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02 February 2010

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From work this morning.
posted by sperose 02 February | 15:50
Mine looks horrible.
posted by Daniel Charms 02 February | 16:06

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posted by Daniel Charms 02 February | 16:17
I have a range of handwriting. Even though I used to do calligraphy my cursive hand has really deteriorated. I do checks and notes in a pretty rough architectural small-caps lettering. If I end up doing a quick note, though, like a phone message ... hoo boy.
posted by dhartung 02 February | 16:26
Jouke, that's really lovely. I have mousing/keyboarding tendinitis, and arthritis, so my handwriting is appalling.
posted by theora55 02 February | 16:57
Mine looks like a pair of angry rhesus monkeys have been forceably strapped to my wrist and are struggling valliantly for freedom at the expense of my penmanship.
posted by mudpuppie 02 February | 17:00
They also do horrible things to my spelling.
posted by mudpuppie 02 February | 17:01
Theora & mudpuppie I'm still hoping for an image of your handwriting.
posted by jouke 02 February | 17:07
we did this in a Photo Friday many, many moons ago... maybe late 2007? So a copy of mine might yet exist somewhere on the bunnyserver.

mine looks like a drunken, epileptic spider fell into an ink bottle then staggered across the page.
posted by lonefrontranger 02 February | 17:30
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posted by mudpuppie 02 February | 17:36
Thanks mudpuppie. I can almost read it. Not because of your handwriting but because of the resolution.

lfr; are we playing "who's handwriting is worst"?
Personally I don't believe you. I think it's all hyperbole.
posted by jouke 02 February | 17:44
Well, that depends. When I write fast, or when I write slow? HUGE difference.
posted by Melismata 02 February | 17:53
posted by jouke 02 February | 17:57
Well, it's only one word but since I just took a rare photo of my handwriting last night I feel this must be fate, so here!
posted by birdie 02 February | 18:08
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posted by Madamina 02 February | 18:10
I really don't have a "handwriting" any more. I have a number of them. If I get a chance, though, I'll try to do some samples and post. This is neat.

Also, I look forward to seeing Specklet's, but I'm not sure she's around to post.
posted by richat 02 February | 18:39
I spent so much time trying to write neatly when I was younger, with no success at all, that now I absolutely despise writing. If I just need to leave someone a very short note I still do it on the computer and print it out.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 02 February | 18:54
To keep my fingers spry, I transcribe a full copy of Metafilter's front page every morning.

(It's really just the product of this handwriting-to-font program posted about, coincidentally, exactly one year ago. The default is more wide-spaced than my real handwriting, but with some kerning tweaks it's indistinguishable.)
posted by Rhaomi 02 February | 19:29
≡ Click to see image ≡

Kind of all over the place.
posted by Stewriffic 02 February | 19:38
I have pretty horrible handwriting. Here's my sample.

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posted by special-k 02 February | 22:49
Aw man, the rampant manuscript dysthymia in this place is heartbreaking. Or maybe it's manuscript dismorphia. My diagnosis is not final yet.
Come on mechites; you're handwriting is fine!
Répétez après moi: "say it out loud I'm a scribbler and I'm proud".
posted by jouke 03 February | 01:30
in order to diagnose dysthymia or dysgraphia we'd need a standardized test.... hmmm I don't think that's a good idea. I mark student papers and trust me, they're no better (or really that worse) than this thread. Geez, "Special" snowflake, indeed!
posted by kch 03 February | 01:37
That's all very interesting kch. But what's your handwriting like?
posted by jouke 03 February | 02:00

Perhaps a non-standard sample, as it was from playing an anagramming game while I was bored at a, you may well be able to guess, presentation.

posted by that girl 03 February | 02:37
≡ Click to see image ≡
"My handwriting has 3 primary fonts. The first is small caps, meant to be unambiguous and legible. The second is printing for email addresses. The final is cursive used for correspondence. If I'm taking the time to handwrite, you will require that time to read. There is also a 4th which is simply scrawl - written quickly to be short lived and read quickly - notes in debugging for the most part."

An example of small caps in practice:
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posted by plinth 03 February | 11:30
@jouke: what's my handwriting like? I'm not so scannerifically technical otherwise, I'd happily indulge you all. I don't actually write, I print, with 'a's which are shaped like this font, and 'e's which are like backward 3's. Otherwise, messy as hell, and I'm lazy so I rarely write out full words. Godess help any of my students who walk into class so late that the board has already been half filled and they didn't have the verbal context to fill in the scrawls.
posted by kch 03 February | 11:51
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posted by The Whelk 03 February | 12:22
≡ Click to see image ≡like this
posted by The Whelk 03 February | 12:23
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Gah! finally.
posted by The Whelk 03 February | 12:24
Hey, it's fun seeing your handwriting.
My writing up there was my sunday best. Some of you have provided a view of worknotes. Which is more realistic of course. Here's a sample of some meeting notes of mine.
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I see some cursive writing, though not a lot.
Any ideas on why that is? Is cursive writing not taught in the US? I always think it's just what you get when you want to write more quickly by not taking your pen of the paper so often. Voilá, there's your cursive automatically.
What am I missing? Why is cursive writing not more popular?
posted by jouke 03 February | 23:01
Cursive actually tends to be a little slower for me.
posted by that girl 04 February | 23:22
that girl, I guess that all the connecting lines that you have with cursive can tend to collide and obscure the outline of the characters and make the writing less legible. Maybe people write more slowly with cursive to prevent that.
posted by jouke 05 February | 01:28
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