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01 February 2010

And the nominees for Mouser of the Year.... ...don't include Trilby.

[More:]One night a few weeks ago I was in my bedroom watching a DVD when I heard a little noise from the doorway. I turned to look, expecting to see Trilby. But no. It was a mouse, and it was peering around the doorframe. The mouse saw me looking at it and scurried back around the corner and under the linen closet door.

I paused the DVD and went to get Trilby, who was sound asleep in his pet bed down in the kitchen. I hauled him upstairs, opened the door to the linen closet, and set him on the floor in front of it. Trilby looked into the closet and then at me with a bemused, is THIS what you woke me up for, bee-aitch? expression on his face. So I started hauling stuff out of the closet in an effort to flush out the mouse for him. When I saw the mouse at one end of the closet, I put Trilby into the closet near the mouse. He saw it and took a couple of swats at it. But then the mouse ran out of the closet and into my room and Trilby never noticed. I could not figure out where in my room the mouse had gone. All I knew was that it was somewhere in my room and it was my bedtime. Meanwhile Trilby kept nosing around in the closet for a good 15 minutes before giving up. Then he prowled around my room in an unsettled way for some time after Id turned out the lights and settled down to go to sleep. I hoped hed at least keep the mouse from running over me while I slept.

It seems Trilby is only good at eating mice, not at catching them. Hes not in the running for Mouser of the Year anyway. He prefers to fight pitched battles with a bag of yarn or a box of tissues, with intervals of deadly calm while he sits and watches his opponent intently, daring it to make its next move. Also he has learned to untie the string Ive used to secure the doors of the cupboard under the sink so he can get into the garbage can I keep there and fish out any food wrappers it may contain.
He's a cat. These things take time. He probably had an entire operation planned that depended on stealth and surprise. However, now you ruined the surprise and the mouse knows the cat knows.

Trust your cat!

... and cut his food by half.
posted by Ardiril 01 February | 14:15
My cat goes next door and taunts the indoor cat that lives there. Stands in front of whatever window that other cat is looking out of and just sort of taunts him.

I have a lame cat also.
posted by danf 01 February | 18:29
Meanwhile, i caught a mouse today. The cats only want to smack the mice around and i can't stomach the mouse torture. I'm getting pretty good at it but the sound of squeaking haunts my dreams.
posted by ethylene 01 February | 22:00
[pictures ethylene with a mouse in her jaws]

I think next time I see a mouse running around I'm going for the broom and taking care of it myself.
posted by Orange Swan 02 February | 12:36
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