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08 June 2010

4-point update of AWESOMENESS! [More:]
1. My job is going really well. Really well. All my anxieties about Not Being Good Enough are evaporating.

2. My back yard is finished. And my front yard has also been cleared of old, woody overgrown shrubs ready for me to plant new roses and lots of lavender.

3. I had a coffee date tonight with a guy from OK Cupid. I liked him and by the time I got home he'd emailed me about a second date.

4. The World Cup starts on Friday and I ordered a new TV this evening from a local (non-mega) store. The purchase price is slightly more than the big stores but they also throw in a five-year guarantee and delivery and installation, which the others charge for, so it's in fact cheaper. And if it's not delivered from Sony to the store by Friday they'll lend me a fancy new TV until it's in stock. Wooo!
1. Same.

2. I don't have a yard, but I desperately need to do something about the room I'm using in my grandmother's apartment. There's just so much clutter. Thank goodness I brought like 0 stuff down with me, cause there's barely room for it. And ah NEEDS mah drums set up. Soon.

3. I got messaged by someone on OKC for the first time last night. She didn't have anything interesting to say. Meanwhile, despite the fact that I clearly state I'm not looking for a relationship, my profile on afroromance (yes, it's a real site... I joined to check out a friend's profile for teh lulz) keeps getting loads of attention.

4. My birthday party is this weekend! It's my 30th birthday, but it's not my 30th birthday party. Because there are several years where I didn't have any party at all. Yes, that's how my brain works; I think about such things.
posted by Eideteker 08 June | 16:07
Why are you on OKC, Eid?
posted by Senyar 08 June | 16:12
1. That last heart procedure and the meds adjustment have put me back on my feet. If I lost 30 pounds, I would feel like I did back in 2002.

2. My first practice session yesterday toward achieving a higher level of proficiency on guitar went better than I expected. This goal includes sight-reading heavily syncopated parts.

3. My doctor recommended that I try eating most of my protein early in the day and finishing the day with all carbs (of the whole fruit variety). This has really improved my energy levels and shortened my nightly insomnia (which by now my doc believes is related to my meds).

4. I love this painting and I bought it.
posted by Ardiril 08 June | 16:15
1. 2 days till vacation.

2. actually making strong progress on finding cool people for our upcoming speaker series.

3. Hoping to get into the garden tonight. It's beautiful!
posted by Miko 08 June | 16:26
1. This morning I went to the doctor for my annual physical (more like triennial because I never go to the doctor). My labs results are fantastic. Total cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, HDL -- all excellent. I was worried they might not be.

2. Today was the last day of school! My kids are out for the summer. I am looking forward to sleeping past 6:30am.

3. I planted some agapanthus next to my pink roses last week. The periwinkle color looks fantastic next to the pink.

4. My master bathroom is being re-tiled. It will be finished Wednesday. I love it.
posted by LoriFLA 08 June | 16:29
Why are you on OKC, Eid?

Folks on IRC kept linking to OKC profiles, which you can't see if you're not a member. Over the winter, during many a 5am shift at the airport, I put more and more junk into the profile as a way of seeing what I could get. And for the lulz. Hah, lulz during lulls at work!
posted by Eideteker 08 June | 16:29
1. I have a homemade pizza in the oven right now! Toppings: spinach, goat cheese, parm cheese, and roasted red peppers.

2. I am ahead of where I need to be to hit my goal of reading 300 books this year.

3. I'm about to reread the first Harry Potter book while I wait for the library to get my next stack of books in.

4. Homemade pizza, from scratch. Come on. Awesome.
posted by leesh 08 June | 16:55
1. I managed to deal with the issues of finding parking and driving around unfamiliar territory and made it down to the Archives on the train and all that stress without breaking down and crying!

2. Of course, I wound up being an hour late, but it didn't matter because I had the wrong damn day!

3. My boss seems to think I might be getting an upgraded position (with the potential for more hours and maybe even a payraise)!

4. I only have to deal with 2 more days of work this week!
posted by sperose 08 June | 17:28
1. ummmmm ...
posted by dg 08 June | 18:32
1) Thanks to our HR department being DUMB, we ended finding out the name of our new boss, before our old boss was able to actually tell us ANYTHING about the guy. So, after some frantic linkedin searching, we think we know where he's coming from, but that's about it. This whole change-in-boss thing had been something I've been trying not to freak out about. I liked my old boss.

