas, pick more blueberries, watch Red Cliff, Pt 2 and spend time with my dad.
posted by govtdrone 13 June | 19:11
It went well. I got a good haircut Friday. Went to a party for a friend who is marrying a really great woman. Saturday, we saw Concrete Blonde, who were *amazing*. Today, I got to hang out with my family, and my guy, and am now eating a really great sandwich.
posted by crush-onastick 13 June | 20:43
The mister and I drove to Kamloops on Friday to visit w/in-laws (mister's brother and sister-in-law); it was a gorgeous trip through the mountains. Saturday the mister and I and the in-laws drove down (in separate cars) to Penticton for the wedding of the mister's brother's eldest son (our nephew). Lots of family drama ensued which was not unexpected. We all drove back on Sunday to Kamloops. The mister and I took back roads and had another gorgeous drive. And we got back home at noon today after yet another gorgeous drive. It's nice that we finally have some sunshine although both Kamloops and Penticton were hotter than I like.
posted by deborah 14 June | 16:15
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