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01 February 2010

What are you wearing today? (Not creepy edition) [More:]I'm wearing straight leg jeans, a coral turtleneck sweater, a big red, ivory, and black beaded necklace with wooden elephants on it, brown boots, and a cream colored beret.
Jeans, Blundstones, t-shirt from my friend's comic, and a threadless "Eclipse!" hoodie.

posted by Capn 01 February | 13:47
Jeans, gray pullover cotton shirt, denim jacket and my never-wear-anything-else New Balance walking shoes.
posted by WolfDaddy 01 February | 13:50
Loose blue jeans, a red plaid cotton shirt from the Gap, white socks and my new Sperry Topsiders (Topsiders are all I wore in my 20's. . .they are waterproof enough to walk in the rain and not get your socks wet.)

Black Gortex jacket for outside.
posted by danf 01 February | 13:51
freudian slippers, sparkly socks, old blue pants, baggy pink long-sleeved t-shirt and my black hoodie.
posted by gaspode 01 February | 13:55
Had a meeting w/the Big Boss today so dressed extra nice:

Tall black boots w/flat hell (comfy)
Black leggings
Charcoal dress that I love - ends above the knee, simple open neckline, elbow length sleeves with little buttons - from the surprisingly awesome collection from Lands End at Sears
Tweedy blue-green-tan really nice one-button jacket I picked up at the thrift last weekend
Blue necklace and earrings
posted by Miko 01 February | 13:56
Jeans, two layers of socks, blue pullover followed by a black pullover. Flower-covered wellies when it is time to take the dog for a walk.
posted by msali 01 February | 13:56
Fuzzy slippers. Red waffly thermal pajama pants. Orange long sleeved waffly thermal shirt with Orange Crush logo on it that clashes really seriously with the red pajama pants. Giant black and red and white plaid heavy flannel shirt that was my dad's and consequently can wrap around me almost twice and falls almost to my knees. Yes, I am "working" at home today, go me, so far I have completely reorganized and rearranged the computer/guest room that my daughter is currently living in. Eventually I might - MIGHT - take a shower and put on some real clothes. Or, hey, I might not.
posted by mygothlaundry 01 February | 14:02
Gym shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt, both from WalMart.
posted by Ardiril 01 February | 14:08
I'm trapped in the house again today (it's the snowpocalypse!) so am sporting some thick socks, yoga pants, a green t-shirt (which was intended to go under a cute sweater, but class was cancelled), and a navy zip-up sweatshirt. Why match when only my cat will see me?

I wish I could wear yoga pants every day . . .
posted by leesh 01 February | 14:09
Now I'm wearing my running shoes/shorts/singlet. Go me! (plus, brrrr)
posted by gaspode 01 February | 14:15
Top hat.



T-shirt bearing the slogan "It's not a bald spot. It's a solar panel for a sex machine."
posted by jason's_planet 01 February | 14:18
Work: black pinstripe trousers, black long sleeve tee, black crew-neck cashmere sweater, black clogs, birthday scarf in "Graphite", husband's new wool socks.

Home (now): same shirt and sweater (minus bra, that sucker comes off within 30 seconds of me walking in the door), spring green sweat pants, blue cashmere hat, grey fleece cardigan thing, boiled wool slippers, fleece blankie on lap. It's COLD in the flat.

On preview: Jason, that's quite the snazzy outfit. Especially it that's it in its entirety.
posted by Specklet 01 February | 14:20
Pretty much the same as every day at work: filthy jeans from crawling around on the floor, grey tank top, blue long sleeved shirt with snowflakes on it, blue hoodie with icky cuffs, and my beatup Lacoste flats.
posted by sperose 01 February | 14:23
Office clothes: brown pants, black longsleeved pullover knit shirt, blue cardigan, flat black shoes.
posted by JanetLand 01 February | 14:23
It's laundry day, so I'm wearing my Dad Jeans (elastic waistband! But cunningly disguised. For the fashion-forward Old Fart. Available at Wal-Mart, under $20.), a black t-shirt with an awesome picture of Atomic Robo on it, and black steeltoe Red Wing slip-ons that are as ugly as homemade sin but twice as comfortable.