2) Going to see She & Him in Toronto tomorrow with some friends. Should be good, but I'm generally less enthusiastic than I was when I bought the tickets a couple months ago.

3) This past Saturday night ended AFTER the sun came up, with a mountain of whiskey in my belly. It was a fun night, and didn't seem to end. I'm kinda glad that I've still got it in me!

4) Yeah, that's all I've got I think.
posted by richat 08 June | 18:40
richat--She and Him were surprisingly awesome when I saw them live.
posted by leesh 08 June | 19:32
oh good! I'm just a little bummed because they changed the venue to one I like less, and made it an all ages show. I'm sure it'll be fun still though!
posted by richat 08 June | 19:35
1. I want to know why Senyar changed her name to Senyar because i missed it but she's probably asleep already and everybody else probably knows the story already.

2. I'm not use to rum as i usually drink vodka when i drink, but, oh well.

3. Lots of things have been happening but none i really want to talk about right now.

4. Richat, i never bookmarked your bummer thread so i only catch it when i show up and someone has posted in it. This means i don't get to add to it's glory.
posted by ethylene 08 June | 19:57
1. My job is going really well. Really well. All my anxieties about Not Being Good Enough are evaporating. (yeah... me too!)

2. My wife is starting to settle into the idea of having a new principal (the fourth principal in five years at this school) and the new principal seems to be including my wife in some of the planning for next year.

3. My son, the long-unemployed college dropout, starts a new job Thursday!

4. While riding my bike home from work today, I found a $20 bill in the middle of the street, blowing around. =-)

posted by Doohickie 08 June | 19:58

2. I am very paranoid about saying the above on the internet. Please don't try to rob me. I have an alarm system and a petsitter! And an attack cat!

3. I have been busting my ass for weeks trying to get (almost) everything done at work before going on vacation, and it's paying off! Everything is beginning to get under control at work!

4. After looking at the painting Ardiril bought, I checked to see if a painting I had favorited on etsy is still available. It's not, but I noticed I had feedback for the one item I have sold so far on ebay, and it was fantastic! Woot!
posted by amro 08 June | 20:12
1. Wait, Senyar used to be someone else? How come I didn't get the memo?

2. WORLD CUP STARTS FRIDAY HOLY SHIT SOOOO EXCITED!!! Brazil's first game isn't until the 14th, but I don't care, I am going to watch as many matches as I can fit in.

3. Personal Pilates class tomorrow has me wicked excited. I am seriously considering buying a reformer for my Own Personal Use.

4. It really does take a few months to recover from surgery. I am finally starting to feel better, when I was convinced I would feel back to normal about six weeks ago. I still have my bad days, but more good days, which is good.
posted by msali 08 June | 20:28
1. There's some progress with the cute guy at work. Some. Hope I'm not jinxing it by posting here. (Guy geeks are very weird, btw.)

2. I love summer more than anything. This is totally my favorite time of year, the hotter the better. I hope to do some hiking this summer.

3. The new Ice Road Truckers season premiered the other night. This show will always have a special place in my heart: I first discovered it about a year ago, on the day when I realized that I was not going to die after all (the evil Zoloft had finally left my body). Watching it now still reminds me of that wonderful day.

4. I am still below 175 pounds.
posted by Melismata 08 June | 20:58
1. Council tonight was awesome- I love our new pastor. He is gonna kick ass and take names. In the good, Christian way :D
2. stynxno made me a delicious dinner tonight, that allowed me to eat a lovely meal before rushing off to my meeting.
3. Lunch is catered at work tomorrow! Yahoo!
4. I'm going to rob amro next week! WOOHOO!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 June | 21:19
1. Started the long process of weaning off of my meds (and Melismata, I'm so sorry that Zoloft affected you so badly. It (or, well, the non-union Mexican equivalent) has helped me tremendously over the past fifteen months. But it'll take me six weeks to get off of it entirely, and I'm ready for it. So, hopefully that'll be awesome.

2. Kind of pissed that the only World Cup games I'll get to watch live will be on the Fridays and Sundays, but c'est la vie. I always suck at pick'ems anyhow, so I chose Nigeria to win it all, hoping some sort of Mother Africa spirit will guide the Eagles to victory over the hated Brazil or Spain. I loves me some underdogs, but not enough to root for, say, South Africa or North Korea.

