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12 March 2010

Birthday celebration? I'm turning 31 in a few weeks. How should I celebrate?[More:]
So I didn't do anything for my birthday last year at all--I wasn't thrilled about turning 30 and spent the day flying home after having painful oral surgery. As you can imagine, I wasn't feeling celebratory. This year I want to do something fun but have no idea what! Having people over isn't really an option, since my apartment is tiny and only has seating for 4-5 people tops. So, dinner? Drinks? My actual birthday is a Tuesday so nothing too wild.

I have had a crappy last few years and am hoping this one will be different--so want to ring it in in style. Unfortunately I'm not the sort who usually does things in style and can't think of anything. :)
I usually invite my friends to meet me out at a bar for drinks.
posted by amro 12 March | 10:34
Seconding amro. Ring it in in style? Go to a fancy hotel bar or something? Dress up.
posted by gaspode 12 March | 10:36
Is travel a possibility? Even just to a neighboring city? My best birthdays have always been on the road.
posted by BoringPostcards 12 March | 10:45
No, travel's not a possibility, I can't afford to take off work even for a day. OK, Durham ppl, what bar should I go to?
posted by leesh 12 March | 10:47
I'd say you should set up a super relaxing evening for yourself. Draw a bath, pick up your fav dinner, and just let the worries go for the night.
posted by reenum 12 March | 12:37
Do you have a tapas restaurant, or at least one with lots of small plates? We had a lot of fun this year on my 30th.

Piano bar! Dueling Pianos is usually really fun, especially if you can pay them to do a Metallica medley or similar.

Go to someplace kid-like and have your Third Tenth Birthday (plus one). We had a super lot of fun decorating Barbie birthday cakes, the kind where the cake is the skirt and everyone ends up tipsy and making dirty things out of icing.

Do a paint-your-own-pottery place or a similar craft activity.

(I am a girl, and you may not be into girly things, but whatevs.)
posted by Madamina 12 March | 12:43
I like the hotel bar idea, and dressing up and having friends meet you. If you can afford it, it would also be fun to get a hotel room there and spend the night in luxury and not make the bed or fix the towels afterwards. Bring bubble bath or a bath bomb and a good book and a single-serving little bottle of champagne for added luxe.
posted by rmless2 12 March | 12:52
Fun ideas, thanks!
posted by leesh 12 March | 13:54
I think you should come over for dinner and project runway the day after your birthday!

(or just dinner, if pr is over)
posted by pinky.p 12 March | 14:12
That sounds do-able, pinky. :)
posted by leesh 12 March | 15:05
Well, if it has to be on a weeknight, I'd recommend something like a tapas restaurant, but with a twist -- have a VERY light dress "theme." E.g. everyone has to wear a hat, or everyone has to wear some item of clothing that looks like it came from another decade. Nothing too specific or taxing, just something to get everyone to appear a little bit odder than they would otherwise.
posted by treepour 13 March | 03:38
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