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24 March 2010

The Wolf Who Cried Boy - Angina and breathlessness while reclining, pulmonary edema, a low trending ejection fraction, low pulse pressure, rapid resting heart rate, renal failure, hyperuricemia, probable nephrotic syndrome, anemia, elevated liver enzymes.

I think it's time I threw a kegger.
I get to hold your legs while you do your first keg stand. That should do something for your pulse pressure!
posted by msali 24 March | 20:38
It certainly couldn't hurt!
posted by Ardiril 24 March | 20:42
Dr. Killabrew time? According to some guys at my alma mater, he makes you feel all right.

(You know it brings us some comfort that you're here at all, ardiril. I can't think of a non-morbid way to say this, but I'm a humanist who doesn't believe in the afterlife, so I'm glad you're here for today and not dead. Someday we will all die but for now I will count my blessings.)
posted by muddgirl 24 March | 21:36
I did learn how to play Elton's piano part of "Bennie and the Jets" and someday I may even play it up to speed.

Thanks for the referral to the good Dr. Killabrew!
posted by Ardiril 24 March | 22:22
Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. I don't know what else to offer but hugs and good vibes sent your way (just sent). Plus, I'm always up for a kegger.
posted by treepour 25 March | 01:24
I'm also very sorry to hear about this. Not least of which because it sounds just plain uncomfortable. I hope you are able to find bits of comfort.
posted by birdie 25 March | 01:43
Kegger? Fuck that. Hookers and blow.
posted by BitterOldPunk 25 March | 01:55
I'll drink whatever you have in the keg.

Damn you, Ardiril, don't you die on us. This isn't good news.
Feel better soon. And whatever BitterOldPunk can turn up in your honor.
posted by lilywing13 25 March | 05:14
Oh boy. My thoughts are with you, Ardiril.
posted by box 25 March | 07:16
This desire for attention is getting OUT OF CONTROL.
posted by gomichild 25 March | 07:20
I second the motion for hookers and blow.
posted by sperose 25 March | 09:20
Ardiril, I have been thinking about your post since it came up.

Life is so fragile. I am pretty much with muddgirl, in my appreciation for you being here today, and tomorrow, and who the hell knows how long ANY of us have.

My practical question: Had dialysis been proposed, or considered, or is it even appropriate to think about, with your condition?
posted by danf 25 March | 09:32
Take care Ardiril and it's good that you can approach it with some wryness. I'm glad you're here too.
posted by Firas 25 March | 09:44
Healing thoughts your way.
posted by Miko 25 March | 09:51
I like you and I like kegs. Take care.
posted by rainbaby 25 March | 10:13
Much of this just became detectable since the last battery of tests. Some things may just require further changes in lifestyle, and others may need a pill (generic hopefully). So, the spooky man with the scythe hasn't pinpointed me on his iPhone yet, although I hope it's George from Dead Like Me.

"This desire for attention is getting OUT OF CONTROL." We can always count on Gomichild to keep things in perspective. This is easier than dealing with the emails. Mind, I love getting email but after awhile, describing my health gets a bit cut and paste, and you all deserve better than that. This way I can write it once and post it and not click the Send button multiple times. In the end, you all still receive the same form letter anyway. Brilliant, eh?

To appease BitterOldPunk and sperose: kegger in the front, blow and hooker in the rear.
posted by Ardiril 25 March | 11:45
keg 'er in the front, blow and hook 'er in the rear

I learn something new about you ever day... ;)

Alternately: "I'd advice checking with a doctor before doing any of those activities, not to mention all three at the same time..."
posted by muddgirl 25 March | 11:50
If keggers are what it takes to keep the spooky man with the scythe away from Ardiril, then by golly, I'll step up!

Yeah. I'm glad you're still around too. And I hope it stays that way for a long while.
posted by gaspode 25 March | 13:23
"I'd advice checking with a doctor..."

What he don't know, won't hurt him.
posted by Ardiril 25 March | 13:25
"What he don't know, won't hurt him."

That's the spirit. Those chumps have no sense of fun.
posted by toastedbeagle 25 March | 15:45
keg, hookers, blow...

Jon will strip for you, if you like. ; )

posted by Pips 25 March | 18:25

I'll bring chips and red plastic cups! Nothing says kegger like red plastic cups!
posted by halonine 25 March | 19:55
Kegger? Count me in. I'll hoist a brew in your name shortly.
posted by theora55 25 March | 21:10
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