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10 March 2010

Ask Mecha: Belt I would like to buy a belt. One belt, to last the rest of my life. What should I buy?[More:]
If it were handmade in the US, or at least in a place with good labor standards and a living wage and stuff, that would be great.
post by: box at: 14:30 | 5 comments
Something like this?
posted by danf 10 March | 14:56
What kind of belts do you like? I have recently purchased the following, both of which I can recommend, although I can't promise that you'll never need another one (these were both
made in the US):

1) I really like this belt from

2) I just ordered number 7203 (bottom of the page), manufactured by 3-D Belt Company. This is my casual belt. I've had a similar (simpler) belt from 3-D Belt Company for years, but needed a new one in a smaller size. The web retailer was just the first one Google turned up listing products from 3-D, so I can't really say that I recommend them, per se, but they seem to have been responsive so far.

As for danf's suggestion, I've purchased quite a few things through Duluth Trading Company, and I've always been happy with what I get, but be sure to read the reviews, sorted by least favorable first.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 10 March | 15:47
I mostly like understated belts--plain leather (undyed is a plus--I like patina), regular buckle (solid metal, brass might be ideal), relatively wide, like that.

I've had kinda mixed experiences w/Duluth Trading. Some things have been great, but others haven't lived up to their promises. That said, when it comes to something like a lifetime belt, I'd trust 'em a lot further than I'd trust boutiquey people like Tanner Goods or somebody.

My current frontrunner, I think, is Gfeller.
posted by box 10 March | 16:33
Well, I was originally going to buy a belt from Duluth Trading, but saw too many people complaining about the stitching coming undone, which pretty much kills a multilayer belt. That's why I went with Moonshine Leather. The Gfeller belt looks solid. Their cases and tool holsters look good, too.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 10 March | 17:01
one of these , cuz no matter how big or small you'll get over the years, it will always fit perfectly without having to bore a new hole in it
posted by rollick 10 March | 21:45
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