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19 February 2010

Been watching Torchwood (possible spoilers in this thread) Got through Children of Earth. Got several things in my eyes. Must be dust or something.[More:]

Like the end of Season Two didn't make me sad enough. And yeah, I'd already looked at the spoilers and I knew what was going to happen.

We're in the US, and I got burned out on Doctor Who as a teen by some friends who loved nothing but Doctor Who. Now, I get snagged by Torchwood. Sigh.

My husband really liked the first two seasons, but didn't like CoE because it was so serious. I liked CoE because it was so serious.

So, should I DTMFA?
(Joking! I'm not dumping him about anything but the state of the kitchen stovetop.)

I do have an actual question.

Are the crossovers with the recent-ish Doctor Who episodes fun and worth watching. I like the Torchwood characters. They seem like good, but sometimes conflicted, people.

Please advise.
(Off topic, it must be the same dust that got in my eyes during the last episode of Babylon 5.)
posted by Wolfdog 19 February | 08:51
I HATED CoE! The death of you-know-who pissed me off big time. It was very poorly executed IMHO (no pun intended). I wasn't even sure what was going on in that scene until it was over. You-know-who deserved better.

Wolfdog: The hardest I have ever seen my big tough-guy husband cry was at the last B5 episode. And the last episode of Enterprise. And the last episode of Battlestar Galactica.
posted by evilcupcakes 19 February | 09:47
I liked the first TW season best, the beginning of the second season was good: "Hi kids. Did you miss me?"

I hate it when the writers run out of ideas and decide to go "dark."

My all time favorite is "The Stolen Earth/Journey's End" Talk about saving the Earth!
posted by warbaby 19 February | 10:26
Funny, we just finished Torchwood this week too. I liked Children of the Earth but completely hated the last episode (Day 5). My BF disagreed with me about that though so there you go.

We've only watched the very original Dr. Who. I think we are going to start watching the 9th doctor to see if we like it. A thread on AskMe seemed to suggest that it's an okay way to start things, and since that's where Cptn Jack Harkness comes into play, it seems like a good place to start. Like Torchwood, it's Watch Instantly on Netflix.
posted by Sil 19 February | 10:41
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