(Tried to link to pic of Atomic Robo, but kept getting an error message of "a may not have HREF something-or-other", so deleted link. Fail. I think I did it right, too. But weird iPhone line breaks are weird, so I dunno.)
posted by BitterOldPunk 01 February | 14:27
Black and white short skirt, black and orange flame knee highs, long sleeve black shirt from my favorite brewpub [logo is orange and red so works with socks] (which I love because it has long sleeve, longer than normal, and a nice long torso). Will add black boots to the mix when I go to catch the bus in an hour.
posted by Sil 01 February | 14:33
Lots of spandex. At least; that's what I was wearing an hour ago.
posted by jouke 01 February | 14:36
Gray-green canvas workshirt, dark gray t-shirt underneath, black belt, black duck work pants (though they're severely faded to a sort of brown-tinted charcoal), gray clogs.
posted by box 01 February | 14:39
Sil, what brewpub?
posted by danf 01 February | 14:40
My "I don't givashit" uniform: tee shirt, no foundation, drapey sweater over stretchy jeans. I don't think I could live in a world without stretchy jeans.

I do need new shoes though. I love my New Balance, but I think I've worn them out.
posted by lysdexic 01 February | 14:43
Yes! Spats. Why should Scrooge McDuck be the only one. They brought him fortune & happiness. I'm sure they'll do the same for me.
posted by jouke 01 February | 14:46
Glitter, weather vane, soot.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 February | 15:00
Thank you, Specklet.

*luxuriates in the snazziness*
posted by jason's_planet 01 February | 15:19
I just got home from a Parish Council meeting, so now I'm in a t-shirt and panties, socks, slippers and a big fluffy white robe.
posted by essexjan 01 February | 15:29
The oldest sweater I own. It's so old my mom bought it for me, since I wasn't yet old enough to buy my own clothes. Still get compliments on it too, for some reason.
posted by Melismata 01 February | 15:33
/flat hell

posted by Miko 01 February | 15:53
No work today and I'm not leaving the house, so it's a pair of fraying khakis, a soft red cotton henley, and a purring feline.
posted by notquitemaryann 01 February | 15:53
Uhh, blue argyle cocks, jeans, white t-shirt, and dark green and white checkered flannel.

I am comfortable being a stereotype.
posted by The Whelk 01 February | 16:17
jason's_planet, you can't wear spats with a t-shirt. There would be nothing to hold up.
posted by The Whelk 01 February | 16:17
Navy blue t-shirt I got from volunteering at a farm tour two years ago. Very soft organic cotton. Jeans. Gray wool/cotton socks.

Not working, due to the aforementioned snowpocalypse.
posted by Stewriffic 01 February | 16:19
Blue argyle cocks? I've never heard of that stereotype.
posted by Stewriffic 01 February | 16:23
Hanna Andersson sweats, Old Navy hoodie, sneaks. I was at the gym.

I am comfortable being a stereotype.

It's the cocks.
posted by jrossi4r 01 February | 16:24
Dammit Stew!
posted by jrossi4r 01 February | 16:24
ten minutes ago I was in full GS Boulder teamkit, now I'm wearing chinos, and a red sweater over a black turtleneck.
posted by lonefrontranger 01 February | 16:27
Rayon-blend rose colored top, black slacks, white socks (not cocks!), black Aerosoles pumps I bought before Christmas which need to resoled now (now?) because apparently, my feet still turn out and the heels are worn down at an angle.

