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25 February 2010

My mother has gone from pre-diabetic to diabetic. [More:]

When she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic a few years ago, she bought a treadmill and walked on it about an hour a day while watching the Food Network and lost a bunch of weight. Now she's joined Curves and tells me that a bunch of ladies from her church all go around the same time every morning, which I think is fantastic.

But she's been complaining that all of the diet changes are terrible and everything that she can eat tastes like cardboard. As a fan of cooking with real butter and adding dabs of heavy cream to this and that, I completely understand her complaint. And I'm realizing that I should maybe cut back on all of the heavy cream and tons of butter now so that I'm not in her position in 36 year.

I'd like to give my mother a handful of good diabetes-focused food blogs that focus on recipes. I have a few healthy food blogs like Simply Recipes and Plan It Healthier and Cheap Healthy Good, but most other resources I'm finding are just indexes of recipes.

Any bunnies have any recommendations for diabetes-focused food blogs?
Sorry about your Mom, rhapsodie. Thanks for the links so far. I've just gone on a restricted diet (cholesterol), and I have the opposite problem as you and your Mom, in that I just don't know how to cook. "Easy" recipes look really difficult to me.
posted by rainbaby 25 February | 16:54
rhapsodie: my condolences about your mom. Having no personal experience, I'd turn to searching on Metafilter, where this thread pointed me to this blog. Maybe not as food-focused as you're looking for, but there are recipes amongst his writings on life with diabetes.

rainbaby: start small and basic. It might help to organize everything ahead of time, so you're not searching for the item when you need it (this works for me). Also, you can find recipes with three ingredients (or four, or five, as linked within). Though these are not specifically low-cholesterol recipes, they might give you the notion that cooking isn't always daunting.
posted by filthy light thief 25 February | 19:05
rainbaby, definitely organize everything ahead of time so you're not scrambling and risk burning the dish while you can't find the garlic powder. Do you find written recipes daunting? I'd start by altering what you're already comfortable cooking, even if it's spaghetti with canned sauce - start making it healthier.

flt, thanks for that blog link, I'll add it to the list for my mom. I'm surprised that there's not many diabetes-focused blogs posting bi-weekly recipes like the food blogs I so dearly love. Maybe I should just concentrate on sending her a list of healthy blogs and get her a subscription to Diabetic Cooking magazine.

In related news I'm enjoying the hell out of spending time with her this week, just the two of us. And the two dogs.
posted by rhapsodie 26 February | 03:17
rhapsodie, partly the reason for that is that the "eating cardboard" philosophy is a little dated. Right now the thinking is more about being aware of what you're eating and what the short-term effect on your blood glucose levels will be. Otherwise you are simply trying to eat well and focus on non-processed foods.

That's oversimplifying things. I'm no exemplar, and I've only been diagnosed for a year or so, but that's the gist of things as I see it.

Make a few obvious choices. Sugar soda? Right out (but optionally keep some around in case of hypoglycemic episodes). Anything but fat-free milk? Nope. Exchange sugar for Splenda (you can even bake with it). And so on. But generally the key isn't so much special diabetic recipes as it is eating right and doing a proper meal plan, carb count, or diabetic exchange. Personally, I'm eating more fruit in a day than I might have in a week a few years ago.

There are a number of pretty good books out there but I immediately liked this one:
The Best Life Guide to Managing Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
posted by dhartung 26 February | 11:00
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