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03 March 2010

Wednesday 3-point update. Slushy snow again here in Boston.[More:]

1. They showed the movie "9 to 5" on PBS the other night. Fascinating that they consider such a movie to be so high-brow. (Actually we had to "study" it when it first came out in 6th grade, come up with all the feminist messages in it. I grew up in one of the bleeding liberal capitals of the U.S.)

2. I get that men like to look at women's breasts, but I'm not understanding the appeal when one is wearing a heavy, baggy sweater.

3. Even though the weather is cold and lousy, the air is starting to feel different now that it's March. Love that upcoming equinox.
1. The nylon strings I put on my Baby Taylor don't quite fit the grooves in the nut, but they sound great and are a lot of fun to finger.

2. My research toward a sengoku jidai mod for Mount & Blade proceeds apace.

3. My interview went well on Monday; I spoke to two people for a total of an hour and fifteen minutes. I hope I get the job.
posted by Hugh Janus 03 March | 10:57
1. I was really bummed to see that a rottweiler had killed a four year old the other day. One more setback for the breed, one more reason for people to say that rotties are dangerous animals and they should all be put down. Irresponsible people should be allowed to own or breed big dogs. Grrrrr.
2. The weather is a little suckity-suck here as well, and I am having a hard time dragging my ass to the gym this afternoon. I'd rather take a nap, but I really have to go.
3. My desire to eat sushi remains unabated.
posted by msali 03 March | 11:25
1. made the mistake of accepting a lift to Dartford and back offered by two separate, but equally manic, speedfreak orthopods.

2. on the plus side it meant I got home 2 hours earlier than expected and planted my first early potatoes, spring onions, leeks, etc.,

3. it's a beautiful spring week so far, I'm getting out to the garden most lunchtimes and increasing the amount of ground for veg all the time!
posted by Wilder 03 March | 11:28
1. I have a serious case of the Wednesdays.
2. My friend Big Mike did well on American Idol last night! I hope he makes it to the top 12, at least.
3. Having a technical problem with my NYPL profile, and it is affecting my ability to renew/return/check out books. Fix ASAP, please!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 March | 11:41
1. OK so I am very slowly losing weight, but I am still months and months away from fitting back into pre-pregnancy clothes. So I think I have to suck it up and buy some pretty clothes that fit me now instead of wearing the same slobby stuff that I've been wearing for the past year. The clothes are depressing and just make me feel even fatter and worse about myself.

2. Completely at odds with my weight loss program: I am making these at the moment. Nom. (part of my mandated dessert regimen, so not really at odds)

3. 24 sleeps until florida vacation, yay!
posted by gaspode 03 March | 11:42
1. I'm getting pretty fed up with my job. I guess I've got ants in my pants as I know I'll be able to quit relatively soon. (Portland bunnies, we'll be there sometime this summer!)

2. I'm feeling a little frantic and overwhelmed with all the details to take care of an international move. (Health insurance? Visa particulars? Escrow?) I'm not a grown-up, and I don't know all this shit!

3. Chubby. Must absolutely find a way to get motivated to excerise. Now that the weather is getting better and the days are getting longer I'll be able to do that. Cause daaaaamn my pants don't fit!
posted by Specklet 03 March | 11:45
1) The library wouldn't let me renew A People's History of the United States because there are a lot of holds, and I was only 1/3 of the way through it!

2) But MuddDude went ahead and bought me a copy while he was running errands yesterday, since he knows I wouldn't do it myself.

3) Still debating about going to the Mefi All-Mod meetup next week in Austin. It means either a day off work and couchsurfing or a sleep-deprived day at work and two long drives. It seems like not going is the right decision, but I can't really accept that.
posted by muddgirl 03 March | 11:48
OMG gaspode, I love that there is someone else out there who counts sleeps until awesome things.

1. I hate this weather (grey, dreary, kinda drizzly) because it makes me just want to sleep. And it's making the days go by so slowly, which is irritating. I'm sure that once summer gets into full swing I'm going to be all 'omg too hot too humid ew ew ew' but right now I could go for some baking sunshine and little heat shimmers.

2. I am ridiculously stoked for dance class tonight. I feel like I'm super close to getting my 3/4 shimmy with hip drops (at a ridic slow pace, but still) and I've pretty much memorized the AS choreo and now only have to tweak it, which I've been working on in very tiny pieces with my teacher. I'm curious as to what we're going to work on tonight (but my guess is probably traveling hip circles or twisty hip drops).

3. I'm thinking about using part of my federal tax refund to buy a yearly membership for the community center gym. (At this rate, the damn thing is going to be spent before it even arrives, heh.) It's weird how I've been working on getting more physically active and whatnot and stretching and even entertaining such a seemingly absurd idea. I'm not quite sure where it's coming from.
posted by sperose 03 March | 11:56
1. Electrician is coming next week, yay. We've lived in the house for almost three years but I feel like we've just started making some progress on it. Once we get some wiring done, I can start doing more painting and make the place look a little less derelict.