3. Tired of sweating already. Fuck summer in the mid-south. It's not quite humid enough to canoe to work, but just enough that walking feels like a massive chore. I hate spending all of my time indoors breathing recirculated air, but I guess I'll have to deal.

4. Friend of mine's grandmother just got out of the hospital after a rather lengthy stay. Awesome! Even more awesome if this means that we actually can go down to the newly discovered retro-arcade bar and play some pinball.
posted by ufez 08 June | 21:22
1. I am on the cover of Library Journal for no reason I can figure out!
2. I have 62000 words of The Fucking Book written which is about 12000 shy of done [and it mostly writes itself but I am sick of typing]
3. I can breathe out of both nostrils, at once! The antibiotics, they did wonders. I feel like I've been sick for a month.
4. Everyone in my immediate family is in a position I would call "stable" which is nice for a change.
posted by jessamyn 08 June | 21:31
1. Very, very happy to hear about Senyar's points one and three.

2. Second Olympic Weightlifting workout tonight. The coach gave me feedback on my deadlift form -- need to arch my back more, drop my hips lower, make sure my shins get out of the way of the bar, that sort of thing.

3. Spent weekend celebrating my birthday with Mom.

4. Still employed. Working on getting a better job.
posted by jason's_planet 08 June | 21:37
4. I'm going to rob amro next week! WOOHOO!

I fear for your life. Smooshie is a vicious watchcat.
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by amro 08 June | 21:59
The pre-Zombie Cat pose! Run!
posted by Ardiril 08 June | 22:03
1. Went to a meeting about restoring part of old downtown. There were 20 people at the first meeting and only 7 showed up tonight. Which I kind of expected. I'm not too concerned about it since it was only the second meeting and since it would appear that two of us will be doing most of the legwork anyhow. One of the speakers recognized me from somewhere...she thought it was from something local. She could only come up with, "Did you speak at a local event?" (No.) About halfway through the meeting I saw the flickering light bulb go off above her head - she's seen me do open mic at one of the comedy clubs. (I do kinda hope this caused her some mild cognitive dissonance.)

2. Just cut my fingernails. Getting ready to polish them.

3. Smooshie reminds me of Moo Shu.
≡ Click to see image ≡

3b. I've had Moo Shu since the day (Dec 31, 2009) I uploaded that picture. I should probably take some new pictures of him.

4. My cousin graduates from high school this weekend. I cannot believe it. He's my favorite and I don't really view him as a cousin. I did the nanny thing for him when he was a newborn (I was 18 years old at the time.) Then I did the nanny thing for him again when he was 7-10. Very weird mix of sentimentality mixed up in the deal. I am making him a cross-stitch that says ALWAYS USE A CONDOM with a little embroidered condom beneath it. He hasn't had sex yet but I know it isn't far off. (The benefit of me not being his parent and being a cousin is that he's open to telling me this kind of thing and asking for advice.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 09 June | 00:07
fluffy battle kitten: That's so awesome. I would love to be able to send something like that to my nieces when they get older. And then, hide, because my sister would kill me.
posted by TrishaLynn 09 June | 12:17
TrishaLynn, at least a couple of my aunts (one of them being his mother) are likely to lose their minds somewhat. My attitude on that is, "Tough shit. He's 18 and getting ready to go to college."
posted by fluffy battle kitten 09 June | 15:53
Smooshie and Moo Shu could definitely be related.
posted by amro 09 June | 17:14
1. I did know that Senyar used to be someone else, but I still haven't been able to suss out who.

2. New neighbor and I took our dogs to the park together yesterday.

3. Laundry's piling up. Maybe tonight, if I can commandeer the shared machine for a while.

4. I have all the strawberries I could possibly want.
posted by tangerine 09 June | 21:30
1. got in to the scholarship program
2. meds are working fantastically
3. lost 15+lbs so far and already feeling better
4. making 1-3 so insignificant as to be irrelevant, I'm in love.

Is this what life can be like?
posted by notquitemaryann 10 June | 15:48
Grieving chihuahua becomes mom to 9 kittens || The finest stereo receiver the world has ever known.