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12 March 2010

I think I may be in love… with Etsy. Particularly their vintage section. [More:]I have a friend who collects British Royalty memorabilia. During my frequent visits to Toronto thrift shops, I keep an eye out for interesting items so as to be able to give them to her for her birthday and Christmas. Once I found a Charles and Diana paper doll book, with nothing punched out and just a little crumpled, for $1. The pasteboard doll of Charles in his shorts and sock garters was a gem. But so far this year I have not had any luck, and so I thought I’d check Etsy’s vintage stuff. Bonanza! So many items, so reasonably priced. There’s a thimble featuring a picture of Queen Elizabeth, age 3. There’s a King Edward VIII coronation cup and saucer. There’s a Wedgewood plate commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee in 1977. I can hardly choose. My friend will go ape if she gets any of these items. I have also found the cutest owl brooch for my mother (who’s into owls), and lots of vintage Monet jewelry for moi.
I like the tshirts and posters myself.
posted by reenum 12 March | 12:36
I've probably just begun to explore and appreciate Etsy. It never occurred to me to look on there for those things.
posted by Orange Swan 12 March | 12:38
Etsy is DANGEROUS. Lock up your wallet.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 March | 12:43
Cool, my mom collects British Royalty memorabilia. I'll alert her.
posted by amro 12 March | 12:46
What TPS said. I have to lock myself out of Etsy for my own good. I love love LOVE all the hippie dippie organic/natural/handmade stuff you can get. I love supporting individuals and sticking it to the man. Heh.
posted by toastedbeagle 12 March | 14:53
Listen to TPS, she is wise.
posted by rhapsodie 12 March | 23:31
Y'all reminded me that I hadn't purchased anything for mum's 70th birthday which is next week.

Several hours later I've bought this (she has several ironwood animals) and this (she loves all things Craftsman, as do I). I think/hope she'll be pleased with both items.
posted by deborah 13 March | 00:35
Those are lovely items, deborah, and I'm sure your mother will be happy to get them.

Here are my purchases:

- I bought the Edward VIII coronation cup and saucer for my friend's birthday.

- I bought this Queen Elizabeth II coronation spoon for my friend's Christmas present. Then today I found a Queen Elizabeth coronation saucer in a Goodwill, so I guess she'll get both for Christmas.

- I bought this Sarah Coventry owl brooch for my mother for Mother's Day.

- And finally, I bought this Art Nouveau-style locket for me. I thought it shamelessly overpriced, but it was such a cute thing I couldn't resist.

And I've told myself I am not allowed to buy anything more from Etsy until next month.
posted by Orange Swan 16 March | 15:26
Birthday celebration? || So I'm in the shower thinking of Mrs. Robinson