2. Getting into Caprica, hope it stays on the air.

3. Two months until the 1/2 marathon that I signed up for and I'm no where near ready.
posted by octothorpe 03 March | 12:12
1. I'm still flush from yesterday's uncharacteristically productive day and am whacking things off my to-do list where they've sat for months.

2. My lunch date got cancelled (boo) but it's pouring out and now I don't have to go out in it. Wait, yes I do because I'm out of dog and cat food. Yay schleping 40# sacks of kibble through the rain.

3. I bought a modest number of GS cookies from two daughters of friends but my plans for sensible cookie-eating were blown out of the water when SO brought home a lot of boxes he bought from co-worker's daughters. Oy. I've eaten 3 boxes in the past week and lost 10#. Maybe it's tapeworms.
posted by jamaro 03 March | 12:21
always, sperose, always.
posted by gaspode 03 March | 12:30
1. Saw Shutter Island last night and LOVED it. I really liked how florid and overblown it felt, and how Scorsese built up the narrative in subtle non-verbal ways from the very first moment.

2. I'm making pulled pork today, if the butcher has the pork butt I need. Pork butt pork butt pork butt. Or shoulder. But PORK BUTT PORK BUTT PORK BUTT.

3. It's cold in here.
posted by Elsa 03 March | 12:43
1. Didn't start work until 1 today (granted myself the morning off, sat in the coffee shop and read a novel) and feel great. Got lots done this afternoon, including some long-postponed stuff.

2. Stopping soon, and fully intend to have a lazy evening.

3. Hadn't worked out the sleeps but thanks to gaspode and sperose I now know that it's 22 sleeps until my holiday!
posted by altolinguistic 03 March | 12:44
1. Been having a bunch of crap come down at once, and so have been quite out of sorts.
2. Am making some really big lifestyle changes because
3. My body is falling apart.
posted by Stewriffic 03 March | 12:59
1. The decorators are making great progress in repairing the flood damage. The cats and I are living in one room for now, which is bearable but a nuisance. More of a nuisance for me, I suspect, because they seem to be getting on quite happily with their loud crunching of Hill's Science Food and their Fight Club in the middle of the night. On my bed. With me in it.

2. I feel bad because I have had to let someone down at short notice, which might have some consequences for her. I always try to be reliable, to show up on time at the right place, and to have to cancel at the last minute is something I rarely do, but it still makes me feel like a complete shit.

3. Frustrating day at work today - we have a new build on our case-handling system and every time I try to run a task, I get an error message that takes at least 4, sometimes 8, clicks to clear. Nobody else is having this problem. By 10am I had, according to the IT guy, flagged 479 error messages. We tried another computer in case it was a hardware issue, and it still happened so it's a glitch in my user profile somewhere that IT doesn't know how to fix. Thankfully they hadn't removed the old build so in the end, despite management trying to insist that I had to carry on using this new build, I was granted a special dispensation to go back to using the old one because the other was unworkable. But, a morning wasted.
posted by essexjan 03 March | 13:16
1. My sleep schedule is way out of whack. Inevitably, this means I'm yawning through the important stuff and putting off naps.

2. I really should be cleaning right now. But I'm not.

3. I have a yen for super-sharp white cheddar cheese. I can't believe I didn't stop for a fix when I was out near the Cheese Shop. Stupid!
posted by julen 03 March | 13:46
1. I. Love. Running. I have no idea where this came from and I certainly hoped it'd be true but god, I've never gotten an ounce of pleasure from working out before (including running). I think the barefoot thing might be to do with it. I'm not a barefoot running evangelist but I have really small weak ankles and big boobs and normally running is very hard on those poor sad ankles, but barefoot seems to nip that problem right in the bud. Yay, so exciting. And 30 Rock on netflix streaming to keep me entertained!

2. I was just delivered a mystery book. Not the genre mystery, the I have no idea how this book came to me kind of mystery. It has no paperwork, receipt, it's addressed to my name and address, it's from a UK used book seller. It's called Iris by Jean Marsh. Never heard of either.

3. I have a lot of work to do that I don't feel like doing.
posted by birdie 03 March | 13:46
1. Just the bare hint of spring is making me completely unable to focus on work. I want to go outside, dammit!

2. Moving into my swank new edit bay on Friday, I'm told. I'm very excited about this.

3. I need a haircut.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 March | 13:48
1. Getting on a plane for the first time in over a decade at 6:57 tonight. Am packed & kind of terrified.

2. Naturally, since I'm going away, I have acquired a cold; the first damn cold I've had all winter. ARGH! Hoping the stress of travel kills it.

