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30 March 2010

HDTV 60Hz vs 120Hz [More:]
So I decided I need to finally throw the coin at an HDTV. I'm buying one for my bedroom since that is where I watch TV the most so I will probably go for a 32 inch, I was looking at the 40 inch models but that is just too big for a small room.

I've read up on them quite a bit but it hasn't helped much since every article I read contradicts the last one I looked at. The main confusing point for me right now is 60Hz/120Hz. The 120Hz models cost hundreds of dollars more than the 60Hz models do and I am wondering if it is worth it.

I can not tell that much difference between any of the TVs in the stores save that the highest-end TVs look much better than the lowest-end. For those who don't live in the 1980s and actually have HD setups, do you think 60Hz is good enough for watching TV and playing game systems on a 32 inch screen or should I go for a 120Hz?
I don't think 120 Hz will help for TV or DVD watching, only for 1080p24 Blu-Ray. The advantage there is that it avoids the need for an uneven pulldown since 120 is a direct multiple of 24. I know nothing about games.

How much are you paying where it is hundreds of dollars more for 120 Hz? Is it an apples-to-apples comparison? I bought a 42-inch Hitachi 120 Hz LCD HDTV for $600 two months ago.

Read up on the AskMeFi HDTV threads (including my question). I found them very helpful.
posted by grouse 30 March | 13:43
For a 32"? No way.
I would get larger than a 32" for a small room; and still a hearty No Way for the 120/240/480 (just wait a month or two or three... you know you've got to have it!) Hz TV salesman version of The Emporer's New Clothes.
posted by buzzman 30 March | 16:32
Only because you like video games, I think the higher response rate just might be worth considering. On the other hand, what game systems will you use with it? I don't really understand the numbers, but my understanding is that lots of consoles won't do more than 60hz (I'm hoping somebody more knowledgeable about this will check in).

In any case, I think it's just like with audiophilia, though, in that a difference that you can't see is one that isn't worth paying for.

A couple hundred bucks over the expected lifespan of a tv isn't necessarily a lot of money. On the other hand, I bought my 24-inch LCD (monitor, but that's not the point) years ago, and I could buy three of them for the same money now.
posted by box 30 March | 20:45
I only have older game systems right now but I plan on buying a PS3 next fall, I need something to keep me from going insane in winter when I can't work outside all the time. I'll read up on it more, I actually never even think to look at ask.mefi anymore. So I'll see what I find there as well.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 30 March | 22:55
If you're going to get a PS3, then Blu-ray discs are going to look appealing to you, and you'll want 120 Hz for those (see grouse's comment above).
posted by Prospero 31 March | 07:14
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