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23 March 2010

Three Point Status Update. I have really gotten very little work done today - my head is in a swim and it is as if I have become suddenly allergic to my job.[More:]

it's certainly been a weird couple of months, but good.

For the first time in my life I actually think I'm pretty, fancy that!

4) I'm remarkably peripheral in my conversations lately.
MOAR INSIDE FAIL pls to hope me admin? sorry!
posted by By the Grace of God 23 March | 14:07
1. i love my new job, although it keeps me very busy. but today i'm having problems focusing. probably because
2. my sister, who moved for her husband's (very cool) job, but who has never really lived far from me, has been in town for the last ten days and i've been spending all my spare time with her and not getting any time to recharge, but
3. i will probably go home reasonably early today, stop at the grocery store and make flatbread for dinner.
posted by crush-onastick 23 March | 14:23
Yay for feeling pretty! Yay for new, good jobs!
posted by serazin 23 March | 14:32
1. had a fantastic interview at one of the places I've been volunteering with this past year for a paid, high-profile position doing coordination and educational outreach here locally.

2. Realizing that if I get this position, the only paid work I've done since January 2009 has been doing community-building work with friends or people I know who became friends in my community.

3. Trying really damn hard to stop thinking about the idea of not being unemployed anymore.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 23 March | 14:42
1. I ate a pound of peanut M&Ms for breakfast.
2. Made me really sleepy dopey for a few hours.
3. Now it is really starting to metabolise and I feel like bouncing off the walls. Time for a goofy walk to teh Subway for dinner.
posted by buzzman 23 March | 14:54
grey days turn my brain to mush. I think I may be solar powered.
posted by The Whelk 23 March | 15:03
1. Bf is home, sister is home, best friend is home. NOw I want to see and catch up with all of them, but work is keeping til ungodly hours and I have no time.

2. I hate work. Secret job said they interviewed 1 person and she wasn't as good as me, and that they are interviewing one more this week, but I am so far the top person. I hope this moves forward quickly so I can jump out of this rapidly sinking ship.

3. Speaking of, 2/5 of the remaining people (out of 32) are on vacation, and our boss just decided to take a personal day, great timing, so now 32 people's work is falling on mostly me and partly the other editor here. It's insane and inhumane and I am bitter and angry and feel unappreciated and wayyyyy undercompensated.
posted by rmless2 23 March | 15:11
1. A co-worker that I liked personally, but had many disagreements with professionally, has departed. My job has been much, much better as a result. 1/3 because I enjoy the duties of hers I've assumed, 1/3 because having her gone makes things easier to get done, and 1/3 coincidence, things are just going better recently.

2. Along those lines, the firm we're partnering with for the redesign is taking our team out to dinner downtown tonight at some swanky place. I'd be much more thrilled if not for the fact that

3. Fiancée went to work a little bit sick, but seemingly on the mend, and then went home super-sick. I feel terrible that I'll be out on the town tonight, but I really can't back out, so I'll just try to get home early.
posted by SpiffyRob 23 March | 15:25
Did you kill her?
posted by jouke 23 March | 15:35
my head is in a swim and it is as if I have become suddenly allergic to my job.

Oh, good. I'm not the only one.

1. upgrade from hell is still moving, but slowly, while executives fling mud at each other

2. BFD HRC is law! Hurrah!

3. Trying to start a Coffee Party affiliate here, but we need a mission and my Social Anxiety is not helping!
posted by lysdexic 23 March | 15:37
1. I am pretty much caught up at work, so I have some breathing room. And "Girl Who Played With Fire" is out in paperback today! Too bad I can't read it while knitting as easily as I can while hanging out in the bathroom.

2. Ex-boyfriend's mom has a brain tumor. Appears to be treatable, but still very scary. Accompanying whingeing about responding to this news has now taken place, given that he is very much an I'LL DO IT MYSELFer who would prefer to forget I exist. So what if I still care about you and your family, dude? That's your problem.

3. Current boyfriend -- partner, best friend and father of my imaginary future children FOR REALZ -- is just the best best best. He just has such a great perspective on life and the people in it, and it makes it really easy to be honest with him, even about tough issues like #2. I appreciate everything we do and every way we touch, and I try really hard to let him know. I am a better person because of his presence in my life.
posted by Madamina 23 March | 16:24
1. I applied for a cool job today, but it was a dumb government application that doesn't allow cover letters. And my cover letter was awesome! I don't think I'll get an interview based just on the paper application. I am bummed about this. I also saw a job listing that was posted just this week, but they started reviewing applications last Monday! And now I don't know whether to bother applying even though I am qualified. Meh.

2. Sometimes I'm allergic to my cat and wherever his fur touches me I break into hives, and this is one of those days. Looking forward to bedtime antihistamines.

3. I saw a lady cardinal today, which rocked b/c those are my favorite birds.
posted by leesh 23 March | 16:32
Cheer up, Leesh. Boy, have I been there. I say you should apply anyway, if only because not doing so would absolutely guarantee that you don't get hired :D Plus practice is always good, and if nothing else, you'll have another slightly different cover letter/resume and a better idea of your skills in your head.
posted by Madamina 23 March | 16:41
leesh - you could try calling someone in the HR department, or one of the supervisors of whatever division you'd be working with/for to see if you convey skills and ideas that didn't fit into the pre-determined application fields. I suggest the supervisor as well as HR because I've seen that HR doesn't always talk well with the actual departments who need jobs filled.

