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06 February 2010

I looked at the 10 Things Retailers blah blah. Those are 10 Things my retailer doesn't do. I'm actually quite proud.
posted by gc 06 February | 12:11
Also related, the iPod article is the single most FUD-y article I've ever read about an iPod. Full stop. It was even out of date when it was published in May of 2009 (in regards to the DRM).

Skimming a few of the other articles, they all come across this way. The College article (Drunk driving! Selling themselves for money!), the Congresspeople article (Illiterate! Lobbyists!). To this I say ugh. UGH I SAY.
posted by gc 06 February | 12:16
Those lying bastards!
posted by Joe Beese 06 February | 12:19
The one about headhunters is 100% true!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 February | 12:49
Two things won't tell you:

(1) We're the same media corporation as FoxNews, and though we don't have the same agenda, we do have an agenda and our 'journalistic standards' are all about promoting it.

(2) Lists of 10 are generally unuseful, especially on topics like this, because nobody has exactly 10 things they won't tell you; some have less, so we'll find ways to repeat some without looking like we're repeating; some have more, and we select the most dramatic/interesting, not necessarily the most important. Because we're not here to actually inform you - see #1.
posted by oneswellfoop 06 February | 13:48
Your list is missing 8 more points.
posted by special-k 06 February | 15:30
That iPod one just seems desperate - and doesn't even include the one item it should: that you can't easily get the ratings data off the ipod. Really: a portable hard disk is fragile? No shit, Sherlock. DRM'd things from itunes are DRM'd? Really? I'd never have guessed. I suppose that's why I ripped my own bloody CD collection...
posted by pompomtom 06 February | 21:48
There's a million ideas for Pluggers in there.
posted by fleacircus 07 February | 02:19
I want to see the ten things that those lists won't tell you.
posted by dg 07 February | 05:47
Oooh, sparkly (swan) things! || You never forget your first. (mildly NSFW)