But really, these started wearing down less than a month after I got them! WTF, Aerosoles?
posted by TrishaLynn 01 February | 16:32
danf: hopworks urban brewery (HUB) - love their beers and also the bar. It's on SE Powell & 28th
posted by Sil 01 February | 16:35
A pair of pants that I'm not sure what their intentional use was (I treat them like sweatpants, home-wear only). They are dark grey, stretchy, tie at the waist, over-sized, wide-legged, kind of triple t-shirt weight and comfy as shit. Also a striped v-neck t-shirt that I bought when I still lived in California and slippers.
posted by deborah 01 February | 16:38
sil. . .ahhh. . .we get off I-5 N. go over the bridge and go out Powell as far as the high school then cut over to Division and hit Stumptown on the way in to Portland, most times. . .I'll have to look for this place.
posted by danf 01 February | 16:39
you miss one "s" and all of a sudden ....
posted by The Whelk 01 February | 16:47
Combat boots and cammies, complete with a goofy octatgon rimmed cammie hat. And a loopy smile.
posted by buzzman 01 February | 17:49's a cock up?
posted by gomichild 01 February | 17:49
Diesel Zathan jeans, Patagonia M's Bagley shoes, I heart my ipod t-shirt, black Patagonia jacket, white Native shades.
posted by special-k 01 February | 18:04
Light blue jeans, dark grey long-sleeved knit shirt under a dark blue V-neck sweater, an ankle brace, black knee socks with polka dots, and grey Chucks.

Pretty boring.

My favorite outfit from last week was black leggings, a light grey tank top, a tunic-y length long-sleeved royal purple v-neck knit shirt, a dark grey cardigan, a salmon and navy scarf, and purple fake mocs.
posted by unsurprising 01 February | 18:42
Oh, and I'm also wearing a brown leather belt with a brass buckle and studs.
posted by unsurprising 01 February | 18:44
Schlumphy at-home gear: black pants, fitted black long-sleeved ballet top, way-too-big aqua cardigan my mom gave me, black socklets (bought a packet'em today at a salvage shop for fifty cents, to wear instead of slippers), and a very silly hat I whipped up from some spare black chenille a few weeks ago. I stashed it in my sewing box and forgot about it until I unearthed it tonight, tried it on, and left it on.

It is a ridiculous hat. I could either toy with it some and make it a very simple wearable everyday hat, or add some beads or buttons or trim and go from "ridiculous" to "absurd." I am on the fence.
posted by Elsa 01 February | 19:15
The hides of my enemies
posted by jonmc 01 February | 19:23
jonmc wins.
posted by lysdexic 01 February | 20:49
Was my day off so I wore jeans, long sleeve t-shirt, gray hoodie, socks and my comfy slippers.
posted by govtdrone 01 February | 21:02
Tall black boots, like Miko...check.
Black leggings, like Miko....check.
Charcoal dress which ends above the knee, like Miko....check.

It's pretty much my uniform, actually.
posted by iconomy 01 February | 23:34
Black jeans, green plaid flannel shirt, black socks, black leather running shoes.

That's at least the clothes you can see...

Speaking of socks, do you put your socks on in the same order as your shoes?

(This really stumped me. I couldn't remember what I did when I wasn't thinking about it.)
posted by warbaby 01 February | 23:52
Well, right now, sitting in front of the TV with my laptop, I'm wearing nothing but a pair of board-shorts.

Before I got home from work, I was wearing black leather slip-on shoes, black socks, navy pants, black leather belt, navy shirt, grey tie with subtle blue square pattern. Plus, of course, titanium framed 'frameless' glasses, stainless steel watch on right wrist, iPhone in leather holder on belt, ID/access/Go cards on lanyard (blue).

It's pretty much my uniform, actually.
posted by dg 02 February | 07:25
Heh, dg.

My son told me I look the same ALL the time. So I need to mix it up, but I'm too lazy to care. In the winter it's a leggings/boots/long top or dress type deal, and in the summer it's skirts/sandals/t-shirts. I'm in a fashion rut.
posted by iconomy 02 February | 15:01
My heart on my sleeve.
posted by flapjax at midnite 02 February | 19:31
Yeah, I really need to put some colour and/or variation in my wardrobe, but I'm too lazy to buy clothes until they are actually falling to pieces as I wear them.
posted by dg 03 February | 06:36
And the nominees for Mouser of the Year.... || 15,000 sq. ft. marijuana "superstore" opens in Oakland