Re: allergic to jobs - I think allergy season has started (at least it seems that way in my corner of California). I got eye drops today, but they don't seem to be working their magic so magically. Time for local honey!
posted by filthy light thief 23 March | 16:47
Thanks, guys! I will most likely do both of those things. :)
posted by leesh 23 March | 17:14
1. 24 boxes of combined crap to go through. (This is sort #2, for those who are playing along at home.) I currently have been using all the boxes underneath my sorting table as well as 3 levels of boxes on top of said sorting table in some attempt at organization. I've also started using the drawers under the sorting table as well. I have no idea where I'm going to put the crap for these other 24 boxes unless some of them start clearing the table. :-/ I hope the box lady doesn't come by soon otherwise she's going to have a heart attack. 24 boxes remaining. (I can only do about 8 a day M-W, since I do have a real job to pay attention to as well.)

2. Haven't been sleeping worth a shit lately. Woke up at 530am and refused to get out of bed until 730am, then proceeded to berate myself for not getting out of bed once I woke up because that is time I could've been working, damnit. I know that this is how my body reacts to stress, but it doesn't make it any easier to put up with. If I don't chill out soon, I'm going to become an uberbitch.

3. *deep breaths* I'm finally passing my InfoTech class again after bombing a huge project. (80.1%, but still, passing.) I'm making good progress on my eportfolio. I can probably finish my book for InfoProf on the train to meeting MrMoonPie on Friday (yay LoC visit! My first!) and therefore can probably bang out that paper this weekend. I can totes fucking do this. I can totes fucking do this. I can totes fucking do this.
posted by sperose 23 March | 17:50
Leesh, I saw a lady cardinal today too! WHAT IF IT WAS THE SAME ONE. hee :-)

1) my child, who my mother thought "needed a speech therapist" at Thanksgiving because he had very few words, now will not stop talking. He repeats EVERYTHING, hence no more profanity-laced podcast listening in the car. Whoops.

2) too little getting out = too much stuck in own head. Made the effort to get out today for a really nice outdoor playdate, that helped a lot.

3) Old Navy keeps sending me coupons, I keep ordering (and then subsequently returning) from Old Navy. I have to stop the cycle!!
posted by pinky.p 23 March | 19:17
Update on #3: Of course, sending my pages through some validators appears to have fixed whatever was borking the code, which is fucking bitchin' and takes off a lot of my stress, so hooray!
posted by sperose 23 March | 19:44
1. The grebes nesting near the floating Chinese restaurant have five eggs in the nest. Usually when the first two have hatched the parents ditch the rest. If the hatched chicks die, they just lay more eggs.

2. I saw Meow Meow this evening with sueinnyc What a lot of fun it was! I love torch songs and, wow, I wish I was even half as flexible.

3. I've had tingly hands and feet for a day or so. I think it's probably too much computer work and poor circulation, but an internet search today had me convinced it must be MS. Another search tonight has me convinced it's diabetes (this, despite my having had an eye test five days ago). I'm on holiday soon, with greatly reduced computer access, so I'll see if it goes away. If not, I'll see the doc when I get home.
posted by essexjan 23 March | 20:06
1.) Hoping Jan's feet and hands are feeling better soon.

2.) Work has blocked MetaChat, so I have been scarce around these parts.

3.) Had a little informal talk with an activist in my workplace's union. She told me that she wasn't sure that the funding for my temp job would be extended. The underlying message was: "Don't be complacent. Keep looking for work elsewhere. You can't depend on this place." But I'm not sure I share her pessimism. Who wants to be the guy who cut funding for America's veterans in a contentious election year? I have a feeling that no matter how strained the budget might get, they'll find a way to keep funding our jobs. And the work is there and it definitely needs doing.
posted by jason's_planet 23 March | 20:43
1. In accounting system training all week.
2. No food is allowed in the training room, confirming that accountants are all monsters.
3. Completely starving all week long, eating 4 meals worth of food every day.
3a. Confirmed that I'm not pregnant. Was worried there for a bit.
3b. Still hungry though.
posted by rhapsodie 23 March | 20:45
essexjan - I get tingly arms and legs when my thyroid is out of whack. It's one of many symptoms, but before I was diagnosed I thought I had MS. I have an hypothyroid and take Syhthoid, but whenever I experience tingling in my arms and legs I know that my medication needs to be adjusted.
posted by cleo 23 March | 22:13
1. I think we may be buying a house.
2. I don't feel stressed, but I feel like drinking a lot and I seem to be grinding my teeth at night, and I walk around during the day continually convinced that I have forgotten to do something REALLY important.
3. I think I may be stressed out.
posted by occhiblu 23 March | 22:44
1. Got an email from my mother today saying that she got a job. Yay! She got laid off over a year ago, is in her late 50s and lives in a rural New Zealand town. NOT a lot of prospects for her. But her new job sounds great, and exactly the sort of thing she has done for years.

2. 3 more working days until vacation! Florida, here we come.

3. Missing my husband. He comes home Thurs night.
posted by gaspode 23 March | 22:50
"Hipster" slur to be replaced by "Fauxhemian" || I just realized