3. At work. Good news: Excel 07 makes it easy to pull dupes from a mailing list! Bad news: We have Excel 03. It was actually faster just to do it the old fashioned way - me going through the list & deleting them by hand - than it was to wade through pages of useless tutorials.
posted by mygothlaundry 03 March | 13:55
Have a great time, MGL!

1. Taxes have been stressful. I *think* that I can claim Daughter as a dependent (we supported her for most of 2009, and while away at school she used our address), so am doing so, and also getting a tax credit on tuition I paid last year. It feels iffy though. Taxes would SUCK if I played it the other way.

2. Back is finally almost 100% better. After the past 3 weeks, I have developed a lot of empathy for people with chronic back probs.

3. Wife came home from physical stressed out from a few minor items. I have been trying to re-assure her that, yeah, she's 62 but she also wears a size 4, due to being in shape, vigorous, and generally awesome physically.
posted by danf 03 March | 15:12
1. My retail job was crazy today (new comic book day plus a bunch of extra orders) and my knees are KILLING me. And I do mean that literally; they hurt so badly that I want to die.

2. But now I'm home and I have yummy pomegranate seeds to snack on.

3. Also my cat is nuzzling me. Aw, kitty.
posted by leesh 03 March | 16:56
danf, Vicky is a beautiful woman, without a doubt.
posted by essexjan 03 March | 17:07
1. I am sad. I just got my FSH results back, and the level is high. FSH stands for follicle stimulating hormone, and the higher it gets the less fertility you have. I thought that by starting the whole getting pregnant process at 34 rather than further down the road, I'd be fine. Turns out that 34 isn't all that young, baby-making wise.

2. Work is stressful.

3. Can't lose weight.
posted by amro 03 March | 17:35
1b. At least I didn't wait until I turned 37, which was the original plan. I probably would have been SOL.
posted by amro 03 March | 17:41
1. Working my ass off at my new job. Felt very tired on the train home tonight.

2. The new job is in the Greenwich Village area and I really like the location. When I head out for lunch, I'm seeing old people out walking their dogs, nannies escorting kids to the library. It's low-key, peaceful, pleasant. A nice change of pace from the crowds of frantic salarymen and self-important cellphone-barking douchebags I had to dodge during my Midtown lunch breaks.

3. Starting to develop champagne tastes. On an Old Milwaukee budget. Wanting to buy nice clothes, eat nice food. You know, enjoy life a little. The money's not there yet. But it will be soon enough.
posted by jason's_planet 03 March | 20:09
1. Had the oddest tasting coffee this morning - it was actually the tea.

0. I got a cold brew coffee system and I LOVE IT

.5 It makes coffee and tea concentrate. Protip: label the jars so that a *mumble* in the morning you get the right stuff.

2. My car wouldn't start because I was dumb. I started the defroster without starting the engine. Then left it too long. Fortunately it forgave me and started about an hour later. I was too embarrassed to tell my coworkers what I'd done. So, shh.

3. There is a light at the end of that upgrade tunell, and I'm pretty sure it's not an oncoming train.
posted by lysdexic 03 March | 22:02
1. Making stir-fry with pomegranate dressing, and brown rice. The beef is marinating but the stir-fry is not yet stir-frying (waiting for ikkyu2 to come home), but the brown rice smells amazingly good.

2. Just asked my brother to be my honor attendant for my wedding. He's all excited, and I'm all excited. Yay!

3. I'm watching a show filmed in Vegas and now I want to go to Vegas.
posted by occhiblu 03 March | 22:26
1. Danf, if it doesn't freak her out, tell her some stranger on the internet thinks she's beautiful.

2. Amro, if I could let you borrow my low FSH count, I would. *mumbles something about stupid menopause taking too damn long to show up*

3. We had the mildest of winters. One snow storm and the warmest January and February on record. The bloody daffodils are blooming.
posted by deborah 03 March | 22:59
1. I have a lab meeting talk to give on Friday which I am not even
halfway towards completing. Gah.

2. The Holi pictures up on Big Picture reminded me to find out when
our school's Indian association is having their celebration. I miss it
every year and am determined not to do so this time. I think some of
my American friends would enjoy it too.

3. Saw the first episode of the Brideshead Revisited BBC miniseries
last night. Wow, is it good! Much, much better than the movie and so
faithful to the book.
posted by peacheater 03 March | 23:08
Friday, peacheater? I had a long history of finishing lab meeting talks on my laptop as we were walking to the conference room. You've got heaps of time! :)
posted by gaspode 03 March | 23:10
Jason. . what job? I had not heard. (Congrats!)
posted by danf 03 March | 23:18
Dan, I have a job as a temporary file monkey for the Feddle Gummint.

And thank you!
posted by jason's_planet 04 March | 20:38
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